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THere IS No NEveR EveR

Novel By: SuperLoveMonkey12

Cassie is a normal small town girl, but when four individuals show up unnanounced, her life changes forever. Somehow she has a connection to them and she may even be falling in love. I changed the title on my other site so i figured i should change it here too. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 11, 2011    Reads: 113    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

EDITED 1/5/2012: I fixed a few things and changed some things so you may want to read again so you don't get confused later on. Sorry for the inconvenience. :)


Chapter 1

My head hurt from all of the homework Mr. Davidson had given us. It was a long paper on something that had to do with our family. It could be anything, but I'd spent the last 16 hours, 17min. and 34 seconds working on it and it wasn't helping that it was the weekend and I hadn't got any sleep since yesterday morning. Before you ask, yes, I did calculate the EXACT time, and no, I am not a perfectionist. I just do not want to fail this class. But let's face it, I am no good at English and Mr. Davidson knows it.

He happens to taunt me with that power of adulthood he has over me just because he hates me. Sure I am seventeen, but I KNOW he doesn't care one bit! Currently I maintain a B- average in English. However, if I fail this assignment, I fail his class because according to him, "An A+ is a great honor in my class Ms. Donovan, a B+ is the next best thing, but I am afraid that C's are not acceptable.You will need a B average in order to pass my class." If I fail, everyone will think I'm a loser because I either have to repeat the year, or go to summer school. Ugh, the curse of a small town!

I am surrounded by moronic, idiotic robots who would be delighted to see me fail. There is my reasoning. I'd say wish me luck, but that would probably just jinx me.I couldn't come up with much else to add to my paper at the moment and my bed looked inviting, so I climbed under the snuggly warm covers to catch at least a little bit of sleep.


Where was I? Looking around I noticed that there were large trees all around me with bushy leaves that shielded the sky from my view.I don't know why that bothered me.Was this a forest? Then I heard rustling in the bushes.I was sitting on the forest floor and decided well if there is no reason to be sitting, then I think that I should stand up.Out of nowhere He walked around the corner on a thin rough pathway that obviously had not been used in a long time because it was covered in weeds and broken branches. The man was tall and held a hard face. He almost looked old enough to be my dad, but handsome with burgundy hair.I could see the muscles under his shirt.His intense glare frightened me.Before either of us could say anything a bright light shone. Where was it coming from? "Wait. What... NO!" I screamed as the light swallowed me up.

I sat up fast. Ouch! Too fast. I forgot my lamp was still bent up over my head. I rubbed my forehead. What was that all about? None of my dreams ever seem to make sense, though I had begun to think the exceptionally weird ones had stopped 5 months ago. I guess it was the homework that did it. Thoughts floated into my head: Homework….Saturday.Shoot. Today's Saturday?I glared at my calendar.Shoot, shoot, shoot!

I scrambled knocking things over and glanced at my clock, 3:37. Dangit! I was supposed to be there thirty-seven minutes ago.I snatched up my homework and stuffed it into my lime green duffel bag as I slipped on my favorite brown slip-ons. "He is sooo gonna kill me! Hurry Cassie Hurry!!! Why? Why today?" I yelled running out my front door and down the street.

I heard the rumble of thunder and realized the sky was turning dark.Then it started raining. HARD! "Come on!! Are you kidding me!?" I screamed at the sky as it soaked me from head to toe. He would never forgive me. I sent up a silent prayer: "Please God, let him forgive me or at least cut me some slack. If you can't do that then I ask you to give me wings and swift feet to get there speedily, Amen."

I was sooo dead meat. Every street I passed almost had me getting run over, but I didn't stop for anybody.....

I ran past 6th street and a car clipped my side. Then I skidded to a stop in front of "Tiffany's" almost falling on my butt before I caught the door handle. It was a breakfast, lunch, and dinner Diner. I work the after lunch and dinner shift. Three o'clock to eight. Carefully and silently I walked up and inside the front doors. I snuck to the back pulling on my apron. I work here as a waitress. Funny huh? Yeah well, Whitewater is a small town here in Montana; there aren't that many fun jobs. Plus I am just working here until I get through high school and can get a really amazing job as some big shot in solving crimes.

You know. Like a detective or a CSI. Of course, until then, I am stuck here. My best friend Destin saw me and his look told me that I was in big trouble. Destin is muscular, has brown fluffy (sometimes messy) hair. He's like a brother to me. I made my way to where he was standing.He deserved an explanation.

"I'm Sorry. I got caught up and..."

"You know I hate it when you're late. I always have to cover for you and this time I really risked my ass. Next time you decide to be late, make sure that I have added more excuses to my book first." He said sarcastically. I apologized once more then went to work. To my surprise"Tiffany's" was actually quite busy. In between breaks I worked on my English assignment.

Destin actually helped me out a bit. Now of course I really owed him, but if I passed it was going to be worth it.

"Perhaps you should write something about your family history. Hey, Cassie there's another group sitting in your booth." Destin remarked. I gazed up from my rough draft to see four guys entering the diner and heading over to one of my booths.

"I don't like the look of them. The air about them is just...wrong. Don't you feel the tension?" Destin was acting silly. But it's his job to make sure I stay away from danger. You know, big brotherly love.

"Don't be silly Destin. You feel that way about everyone. You just never say it out loud. And F-Y-I, no I don't feel the 'tension.'" I got up shaking my head at Destin and started toward my booth. Looking at them, I could see they weren't from around these parts. Most likely they were from a larger city.

Two of them were red heads with identical facial structure and olive colored skin. The only significant difference between the two was their eye color and hair. One had deep olive brown eyes and slightly curled hair, and the other had pasty blue eyes and messy hair with thin sideburns. Must be twins. The other guy in the group was really blond haired with tan skin and large muscles. His eyes were so black that they swallowed his pupils. Yeesh, itimidating much? The last person in the group had black hair and green eyes. His skin was the color of beach sand.

"May I take your order?" I was nervous and thankful my voice didn't let on, but I bit my lip out of habit.

The blond looked up at me and smiled. "Of course….I'll have the double cheeseburger and a Pepsi." He looked at his friends. The red head twins ordered a chocolate and vanilla shake, one with a chicken burger and the other with a double cheeseburger.

"Can I get anything for you?" I asked pointedly at Spike-boy…er black haired guy (I didn't know his name and his hair was spiked so yeah he has a nickname). He was the only person at the table who hadn't spoken at all and he was still staring straight ahead.

"He'll just have water…er…Cassie." The blond glancing at my name tag said while rolling his eyes at Spike-boy. As I walked away I heard Blondie mumble, "Yeesh, Taedyn! What is your problem?"

"I don't have a problem, Seren. Why did we come to this stupid place? We're supposed to be searching for...."

But, Blondie er Seren interrupted, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. We're on a mission, but that doesn't mean we cannot have any fun. Try to be nice and enjoy yourself a bit before things start to get difficult."

I turned in my order to Destin and he fired up the grill. He worked here as a cook. I caught the curious look he gave me. "So… Who are they?" he asked.

"Well, apparently the black haired one's name is Taedyn and the blond one is Seren, but I don't know who the other two are.They all seem pretty quiet.But I overheard them talking and it sounds like they may be searching for something." They were curious figures. What were they on a mission for? I mean, they couldn't be that much older than me. Didn't people my age have to go to school?

"Searching for what?" Destin asked.

"How should i know? It's not like i stuck around to snoop." I gave Destin a light punch on the shoulder.

I shook off the questions and brought the group of boys their food, plastering my same old smile on my face. They were just normal people, but when I finally climbed into bed for a good nights sleep (after all I do need my beauty sleep) I couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious group.


Here's a cover made by an amazing artist on deviantart.com. You should totally check out their work. I'm very proud of it. And i want to show my appreciationby sharing it on my story page.:D


BY Santiguana on Deviantart.com.


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