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Definitely Not the Help I Asked For

Novel By: Sunset

For feisty Cassandra Reed, her strange ability to see people for who they really are, to see right through their facade, makes it difficult for her to like anyone. As if that isn't bad enough, she has to deal with constantly arguing parents and a sister who is always in flight. However, in an unfortunate series of events, Cassandra meets a "Good Samaritan" who kidnaps her in his way of helping her. In the house he takes her to, she immediately dubs him and the other people living with him as lunatics when they claim to be vampires. According to Cassandra, vampires belong in the fantasy world with Buffy.

Unfortunately, the house is not able to contain both Gabe, Cassandra's "savior", and Cassandra, who are constantly fighting with each other. It is in this house that Cassandra realizes that her strange ability is much more than a sixth sense. It is also in this house that she discovers a new ability of hers which made itself known through physical contact with Gabe. Unknowingly to Cassandra, she is linked to Gabe's dreadful past and the two archenemies both share one common enemy who is out to get them. Will Gabe and Cassandra stop this foe? Will their passionate hate for each other blossom into passionate love? And will stubborn Cassandra accept the fact that Gabe and the others are really what they say they are? View table of contents...



Submitted:Jul 23, 2009    Reads: 454    Comments: 17    Likes: 9   

Author's Note: This is an introduction to the novel to let me know what you all think of it. I have begun the actual novel and it is titled My Knight In Bloody Armor. So, if you're interested in what you read in the introduction, then you should read the novel re-titled My Knight In Bloody Armor.


My name is Cassandra. I'm currently in a closet packing some clothes for a trip I really have no choice but to go on.

I hate vampires… even though they don't exist. I'm supposed to be home right now, you know, listening to my parents scream at each other. That's my own special melody. But, I'm not home, you see. I'm currently living with a bunch of lunatics who think they're vampires. Delusional, right? I pity crazy people, you know. Especially the ones I'm living with. They're just so messed up inside. Really, they are. Especially him, Lunatic #1. I shudder just thinking of that moron.

Not all the loonies are bad, though. I mean, there's Lunatic #3. She's actually one of the very few (emphasis on 'very few') people I don't hate. Yes, I hate almost everybody I meet. It's not because there's something wrong with me, though. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm perfectly fine, as you can probably already tell. Really, I am. I have my reasons for hating so many people, you see. Did you know that 99.9% of people you meet are fake? Don't ask me how I know that. Just know that it's true. It's a Cassandra fact, you know.

Anyway, back to me not hating Lunatic #3. I know, that contradicts my earlier statement of me hating vampires… or lunatics. Who cares, really? She talks a lot, Lunatic #3. I can tolerate her though, because she is not as innocent as she may seem. That girl is vicious, I tell you, vicious (and mental).

After Lunatic #3 is Lunatic #2. He's the boyfriend of #3. I don't completely hate him. But I don't exactly love him either. Why? Because he's the exact replica of his brother, Lunatic #1 (I mentioned him before).

Now, he's the one I hate. Lunatic #1. He's the one that got me into this whole mess (you know, living with cuckoos). Oh, he's the Good Samaritan for you. Because of this imbecile I'm not home with normal people. Dude friggin kidnapped me! That was his way of helping me in my current situation when we first met. Did I mention that I hate him? Well, whether I mentioned it or not, I despise him. You know, sometimes I really wish that vampires really do exist. That way I can drag #1 outside early one day when he's sleeping so he can fry under the sun. Oh, that would be the day. Iwill need some time later to meditate on that blissful thought. You know, the Lunatics sleep by day and wake up by night. That's just downright craziness. Have you ever seen people so devoted to insanity?

Lunatic #1 makes my already miserable life even more miserable. The arrogant bastard (excuse my language) is pissed off because I don't tremble at the sight of him. I'm pissed off because when he's pissed off he torments me. I hate him… even though he's incredibly hot and can speak French… I hate him. The same goes for his snake of a girlfriend. I want to strangle her, you know. That wouldn't be possible, however, because Lunatic #1 will kill me first. As much as I hate my life, I like living. A lot. Now, as if having all these crazy people around me isn't bad enough, the delusional brother of #1's girlfriend won't leave me alone.

Want to know who all these lunatics are and how I got here? Well, I'll tell you. It all started when I uttered some words that now I wish I'd never said.


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