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The Nightwalker Legacy - Silver sparrow

Novel By: synesthesia

In Karezbyoun, the black prince rules the cold dead land with an iron fist. Cynthia Sparrow, a quiet and deadly girl is not like any other of her rare kind, possibly the most dangerous creature to walk the metal earth. she hunts for the keys to her mysterious past, aided by the lonely human children, the cynical X hunters, the nightmare people, and even the dead. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 23, 2013    Reads: 120    Comments: 13    Likes: 6   

Chapter 1 - clock tower

I waited in silence, listening. The moonlight flickered across the pavement below me, and all was quiet and still in the winter night. The shadows barely concealed me. I was waiting. Waiting for her. I glanced up at the wrought Iron structure that towered above me, black and menacing against a starlit sky. It was almost time. I shifted my position, and a bird flew off from the building opposite, and disappeared into the night.

The silence was broken as the heavy rusted iron above me clanked as the second past. I didn't flinch. DONG at the first chime, the birds, hundreds of white doves, flew in a fluttering wave from the crumbling church spires DONG I watched them soar, one by one melting away into the night DONG the echoing bell echoed though the empty streets as the last few feathers drifted down DONG I listened to the flapping wings fade further away DONG I opened my eyes, and listened to the last distant sounds disappear. The night was silent once more.

I heard next what I expected to hear from the beginning. The quiet, lonely footsteps, tapping along the pavement, coming toward me. I turned to watch. She walked from the shadows, her heels clacking on the stone ground, disturbing the peace, as if she'd always been there. Her long ebony hair hung around her shoulders, and her eyes glinted ghostly white. As she came closer I heard the grey gothic dress rustle at the slightest movement. I stepped forward, and nodded quietly at her. She smiled, and walked right up to me.

She was very close to me now. By my side she whispered "the black prince will be here at dawn" I sighed a breathe of relief, thank god. "For your trouble" I said, and placed 3 mist stones into her pale hand. She nodded and remarked "it no longer concerns me, but why?" "There are some things I have to do" I said, turning to leave. "Questions. Answers." "Speak to me by river. I'll take my leave, goodbye" I glanced back at her as the girl closed her eyes and slowly breathed out, as she did so, crumbling into a thousand white petals, and floating away on the wind.

I watched her go. Then, knowing I couldn't waste more time began to walk. I needed to reach my destination before sunrise, before the cold blooded man returned to his keep. My moon energy was dangerously low, I wouldn't risk flight. I caught my reflection in a passing window. Shining jade eyes flashed back at me. I would get the answers I searched for so desperately. I am the silver sparrow. No creature alive can capture me. This is only the beginning.


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