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Fang feast series book one

Novel By: The pen muse

A young girl who had lived a live of secrets finds the truth of her future. After hidding with her mother sence she was seven they were found. But when she finds out a dark secret she goes on a quest that may cost her her life. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 22, 2010    Reads: 109    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

His hand rested on my left shoulder. His other hand wrapped around the right side of my head, tilting it so that my neck was neatly exposed. My blue eyes went wide with fear. His brown eyes shifted from my face to my throat. His lips parted showing white fangs. I shut my eyes for I knew what was going to happen. His fangs easily pierced my throat. He drank greedily till I fell to my knees, weak from blood loss. He fell with me, holding me close to his cold body. His grip was tight around my sides making it hard to breath. His hands on my back pressing me against him. My arms around his neck for support. He drank from me like I was his first meal in ages. I began to feel dizzy and tightened my grip. Unwillingly he released me. His hold on me softened as if he was afraid he would break me. He held me back looking at my pale face. The look on his face was a look of worry.
"What, Thanatos? Are you afraid to finish me off?" I said in a horse voice. A cold tear ran down my face. Betrayal! He betrayed you! Betrayal! My heart screamed. He hurt you. Make him pay. Pay for seducing you! Make him regret this. Betrayal! He didn't do anything just stared at me like I was some helpless animal. I took my arms from around his neck and started pounding on his stone hard chest. "You just want me to suffer don't you?"
"No." he said in a dull voice as a small smile spread across his face.
It made me mad seeing the smile keep getting bigger and bigger till it was near to a grin. Did he think this a game of torment? I went to punch that smile off his face but his hand came up and grabbed my fist.
His smile finally became a grin. In one quick motion he stood us up as he bends my wrist back. I heard a loud crack as a surge of pain came running up arm. I sucked in a huge breath trying not to scream. "It's okay to scream, no one will hear us here deep in the forest." He bent my hand back more till it touched my wrist.
Was it supposed to be able to do that? I don't think so? Whatever it can do it hurts. I couldn't hold it in any longer. Don't! Don't scream! That's just what he wants! Don't satisfy him. Too late, I thought. I opened my mouth and a blood curtailing scream was released. I swear I scared any living creature that was with two miles of us. When I was done I swore that there was a soft gleam of victory in his eyes.
Right then and there something clicked. I no longer could feel the pain. I was no longer fighting for breath, fighting the erg to pass out. It was like I just awoken from very deep slumber. M sight seemed so clear; I could hear and smell everything. At first I was excited but then became very scared and confused. What was happening? What would happen next? Will I become what he is? With my good hand I pushed off him with incredible strength. I looked at him scared. "What did you do to me?"
His face looked grim and slightly confused. "I did not know it would happen so quickly."
"What did you do to me?" I asked louder with panic.
He sighed. "You are going to have to come with us."
Us? Us who? Who else was there? I looked around the small clearing. Dark figures came out of the woods like shadows. They wore long black coats opened with black gloves, shirt, pants and sky masks. All boys by the looks of their chests. There were about five or six of them. Most of them had evil grins showing fangs.
I didn't know what to do. As soon as they came close I started punching out trying to hit nerve spots. I managed to hit a few but it seemed to do nothing. They grabbed my arms and legs, lifting me in the air with my back facing the ground. One of them pinched my butt. They all laughed when I flinched.
They bound my hands together and blind folded me as they slumped my tired body over one of their shoulders. It was a long hick trough the forest before I finally herd car starting. They stood me up and took off the blind fold. Throwing me in a secret compartment in the back of a van. I bumped around as we drove down the dirt road. A wile after getting on the tar road, tired I fell asleep.
When I woke I found myself on a bed in a nice room decorated in all red. I looked down at my hand to find it was all bandaged up. I stood and walked around to the foot of the bed to a chest labeled clothes. Inside lay three school uniforms. I knew they were a school uniforms because on the shirt in the top right was a stitching that said V.P.S high school. The shirt was red with a black collar. The skirt was black and went down to the knees. I put on one of the uniforms and went to the mirror over a dresser to look at myself. On the dresser was a piece of paper labeled rules.
Listed were: 1.No messing with the school uniform. 2. You must listen to your superiors 3. There will be no sexual harassment of any kind 3. No one is permitted to leave the school grounds 4. You must have a pass saying where you are going during class hours and during lights out 5.Long hair for girls must be braided.
I put the paper down a started braiding my blue dyed hair. I didn't know what else to do. I opened the dresser drawers to find them empty but for a small sticky note saying 'This dresser is for extra clothes of your belonging' Nice I don't always have to wear the uniform.
I looked over at the door as a head stuck in. "Come in." I said wondering if I had heard her knock or not. She was a petite girls with long brown hair braided, of course.
She skipped into the room a large smile on her pretty face. "Hello," She was way too peppy "I am Eliza, the school president. What's your name?" She held out her hand.
"I am Artemis. My care taker gave me the name after the Greek goddess of the hunt." With my good hand I grasped hers. "May I ask where I am?"
"We are at the V.P.S. High School. V.P.S. stands for Vampire Protection Society."
"I know about the High school but I want to know where the school is." I gave her a bored look.
She looked confused. "How do you know about the school? No one knows of it unless you are brought or..."
"Born here." I finished her sentence. "I was born here but at a young age my mother ran away with me. Growing up she told me of this place and how badly it treated her. Just a few years ago they found us. My mother told me to run and never look back. I ran for days without stopping finally when I came to a small town I moved into their motel and enrolled in their school. I worked for my room. The people were nice and would bring me there left over's of food." She sat on the bed listening intently. "After a year they came to that town. I was lucky that the people helped hide me. They stayed for a few days hoping I would come out of hiding. Three weeks went by." I looked at her and held up three fingers. "Three weeks. I thought I would never get out of that dark closet. But that wasn't the worst of it." I looked away shame faced "By the time I came out. They were dead. They all were dead. Drained or blood and life." I shivered. "It reeked of their corpses. On one of the bodies lay a note. It said 'Come to the edge of town by the river or else the rest of the people will have the same fate.'"
The girl leaned in. "Well, did you?
I shook my head. "No. My mother's voice echoed in my head 'Run and never look back.' To another town I ran to but this one was larger. This time I stayed in the woods. I enrolled in their school. This time though I did not make any friends till I thought it was safe. After a while I had made good friends I even got a boy friend." My face turned stone cold serious. "But that was a huge mistake. At first I was in love, but then he began to seem nervous. I got suspicious and did some research from the school network. His file was much like mine. It did not say where he came from or who his parents where. Just that he was in this school nothing else." My face turned grave. "One night we snuck out, like we had done many times before, but he took me very far in. He said he had a surprise for me. I put all my trust in him that night. But it was a trap and now I am here the next day."
She looked at me confused. "Why did you tell me this?"
I gave her a small smile. "We were once best friends, Eliza. I am surprised you don't remember me."


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