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Vivian is the first ever girl to join the Brothers of Light, a group of monster hunters that swear to rid the world of evil. Things are going great. She gets to spend tons of time with Cyrus, her crush, and finally feels like part of a family.
But dark secrets and shocking discoveries are about to change Vivian's life forever. View table of contents...


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We started training a new kid today. What was her name again? Sammie? Sarah? I don't know.

Not bad for a first-timer. Almost died once or twice, but so does everyone on their first day. She kind of reminded me of a squirrel, the way she leapt from branch to branch. But there's a lot more to being in the pack then just climbing trees. I'm not sure if she'll be ready when the time comes. Her eyes haven't stabilized yet. We'll just have to see.

Starting to feel the power of the Autumn starting to come in. Nothing big yet. Just the little things. I don't need to drink as much coffee every morning. I'm able to hold out a little longer when running the courses. My eyesight is a little better. But this is just the beginning. It'll be a much bigger deal come October.

Blue-eyes just walked by. For some reason, I can never remember his name. I'm not good with names. He's going back to the other side. I shudder to think of that place. So dangerous. So unkind. But we need to be there. Need to strengthen the autumn.

That's all for today.

Malcolm Out

The man walked grumpily down the street with a look of contempt in his face.

Assigned simple street searching. What was he, an apprentice?

There were a few other people on the street. No one bothered him. They saw the gold medallion around his neck and knew he meant business. It was made to look like a sun, to symbolize the Brothers of Light. There was an inscription in small fancy writing.

Strength. Faith. Goodness.

May the light chase out the dark.

This was the motto of the Brotherhood. Not that he really cared. He was in it for the killing.

He turned a corner and started walking down an unlit dead-end street. These were the places the beasties liked to hide. All the buildings on this street were abandoned and boarded up. Weeds covered every last patch of soil. A heavily vandalized stop sign was the only thing that reminded you that this wasn't some sort of western ghost town.

He was walking very quietly, practically gliding over the cracked concrete. He was a professional, highly trained for this.

How long had it been since he had rested? Two days? Three? The energy patches the Brotherhood gave him made sure that he would not need to sleep eat, or drink. He needed to be focused on his work.

He frowned even deeper. He had been a Brother for forty-eight years, ever since he became an apprentice as a teenager. He and his colleagues knew what they were doing. They didn't need to hire stupid girls. He knew that. Charlie knew that. If only the old man knew that.

Thinking about the girl made him even angrier. She was pathetic. Frail. It was called the Brothers of Light after all. Let the girl focus on her jump-roping and hop scotch or whatever it was kids do nowadays. Back when he was young girls would where dresses and learn to sew and cook as was proper. Boys would go out and practice using their BB guns and slingshots. That was the right way to do things. Now they had their drag queens and women's basketball and teens "experimenting" with their sexuality. It just disgusted him.

It was the old man's fault for bringing in the girl. He was a great fighter once. But now he was losing his grip, going soft. He would have to be to hire the idiot girl.

The man was so caught up in his hateful thoughts that he didn't hear the beast come up behind him until it was nearly breathing down his neck.

He turned around to see a wolf. It was big, coming up nearly to his chest. It had black glossy fur and snow-white teeth. But the thing that stood out about the beast was its eyes. Blue eyes that were the color of ice and streams and chlorine-filled pools. It was water and snow and blue fire all at once. The man paused, mesmerized by the thing's eyes.

"Do you know how to get to Center Street?" it asked, breaking the man out of his state. "I'm lost and really late for a meeting."

"Die infernal beast from Hell!" the man cried, holding up his gun. It was loaded with twenty silver bullets, all guaranteed to kill the monster.

"Oh God! A Brother!" the wolf yelped, starting to run away.

The man and the wolf ran into the distance. They could barely be seen without any lamps to light the street. More wolves came into the scene.

There was a gunshot, a scream, and a long, sad howl.


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