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Dragon Lover

Novel By: suzyq2

a woman stumbles across a rare find. a dragon in trouble. she vow's to do her best to help this creature. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 6, 2012    Reads: 37    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

It was a dark and stormy night. I was riding my horse, whisper, home. I was coming from having helped to deliver a friends newest litter of puppies. I'm great with animals. So when her favorite bloodhound started having problems, she sent her son to get me. I am not an actual vet. But i do well. And she could not have waited for the vet to get there. I was able to save the mother and pup's. Thank the heaven's for that. This newest litter would bring a much needed source of income for them. I hated traveling this road at night. It wound through a eerie forest.

I was about halfway through the forest when i heard a deafening roar. Whisper reared, throwing me. She then raced away in a full gallop. The breath was knocked from my lungs when i impacted with the cold hard ground. I lay there for a few moments trying to regain my breath. Wondering what the hades that noise had been. Gingerly sitting up, i tested all my limbs. I seemed to be fine. Thanking the gods for that. I slowly got to my feet. Swaying a little i set off to find the cause of the noise. Terrified, but my curiousity overriding all else.

Slowly leaving the path. Slowly making my way deeper into the dense woods. Feeling my way along because there was no moon shining because of the storm. Pulling my cloak tighter around me, i trudged on. I soon came upon a small clearing. And what my eyes beheld was so amazing that i could only stand there and stare. A flash of lightening showed the clearing quite well. As my eyes re-adjusted to the darkness i moved forward. Barely daring to believe my eyes.

What lay before me was a beautiful but frightening sight. It was a dragon. She was about as big as my little cottage. All blue and green. With undertone's of gold. She seemed so weak. I cautiously moved toward her head. Terrified, yet compelled to try to help her. She turned her head to look at me. Her eyes were the most magnificent shades of blue. I stopped in my tracks. Frozen in my terror. Then i heard her voice in my head. I was totally mystified. Why would such a magnificent creature speak to me? Her voice was like the sound of the river gurgling through the meadow. Soft and gentle.

She said. ' don't be frightened human. I shall not harm you for your thoughts are pure.' I slowly moved closer to her. She seemed to be having a hard time breathing. Weak. Exhausted. I laid my hand against her side. She was so warm to the touch. Again she spoke. 'My time draws near. I have no strength left to make the journey home before i have my child, my egg. My child will most likely die with me. You wish to help me, then please, help me to get my egg laid.' Standing there with tears in my eyes, i agreed to help her. I wanted to save her and the egg.

Now here i shall describe what kenneth and i look like. I am short, only 5'3''. Long flowing black hair i keep in braid's or a bun. Chocolate brown eyes, framed by wire framed spectacles. A bit on the plump side, but very happy and out-going. I'm much beyond the age where most women marry, you see, i have no dowry, or title to entice a man to look beyond my appearance. Where my friend, Delores, was also short, she was slim, blue-eyed, red haired. Men did not care about her lack of dowry or title. She was a very beautiful woman. Now kenneth was nice and tall, at least to me he was. Close to six foot. Dirty blond hair that always looked as if he needed a trim. And the most gorgeous blue eyes i'd ever seen. All three of us fair-skinned.

While i was trying to figure out how to go about delivering an egg, my best friend the game warden was searching for me. He had noticed my riderless horse racing for home. He found the spot on the trail where i had been thrown. And followed my tracks into the forest. Praying that i was alright. He wove through the tree's with ease. Knowing this forest well. Knowing that there was a clearing up ahead. When he came to the edge of the clearing, he froze. The dragon alerted me to the fact that we were not alone. I turned, spotting him. Racing into his arms, crying hard. He cradled me protectively in his embrace. Tilted my head up with a firm but gentle grip. And asked. ' What is going on little one?'

Knowing that he would understand, i explained everything. He agreed to help me to try and save both mother and child. Kenneth and i had a long history. We had grown up together. His father was the one whom had taught me most of what i knew. I still mourned his passing. Which is how kenneth had become the game warden for this part of the forest. He was unusual for a game warden. He was kind, compassionate, and caring. The dragon sensed all this about him. Knowing him to be a good and decent man. She spoke to him. ' come. It is time. My child must be laid now, or never.' i saw the tear's gather in his eyes as we headed back to her.

He insisted that i stand by her head. To keep her calm and give her much encouragement. That he would see what he could do to help the process along. I even tried to remind him that i had helped to birth many animals in my time. He was firm in his refusal. So i stood by her head, stroking her long neck. Talking to her in soothing whispers. Sometimes even singing lullaby's. The whole time wondering what was happening. Then i felt her give one last mighty push. And she went limp in my arms. Her voice just a mere whisper in my mind. 'It is done. My child has safely arrived. Thank you for this. And now it is time for me to pass on. Please take good care of my child. See that he is hatched safely. And when he is strong enough, find our kind. Take him to them. I entrust you with the safety of my child. For you two are rare among humans. Goodbye and may the gods watch over both of you.' She went cold and still in my arms.

Kenneth walked over to me, as i just sat there with tears streaming down my face. For the loss of such a magnificent creature. For the dragon that would hatch, never to know his mother. Kenneth took me in his arms. Gently guiding me to the egg. There it lay. Almost as big as myself, turquoise in color. Taking my cloak from around my shoulders, i wrapped it around the egg. Knowing that we must keep it warm. Working as fast as he could, Kenneth built a funeral pyre. Both for warmth for the egg, and needing to hide what had transpired this night. For if the existince of dragon's were known, there would be panic. The baby would not be safe. And greedy, ignorant people would hunt down the rest of them. Making them truly extinct. I watched, trembling with cold and misery. Hugging the egg to try to keep it warm. Then the fire blazed to life. Despite the wet and soggy surroundings.

The heat given off was tremendous. Sweat started to trickle down my back. We stood there. Watching her slowly turn to ash. Kenneth kept an eye on the surrounding area. Making sure that the fire did not spread. As the fire started to die, we began construction of a travios. So we could get the egg back to my house. Thanking the gods above that my father had been a blacksmith. His old forge would do well to keep this egg warm til hatching. Kenneth and i struggled to gently move the egg onto our travios. Making sure that the fire was out completely, and all evidence erased, we each grabbed a handle and started the journey to my home.

It was a long and tiring journey. Pulling the egg through the forest. Things got a bit easier when we reached the trail. We still had several miles to cover quickly. Before the egg grew too chilled, killing the baby dragon inside. We made it home in record time. Kenneth started stacking the wood and coals in father's forge, while i sat and rested. Thanking the gods that we had made it without incident. And keeping the baby safe. Kenneth used the bellow's to get the fire roaring. It started getting very warm, hot even. We moved the egg close to the fire. Packing hay around the base. Praying that this would all work. That he would hatch safely.


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