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The Red Hood

Novel By: swords edge

little red ridding hoods family has hunted down wolfs for generations, but atalanta is the last one alive besides her half cousins which don't count and they men that had joined the hunt over the years.
on her first lead she meets a boy who was kidnapped and claims to have no family. she lets him come back to camp until he finds another home, well so much for that plan.
Atalanta is sent on a quest that might end the war, but there was a catch she has to take the under trained boy with her.
the elders of the camp wont tell her why she's going with him or why she's going at all... she just knows that if she doesn't return with the first red hood that her great grandma wore then the family line might die with her... leaving the wolfs to run free and kill of every last one of them that have been keeping them in line for over 3 thousand years.

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We all know the story of little red ridding hood. A young girl who wears a red hood where ever she goes? Then one day when she goes to visit her dear old grandmother but along the way talks to a wolf who then eats her grandmother whole then swallows little red as well, then of course a lumber jack comes along and saves them by cutting the wolf open and stuffing stones in its belly so that he drowns in the river when he goes to drink. Of course you probably heard a more descent one made by Disney or something but that is the real ones, well one of them anyways. So you think it ends there? That the little girl gets away and lives happily ever after, well I'm here to tell you that you are so dead wrong.
My name is Atalanta Alonza and I'm the descendent of that little girl. You see what some people don't know nor realize is that the hunter who had saved red ridding hood fell in love with her mother for she was widowed for over a year and was overly grateful for him saving her and her grandmothers life. The hunter and her mother had children and they grew up to be married along with little red they were one day surrounded by the wolfs brothers when there was no one around to protect them besides little red who have faced them all once before. In the end little red killed the oldest brother with a nearby ax, this made the wolfs infuriated. So they ran off into the dark woods shouting behind them that they would seek revenge apone them and their daughters for generations to come.
As it turned out the wolfs told the whole clan and they told other clans sparking a war between the family of red hood and the big wolfs.
Over time we have developed a name for these creatures, which you should know now days as werewolf's. Ya so all those fairy tales that you heard when you where little where actually true, well except goldy locks… she was just plain lazy.
So back to my family's story latter on you can hunt down Hansel and Gretel's grand kids to ask about how they hunt witches and sometimes helps my family out with the hunt but right now your hearing my story so listen closely.
It started since red ridding hoods time and since then their children and their children and their great grand kids have fought the creatures of the night that most prefer to call werewolf's or shape shifters, but me I call them blood hunters or black furs and my favorite, skin stealers . As I was saying the wolfs have wagged war agents my family for ages just as they have promised. The skin stealers have not only promised to wag war agents us for this long but they have, if you remember my earlier story, promised that their daughters will be fighting this those cursing all of the red hood family to bar only girls and no sons so that every on in my family have a different last names that were chosen for us since birth basically meaning we are promised to another man's child, and no I do not mean like my cousin men are allowed to join our cause if they swear into secrecy.
The red hood family are the only ones aloud to where red hoods symbolizing our leadership and power over the other men, my women of my family always lead the hunt for the blood hunters. Then men that join wear black hoods so that ours stick out making it easier to identify who is where and its kinda like a pride thing too.
However, my family is the only one who allows women to fight, the wife's and daughters of the other men must stay at camp for they are counted as innocent life's that should be spared from the fury and blood of the moon light battles that I have seen few of so far in my life.
But tonight it is my turn to lead because my mother, being the direct descendent of red ridding hood herself and not one of her half sister, had recently died on the hunt leaving me, her only daughter, to lead an army of 50 men into the dark forest to invade a skin stealers camp.


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