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You're a Vampire? I'm your Slave? Oh goody...

Novel By: ThaOriginal

You're a vampire? I'm your slave? Yeah...right. And my name is John Travolta. Get real. (This is a story about a girl that gets herself in one hell of a predicament.)
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Submitted:Aug 7, 2010    Reads: 822    Comments: 17    Likes: 9   

(Katie's POV)

"Katie!!!!!" I heard a all too familiar voice call for me.

"Yes! Coming.....Master!" I yelled back, grumbling curses under my breath. I walked down a small corridor, turning to my right coming to a stop in a large den, with a fire place right ahead. To my left i saw my master, reading the daily news in his green lounge chair.

"Did you get my dinner ready yet, human?"He said in a tone of disgust, as he turned his head to look in my direction.

"I...Uh..We're out of...Blood." I said trying not to make eye contact, fearing what he would do to me now, after the few torturous days of being with this monster.

"What did you say.....?" He said raising up from his lounge chair. He picked up the newspaper he was reading a moment ago.

I went wide eyed and stumbled for words,"Ma...sster. The fridge appears to be empty..." I whispered, shuddering.

"Well." He said, clucking his tongue afterward. I looked up to see him rolling up the newspaper he held in his hand.

He walked forward towards me, I held my breath and stumbled backwards.

"Ppple...please! No!" I started crying.

Now, i know what you all are thinking. What the worst he could possibly do with a newspaper? You. Have no idea.

I guess he decided not to use the newspaper because he dropped it on the glass coffee table in the center of the den.

"Why would you be so stupid as to let the fridge go empty. You know where the phone is, and all you have to do is press the button. And what do you know? Carrius will bring you blood to restock the fridge with. We've been over this Katrina." He looked at me, eyes blazing. He only called me by my full name when he was extremely pissed.

I swallowed hard. " Yes i know. I guess, i guess i just got caught up in all the chores you were giving me i didn't notice the fridge running low...." I said, looking down to the floor, still crying.

"Stop crying. NOW." he yelled, and before i knew it i was flying halfway across the room. I knew he had slapped me, but it took me a second to register in my mind what had happened.

"I'm..s-" I was cut off by a sharp pain in my side. He had struck me again but this time,, not with his hand. I looked down to see a pocket knife, it had a green handle and it had a stripe of gold down the middle, in my side. I started hyperventilating, not sure if i should pull the knife out or keep it in.

He Looked at me and his normally crystal blue eyes had turned to black, his fangs fully emerged.

"You are such a...a human! I honestly don't think you will learn." He said trying to remain calm, you could hear the venom seeping through. I gulped, and silently prayed, looking at the floor.

After what seemed like an eternity, i looked up. Only to find that my Master was gone. I let out a breath that i had been holding, to brace myself.
Where could he have gone?

When he finally returned, he had a glass in his hand. The glass was full of blood, and his eyes had returned to their normal color. His fangs were still extended over his bottom lip just a tad.

"I suggest you go to your room. Now." He said, sitting in his chair proceeding to read the daily news not even bothering to look at me.

what just happened? I thought, with a frown and continued to walk down the small corridor to the closet that i was supposed to call a room. I walked over to my twin sized bed, getting under the very thin quilt. It had an interesting design on it. It had mixes of red and blue and gold.

Before i knew it i had drifted off to sleep...


"C'mon Linus. I already told you, i really don't want to go the this 'hit new club.' Please can we just go back?" I said, interlacing my fingers with his.

"Katie! It'll be fun! Stop being such a prude. Geez. I don't know why i ever went out with you in the first place." Linus said dropping my hand, and shoving his in his jacket pockets. Putting a foot of space between us as we walked.

"But Linus...You know i don't have good experiences with clubs...." He gave me a hard look and shook his head.

I sighed and gave in,"Fine. I'll go. But promise that when i want to leave, we leave?" I said stopping him, and looking into his eyes. He grinned his gorgeous lopsided grin and grabbed my hand.

"Thanks Katie, I Love you." He said and kissed me softly on the lips. We parted and continued walking to the club holding hands.

When we got there there was a line with at least 30 people standing in it. From the looks of it, they had been there a long while.

"How are we ever gonna get in Linus?" I looked at him, doubting he had planned for something like this.

"Shut up. I'll take care of it." He whispered to me as we approached the front of the line. I sighed and studied the building as i and followed him, doubting that we would get in.

The building was brick, it had colorful neon signs hanging up above the front doors. The line went on the side of the wall going right down the wall. They were held against the wall by a blue velvet rope, ending by the the front doors. In front of the door was a large male, he looked at least 28 and had a nice build. He had sandy blond hair and was wearing dark shaded glasses. He looked very intimidating.

"Are you sure about this?" I whispered to Linus, worried.

"Yes!" He hissed back.

"OK..." i said, frowning. We approached the guy, he looked at us, nodded, and let us in. I was confused, but i decided to let it go, since i had already gotten Linus mad as it was.

We walked down a brick hall, coming to a large red curtain, i could hear loud music coming from the other side of the curtain. Linus walked in, i was hesitant but i decided to follow after, i went through the curtain and couldn't see Linus anywhere. He had disappeared.I started to panic and went straight for the bar, sitting on a stool that was fairly tall.

"Hello Miss, Would you like something to drink?" Asked the bartender, smiling.

"Yes please. Water?" i asked, and continued searching the crowd for my boyfriend, of 6 months. I started humming 'If I Had You" By Adam Lambert.

"A fan of Adam Lambert, i see." Said someone, i looked up to she the bartender with water in his hand grinning.

"Uh...." I began to blush a light pink.

"Aww..." He laughed and continued,"Don't be shy, you sound really good. Do you like to sing or something? " He asked, still smiling.

"Yeah, actually. I do. It's one of my passions." I said getting more comfortable, and after that i started talking to him about school and life basically. We talked for what it seemed to be at least an hour. I started noticing that he was actually VERY cute. Every time he smiled he had a dimple in his right cheek and he always had a twinkle in his eyes. He had black curly hair, and gorgeous sea green eyes. His build was nice and he looked to be at least a foot taller than me.

"Who's this?" I heard a familiar voice say behind me.

"Linus!" I said surprised.

"Who. Is. This?" He looked at me, eyes turning gray. Linus had brown hair that fell over his eyebrows. His eyes were normally Caribbean blue, but when he was pissed they turned gray. He was two feet taller than me and he had a laid back figure.

"Uhm...." i turned to the bartender. "Wow. We've been talking for all this time and i never asked your name. I laughed.

"Tucker." He smiled.

"Well, Tucker. Stop fucking talking to my girl." Linus said getting in Tucker's face.

"She can talk to whoever she wants. Back up." He said, Pushing Linus back. Before i could even say stop, a full out fight started. Right in front of me.

"Stop!" I screamed at the trying to get into the middle, which was a mistake. Because as soon as i got the Linus swung. Making contact with my face.

With blood gushing out, i ran. I don't know why. I just ran. I ran through the curtain, through the hall, and out the door. I kept running. I don't know how far i ran or how long. When i finally stopped i didn't know where i was, standing in the middle of nowhere. Dried blood ALL over my face, hands , and shirt.


Hello Lovlies!

Sorry this is really short. It's just the beginning. (:
I'm really excited to write this. I'd love for you to give me any feedback that you can.
I'll be updating twice wvery week. saturday and wednesday.(:

Also! I'm holding a contest!

If you would join, it would make my day! (:

Keep reading!!!

XOXO Katie.



^The guy that was guarding the door.


^Tucker. (eyes are lighter and the hair is curled at the ends.)


^ Linus




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