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Intricate Destiny

Novel By: Sunset

After returning home from a party, Nicole finds herself being "attacked" by a strange creature. But fortunately for her, she is saved by a stunning, mysterious man who intimately brings her into a strange yet soothing place. In this new world of immortals, her life transforms dramatically when she discovers her true identity. She finds herself caught between two rival clans and also between two men, one from each clan. At the same time she's trying to sort out her heart, she has to run away from an impending evil that is creeping ever closer to her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 20, 2008    Reads: 1,356    Comments: 23    Likes: 11   

Lights dimly lit. Very loud music. Young boys and girls dancing with each other. Yes, I was in a party. I was sitting beside my best friend on a very comfortable couch, watching our other friends dance crazily. Our male friend, Jake, decided to throw a party since his parents decided to go to the Bahamas to have a romantic time together (yes, Jake told us all that). I'm surprised though that his parents left him home alone. They know that he always throws parties whenever they're not home. How do they know? Well, imagine this. You come back into your house which you left tidy and organized before leaving to wherever you went to. You see about 35 teenagers sprawled on your couches and floor. Chairs are upside down and YOUR SON is lying on your dining table, completely knocked out. Now would you decide to leave him home alone ever again? I know that I wouldn't. But Jake's parents on the other hand, think that they're only giving him the freedom which he deserves. Please.
"Okay guys, it's time for spin-the-bottle!" Jake called. I shrank back into the couch. My best friend, Karen, noticed. And she knew the reason why.
"Oh come on, Nicole. You can't just sit here while everybody else is having fun," Karen urged with a huge grin on her face. It's just spin-the-bottle right? No big deal. Wrong. You don't just kiss someone when the bottle lands on you. You have to do crazy things. Jake invented this new style of spin-the-bottle. And the evil thing is that if it's your first time, they don't tell you how the game really goes. They let you happily join the circle. But when the bottle lands on you, that's when you get it. Trust me, I know. On my first and only time, I had to tousle up my hair and run around the house screaming like a mad woman. I had to do it. Or else they would do torturous things to me that I would definitely remember. And… my crush at the time was right there. I sulked at the remembrance of it.
"Oh no, Karen. I am not playing that game again. I'll just watch you play. Yeah, that's right. You can go on ahead," I nodded frantically. Karen gave me one of her disapproving frowns. Oh great. Here it comes.
"Fine then. Don't talk to me on our way home," she 'hmphed' and turned her back on me, crossing her arms on her chest. Whenever she says that, she always means it. And it is TORTURE not talking to Karen, even for a minute. I'm beginning to wonder if she cast a spell on me.
"Let's go then," I sighed. Karen's grin immediately returned and she grabbed my hand and started to pull me towards the already large circle. Apparently there were people who enjoyed the game a lot more than I did.
"Hey!" My other buddy, Adrianne wrapped her arms around me and Karen. I nudged her on her side as a reply. Though I looked excited, I was beyond nervous inside. At the moment, my worst enemy was that green tinted bottle. I watched with wide eyes as Jake spinned the bottle. I kept on chanting 'don't land on me, don't land on me' in my mind. The bottle went around the first time. It didn't land on me. Second time. It didn't land on me.
About 20 minutes later, the game was over. I was grinning from ear to ear because the bottle didn't land on me even once. After that, we did A LOT more partying. So much that I didn't keep track of time.
"I think it's time for me to go home," I said to Karen when it finally dawned on me that it was very late. I quickly grabbed Karen's hand and looked at her watch. It was 1:52 am. When Karen saw the time, her eyes widened.
"Oh no!" Karen quickly grabbed my hand and started pulling us toward the front door. "Dad's going to explode!" Adrianne stopped us before we could reach for the door knob.
"You guys aren't gonna say good-bye?" She had on a pout.

"I'm so sorry Adrianne, but we have to go. I'm not ready for one of my dad's lectures," Karen said. She gave Adrianne a quick air kiss before pulling me out the front door. I frowned because I didn't get a chance to say good-bye. Do not ever be with Karen when she's in a hurry."
Karen didn't stop running with me being dragged along until we reached the street where we go our separate ways. As expected, neither Karen nor I looked tired at all. I've always found that strange. Whenever I run or perform an activity that's supposed to be tiring, I find myself feeling perfectly fine. I've noticed the same thing with Karen.
"I wish I could've stayed longer," Karen sighed. I playfully patted her shoulder.
"That's one of the wishes that will probably never come true," I grinned at Karen who was glaring at me.
"It will come true one day," she said. She stretched briefly. "Well, gotta run," she said before giving me an air kiss. I returned it and than Karen jogged away toward her house.
"Bye!" I called after her. She waved her hand, letting me know that she heard me.
I stood there for a while, watching Karen until I couldn't see her anymore, and then started to walk the opposite direction toward my house. While walking, I suddenly had this very uneasy feeling which turned into a sharp pain in my head. But I took it as a headache since I partied so hard. Sadly, the pain didn't leave me. It went with me to the front door of my house. Stupid headache.

I took out my keys which were on a half heart keychain. The other heart belonged to my non-blood-related sister, Karen. I quickly opened the door.
"Mom, I'm home!" I called as I threw the door open.
"Ouch, honey. You don't have to yell. I'm right here," my mom, who was laying on the couch, snapped at me.
"I know that. I just did it to annoy you," I said, grinning triumphantly. I walked over to the couch and plopped down beside my mom. She was watching Elf, which made me cock an eyebrow.
"It's nowhere near Christmas, mom," I met my mom's glare.
"No, it's not. But it's 2:21 am and you're just coming back from a party!" A bored expression immediately appeared on my face. Here we go again.
"You should be happy that I'm home and not sleeping over at some guy's house, mom," I said. I knew that what I just said would upset my mom even more. But I said it anyway. I just love making my mom angry. Plus I know that she's going to be all happy again in about 3 minutes. But Mom isn't bipolar or anything. She's just… gifted… at changing moods very fast. Yeah... gifted.
"Oh, don't give me that nonsense. The only time you'll be doing that is when you're FULLY grown and out on your own," Mom's glare was harder. But her eyes popped open when she saw the impossibly wide grin firmly planted on my face.
"Really?" I asked, very excited.
"No. I take that back," Mom said.
I pouted. Mom is always so protective. I'll be lucky if Mom doesn't scare away any guy who wants to marry me.
"You might just be a little too late," I said. I just had to get Mom again.
"Excuse me? What was that?" Mom was halfway up from the chair. I only sighed and shook my head. Sheesh. Don't kill me now.
"Calm down Mom. Now would your sweet, innocent daughter ever do that?" I placed a light kiss on my mom's cheek. She hugged me by the shoulders and shook me playfully.
"You're trying me, Nicole," she said. I only smiled and stretched. Sleep and its little 5-inch finger nailed demons were scratching at my eyeballs. But it wasn't because it was late or anything. I'm usually the liveliest when it's nighttime. But I guess the party took a lot out of me.
"Good night Mom. I need some sleep," I yawned and got up from the couch.
"Night sweetie," Mom replied.
I went up the staircase that was just a couple of feet from the couch I just got up from and got unto the second floor where my room was. I opened the door and went into my very welcoming room. The first thing my eyes landed on was my bed. Okay, looks like I'll have to skip nighttime shower. I need to get on that bed!
I immediately started to take off my shirt but froze when I noticed something that was quite disturbing. The breeze from outside was blowing my window curtain. My window was open. It wasn't supposed to be open since I made sure that it was locked before I left for the party. And I have very good memory because I can even remember how I locked it. Okay, let's just hope that Mom decided to take a nap and instead of going into her room which was downstairs, she chose to go up the stairs and come into my room. Yes, that would do.
I made my way toward the window to close it and that same feeling I got when walking home returned. And once again, it turned into a sharp pain in my head. I clutched my forehead and gritted my teeth. Gosh, I didn't party that hard now. Managing to ignore my throbbing head, I continued toward the window. Once there, I poked my head through it just to make sure that there wasn't anything out of place outside. And of course, everything was just fine, so I closed the window.
A cold shower might just be needed because the headache was beginning to scare me. Anyway, I turned to continue my previous task of taking off my shirt but I hurled myself back against the window at the sight of something very frightening. In front of me was some kind of… creature. It… he had long crimson colored hair that reached his waist. It was in a ponytail that looked like it was once neat. His eyes were a very deep violet that could just be black. He had three stripes that went from his left cheek to under his chin. The stripes were the same color as his hair. He was wearing black pants and a dark blue dress shirt. His appearance was very alarming.
"Who… who are you?" I could feel my heart pounding. The man-creature took a step toward me which made me let out a little yelp and I basically sat on my window pane. Seeing my reaction, the man-creature moved back.
"I do not want…" But the man-creature was cut off before he could finish his sentence. One moment the man-creature was in front of me and the next moment he was lying unconscious against the wall toward my left.
He had been… attacked by what looked like a black orb. As much as I didn't want to see where that orb came from, I still turned toward my right. At that very moment I'm sure that I stopped breathing. Only the extremely uncomfortable feeling of carbon dioxide fighting to escape made me draw in a shaky breath.
I was totally entranced by the being standing not too far from me. He had hair dark as night that cascaded unto his shoulders and strange grey-colored eyes that completely captured me. His unusually pale skin had no blemish whatsoever.
Just as sudden as the man-creature was attacked, this new mysterious man was suddenly standing mere inches from me. Frightened of the man's incredible speed, I moved further back unto the window, which put me at my own doom. The man closed the distance between us, basically gluing him unto me. But I stupidly remained there, just digging my way deeper into his luring orbs.
He wrapped an arm securely around my waist while he placed his free hand on the back of my head. Slowly, but surely, he leaned down until his cold yet soft lips caught mine which were already parted and waiting for him (stupid lips). I don't know what got over me but I completely lost my sanity at that very moment. I buried my fingers into his thick hair and pulled him closer. Our lips battled with one another until he gently nipped my bottom lip, asking for entrance. With desire clouding my rational mind, I gave him access into my mouth and our tongues began their dance.
Tongue and hands. That was all I could think of. That was all my mind would let me think of. I felt the man's hand leave my waist. I felt it slide sensually down to rest on my upper thigh. He lifted my thigh and I knew what to do (well, what I thought was what to do). I wrapped my leg around one of his and removed my hand from the tangle I made with his hair. My hand slid around to clutch the back of his shirt as he began to trail wet kisses down my neck.
Lips and clothes. Clothes that were separating us. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling that was developing in me. The feeling that this stranger was creating in me. As I closed my eyes, I felt myself drifting. Just drifting. And soon enough, I felt myself losing consciousness. But I was not in pain. Oh no. I was no where near pain. I lost consciousness with the thought of the man caressing me stationed inside of my mind.


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