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My Knight In Bloody Armor

Novel By: Sunset

For feisty Cassandra Reed, her strange ability to see people for who they really are, to see right through their facade, makes it difficult for her to like anyone. As if that isn't bad enough, she has to deal with constantly arguing parents and a sister who is always in flight. However, in an unfortunate series of events, Cassandra meets a "Good Samaritan" who kidnaps her in his way of helping her. In the house he takes her to, she immediately dubs him and the other people living with him as lunatics when they claim to be vampires. According to Cassandra, vampires belong in the fantasy world with Buffy.

Unfortunately, the house is not able to contain both Gabe, Cassandra's "savior", and Cassandra, who are constantly fighting with each other. It is in this house that Cassandra realizes that her strange ability is much more than a sixth sense. It is also in this house that she discovers a new ability of hers which made itself known through physical contact with Gabe. Unknowingly to Cassandra, she is linked to Gabe's dreadful past and the two archenemies both share one common enemy who is out to get them. Will Gabe and Cassandra stop this foe? Will their passionate hatred for each other blossom into passionate love? And will stubborn Cassandra accept the fact that Gabe and the others are really what they say they are? View table of contents...


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"I am sick and tired of you, Michael!"

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, but I kept my eyes closed. As usual, my alarm clock had done a brilliant job in waking me up late at night. It wakes me up bright and early in the mornings and ridiculously late at nights, you know. Now, if only I had an 'off' button to the alarm, things would be quite alright. You see, unfortunately for me, my personal alarm clock is the sound of my Mommy and Daddy Dearest arguing. I've grown to tolerate, even like, their arguing voices in the mornings… or at least, weekday mornings. I haven't been late to school for the entire semester this year. My parents' screaming voices never fail to ring in my ear the moment the sun hits the sky. I've even gotten rid of my real alarm clock. It's the night round, however, that really gets me. Let me tell you now, it's not fun getting your sleep ruined at midnight, every night.

Groaning, I stayed in place on my bed as my hand searched for my iPod which was somewhere beside me. Once my fingers located the small device, I automatically jammed the earphones into my ears. My thumb searched for the 'on' button. Before I could slide the button to turn the iPod on, I heard a clink sound followed by a curse coming from the outside of my room. Actually, the sound was coming from the room next to mine. I knew full well what had produced that sound. I ripped the earphones from my ears and flung the iPod back unto my bed. Flying off my bed, I made a mad dash for my door. Flinging that open, I sprinted into the hallway and quickly opened the door to the room next to mine.

I'd caught her again. I stared at her as she stared at me, with one of her legs outside her window and the other one inside. I couldn't help but to shudder when I saw what my sister was wearing.

"Going somewhere, Crystal?" I arched an eyebrow. Poor sister of mine. You see, Crystal and I have different ways of escaping my parents' annoying voices. My way is to listen to my iPod. Crystal's way, on the other hand, is to flee. Run. Beat it.

"Come on, Cass," she whined. I rolled my eyes. Hear we go again. "I have to get outta here."

Oh, no you don't, Sister. "You're not going anywhere, Crystal. So, you might as well just bring that leg back into the room." Crystal did just as I'd said. I fought off the urge to grin. I mean, how many times do you get to command your older sister and she complies?

Crystal sat on her window pane and gave me that sad look of hers. My eyebrow shot up at that. Seriously, does she think that that's going to work? When has it ever worked?

"Cass, I can't stand their arguing," Crystal's dark eyebrows furrowed in frustration. "I have to go!"

As if on cue, my dad's voice rang out. "Did you stop to think that this might actually be good for them?"

At this, Crystal widened her eyes at me as if to say, "See what I mean?"

I crossed my arms on my chest and leaned back against Crystal's door. "I can't stand their arguing either, but you don't see me running away every time."

Crystal groaned. "That's the thing, Cass. I'm not like you! You're very strange and…different!"

Ouch. "Way to ram the knife into my chest," I replied to Crystal's comment. The sad thing is that she's actually correct. You see, if I were a normal person, I probably would be hurt, just as my reply to Crystal implied. However, I felt nothing at all at her comment. In fact, I stared at her with bored eyes. I'm surprised that with all my parents' passionate word exchanges they couldn't even pass down an ounce of emotion to me. That's just cruelty.

"Did you hear what I just said, Cass?" Crystal right about screamed at me, forcing my attention to go back to her. Now, what exactly had she said? Something about money… I could use some of that right now.

"You could always repeat yourself, you know," I snapped at Crystal making her roll her eyes.

"I said that I'm leaving and I'll give you a 50 if you don't tell Mom and Dad," Crystal said. I narrowed my eyes at her. What? Does this woman think she can get me cheap?



"Mom!" I reached for the doorknob, but Crystal stopped me.

"Alright, alright!" She reached into her purse and held out a hundred-dollar bill at me. Grinning, I walked over to her and collected the bill. However, when I remembered that I couldn't keep the money, my grin disappeared. I would have to replace the two missing bottles of vodka in my parents' bar. I don't want Mommy and Daddy shooting suspicious glances at me when they realized that they were missing some beverages. I mean, seriously. If you don't want your daughter drinking alcohol then why do you keep all your alcoholic beverages out in the open?

"You know I'm just being kind in collecting only a hundred dollars, right?"

Crystal glared at me in reply. Hey, if you want to stop giving me all your money then start staying at home. "See you later. And I'm serious. Mom and Dad are not finding out!"

I rolled my eyes at Crystal. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."

Turning my back on Crystal, I made my way out her room. The clinking of her ridiculously high heals rang in my ears as she climbed down the ladder that went down from her room. The moment I closed the door behind me, I sprinted into my room. I had to put on my converses before Crystal got far. Today, I would find out where exactly she goes to almost every night.

Once I had my converses on, I dashed back into Crystal's room. I was surprised at how swiftly I moved as I climbed down her ladder. It was as if I'd done it many times before.

Once my feet hit the grass outside, my eyes began to scan for Crystal. I spotted her speed walking on the next block. She couldn't have been going somewhere very far since her car was parked at the driveway. Keeping low, I began to follow Crystal.

When she began to walk into a particularly dark area, I almost stopped walking. What would Crystal be doing in a place like that? Shoving my fear aside, I continued to follow Crystal.

I'm sure that our house was long gone behind us by the time Crystal turned into a small path between two buildings. It was most likely an alleyway. I speeded up my walking a bit so I wouldn't lose Crystal. The clinking of her heels echoed in the deathly silent alleyway. Following her turn, I felt a cold chill run down my body as I came face to face with pure creepiness. Besides the fast-paced Crystal, the narrow alleyway was completely deserted… and dark. I felt my legs begin to slow down, but I willed them to continue moving. I wouldn't let fear stop me now.

I almost yelled out a curse when I saw Crystal turn yet another corner. Where in the world was she going? Very strange places older sisters go to nowadays. If it's a club that Crystal is going to, then why must it be so hidden?

I turned the corner, but quickly ducked back into the alleyway when I saw Crystal standing in front of a large man who held the door open for her. There was music coming from inside of the building, though it was not too boisterous. By the smiles on their faces, it seemed as though they knew each other quite fondly.

'And I thought she was innocent.'

Crystal walked into the building and the man closed the door behind her. He remained outside, however.

Maybe it was pure stupidity or maybe it was a show of courage, but I willed my legs to move as I walked into the open. The man's eyes located me immediately. He narrowed his eyes at me, probably in an attempt to scare me. Try harder, Buster.

With my nose up in the air, I marched right up to him.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" He asked in a deep, rough voice.

Crossing my arms, I responded. "I'm here to take my sister away from this creepy place."

My eyebrows creased in a frown when the big guy bellowed in laughter. Dude obviously was not taking me seriously.

"Can you please let me in?" I crossed my arms on my chest.

Back to his menacing attitude, the man (who was most likely a sort of bouncer) glared at me. "Get outta here kid. You don't belong here."

Well that's just offensive. "I am not a kid! You just let my sister in and I'm here to get her out!"

By the looks of the man, he was getting quite annoyed. Did I care? No. Again, I wished that I'd gotten an ounce of emotion from my parents. Maybe then I would be wise enough to leave an angry big guy alone… an angry big guy who I wasn't getting any bad vibes from, which is quite strange considering the fact that I get bad vibes from almost everybody.

"So, you're Crystal's sister. It's hard to believe that you're related."

I snorted. "Oh yeah… I've neverheard that one before."

Noting my obvious sarcasm, Big Guy sighed. Maybe he'd finally realized that being big and macho wasn't going to scare me off. "Look, kid, I'm being serious now. This is no place for you. Your sister is safe and I assure you that she will return home in one piece. This isn't the first time she's been here, you know."

"Of course I know! What do you think I am, stupid?" When the man looked as if he was thinking about it, I quickly continued. "Never mind. I don't like my sister being in a place like this."

"And I've told you that she'll be safe. You, on the other hand, I'm not so sure. That's why I can't let you in. You have to understand. Plus your sister's a big girl. She can take care of herself."

I couldn't stop myself from groaning. "Aw come on! Do you know how long I stalked her? If I go back now, then what did I achieve?"

Big Guy began to laugh. What's up with the laughter? Couldn't he see my frustration?

"Well that's what you get for stalking your sister. I'm sure you've learned your lesson."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I liked you better when you were the big mean guy."

Big Guy smirked. "Oh, I'm still the big mean guy. You just can't see it."


"Of course. Now beat it before I go mean again."

"Ooh… I'm shivering with fear."

Big Guy actually smiled, revealing perfect white teeth.

'Wow. That Colgate must really be working for you.'

"Seriously now, you have to leave," he became serious once again. It was pretty obvious that I wouldn't be entering the building tonight, so I didn't persist any longer.

"Calm your nerves, I'm leaving already. Sheesh." I wonder what's so dangerous about the place that he wouldn't even let me in. "Don't think that you've escaped me, though. I'll be back."

"Oh, no. Don't take the trouble. Just stay home. Please."

I glared at Big Guy before turning around to head back out. Before I turned into the alleyway, however, I turned back around to say one last thing. "You better not tell Crystal that I stalked her."

Big Guy flashed me his teeth in a grin. "Your secret's safe with me."

"Of course it is." With that, I turned the corner into the nearly pitch black alleyway. Leaving was not nearly as unnerving as coming in, and so I walked quite confidently in the darkness.

However, things didn't continue that way. Soon, my eyes could make out a tall figure coming in from my front. By what I could make out, he was a male, probably on his way to the same building that Crystal had gone into.

Not wanting to start panicking, I tried to ignore the man. I continued to walk. I couldn't help but notice that he'd slowed down, however. Still, I didn't let that disturb me.

Things were proceeding quite fine until the man was only a finger's length away from me. Just when I was about to walk past him, he grabbed my wrist. Immediately, I began to struggle.

"Get off!" I screamed as I hit his chest with my free hand. The man wasn't affected by my attacks at all. Instead, he grabbed my other hand and pinned me against the wall.

"You don't look like you belong here," he said. At least, that's what I thought he said. His words were slurred. This, combined with the strong (and familiar) smell of alcohol on his breath told me that he was drunk. Very drunk.

"No, I don't. And I'll like to get out of here if you'd just let go!"

The man moved in closer to me. This should've provoked fear in me. It didn't. Instead, it provoked anger.

"What's the hurry, babe?" The man tried to place a kiss on my lips. There's no way in hell that's happening! Yes, my hands couldn't defend me, but there was certainly something else that could defend me quite well.

Wasting no more time, I connected my knee with his most sensitive body part. As expected, he immediately released my wrists and doubled over, groaning in pain. Taking advantage of that freedom, I began to sprint away from the man and from the alleyway. I couldn't take any breaks since it was most likely that the man was chasing me.

Soon enough, my lungs began to burn for oxygen. I had to stop, and I did just that. I wouldn't kill myself in an attempt to save myself. I rested against the wall and began to heave, clutching my aching side.

"Just lovely. I have parents who got married solely to scream at each other every day and night, a sister who is attracted to creepy dark places, and now, a drunk dude who probably wants to kill me now. Why is my life so messed up? Someone, please save me from this misery!"

As I was resting against the wall, I was hoping that the man had decided to just go on his way and leave me alone. For a few seconds it seemed like the man had done just that. But of course, that was wishful thinking. I almost banged my head against the wall when I saw the same tall figure coming at me in full speed.

"Aw come on!" I got ready to run, but stopped when I heard a sickening sound. I couldn't hear dashing footsteps any more. Letting my curiosity get the best of me, I turned around to observe what had just happened.

Though it was quite dark where I was, I didn't need much light to see what was in front of me. There were now two men, one of them being the drunken man. Interestingly enough, he was now pinned to the wall by the new man. I stared with bug eyes as the new man latched unto his neck, making animalistic sounds. At the same time his mouth was on the neck of the drunken man, his hand was on the chest of the man.

Any normal person would take this as an opportunity to run, but I saw it as a live movie. Hey, how many times do you get to see action like this?

My movie ended abruptly when a horrific scream escaped from the mouth of the drunken man. There was something happening to his chest…

Looking closely, I saw that the new man's hand was entering the chest of the drunken man. My stomach churned. When the new man's fingers were inside the chest, he began to drag his hand down, ripping open the drunken man's chest. The man didn't scream any more. I watched in horror as liquid flowed out from the body of the drunken man. Liquid poured down from his body as f he was a mini fountain. The now blood-covered murderer finally unlatched himself from the drunken man's neck. The sight of the neck was sickening. A portion of the drunken man's neck was gone… ripped out. The new man stepped away from the now lifeless body, which fell limply unto the ground.

At this moment, only one word was on my mind. Cannibal.

I immediately spun around on my heals and made a dash for it. I wouldn't become any cannibal's lunch tonight.

Pain shot through my head when I banged into something hard. Since when do walls suddenly appear out of nowhere?

Massaging my forehead with the tips of my fingers, I looked up to glare at the wall. What I found in front of me was no wall. I swallowed as I stared into the smirking face of the cannibal. His entire chin and lips were coated with blood.His hair, looking slightly disheveled, fell over his eyes. I could only see slivers of what looked to be silvery-blue eyes, though they looked more silver. Nice contacts.

My eyes scanned down his blood-covered body and back up again. By the looks of it, he wasn't planning on stepping aside for me.

"Bonne nuit, ma perle," his voice was pure velvet. It was a surprise to hear him speak French, and so well.

I backed away from him, and he followed me. I ducked past him, and ran right into him again. I ducked past his other side and found myself pinned unto the wall. Not good at all. I could just see what happened to Drunk Guy happening to me. Why? Why me?

"Where are you in a rush to? We didn't even get acquainted yet."

My eyes doubled in size. Was I dealing with a crazy cannibal here?

"My parents told me not to talk to strangers," was my response. One would think that I was capable of coming up with better stuff.

Mr. Cannibal let out a rich laughter, making me frown. What's so funny?

"But I'm not a stranger," he said. "You asked for me to come."

My eyebrows shot up. "Now when exactly did I do that? Why would I even do that? I'm trying to run away from death, not call it to me!"

Mr. Cannibal laughed again. "You are very amusing."

'Thank you. I crack myself up too, sometimes.'

"I don't intend to kill you," he said.

'Yeah… and I'm sure you didn't intend to kill the other dude.'

"Then what do you intend to do with me?"

"Save you from your misery. You asked for someone to save you from your misery. Since I'm feeling quite compassionate tonight, I'm here to fulfill your request." As he spoke, he had a grin on his face that I so wanted to smack off. Just what exactly was so funny?

I stared blankly at him, baffled by what he'd just said. How the heck did he hear me when I was complaining? Did I have a cannibal and a stalker on my hands?

"Um… look, guy… I was on my way home before the dude you just killed attacked me. So if you don't mind, I'd like to be on my way now," I spoke as if I was casually talking to a person I see every day.

"Oh, no problem," Mr. Cannibal said. "We'll be on our way now."

I raised an eyebrow at that. "We?"

Mr. Cannibal moved his face closer to mine and my hands instinctively flexed. "Yes, we."

I didn't like the sound of that at all. "What do you mean by that?"

Mr. Cannibal moved his face even closer to mine, and at the last possible moment he brushed past my lips to my ear. I won't lie, my heart beat had accelerated a bit. Stupid heart.


It seemed as though my body was responding to his command. Something strange was happening. I felt weak… very weak. It was as if my body was falling asleep while I was still conscious. Soon enough, however, the drowsiness made its way to my head. My eyelids began to droop. What the heck was happening to me? What sort of freaky magic was this cannibal doing?

I fought with myself to stay awake. This was not a good time to have a beauty sleep. My eyelids had other plans, however. Soon, I couldn't keep my eyes open at all. Finally, I accepted defeat (which rarely happened). Right before I fell into slumber, only one thought was dominant in my mind.

'Never stalk your big sister.'


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