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Vagrant Wings

Novel By: The story

It was just an average day for Caspien but a sudden anommaly acours that will ignite the journey of a lifetime View table of contents...



Submitted:Jan 19, 2013    Reads: 11    Comments: 2    Likes: 3   

Chapter one:Let th games begin The city of Sanctum was in an uproar. Everyone that was everyone was at the Crux Stadium to watch a much loved game of Speedball. 250000 seats were full only a few were free. The players lined up ready to claim their victory of the night. Beeeeeeeeeeep The first round was in motion. Lights lit up as a glass rectangle box surrounded the players filling up the collosual stadium. A ball flew up from a hole in the floor. The game had begun... Caspien sat in the changing rooms watching the game from a Sphere. He smiled a little. 5 years and the Braska regens still stick with the same strategy. Caspien stretched and checked the clock. 5 minutes to go. The score was currently 3-1, The Cavaliers coming out on top. Swish. A ball hit the net. 'And it looks like the Cavaliers have taken the match, and the crowd is getting roused for the final game. Up next we have the 50 shades versus the Valients' The two teams stood either side of the rectangle pitch. A whistle blew and the rectangle pitch sprouted a reinforced glass box. The red light glowed. '3,2,1. Green light' The game had started. Caspien immidietly ran up the glass wall and jumped grabbing the ball before another player stole it. Caspien cursed for the bad luck. He gave chase and ran after it. Out of nowhere one of his team ran head onwards to the ball. He effeciantly swiped the ball and slid under the opposing players legs to throw it to Caspien. Suddenly a girl from the 50 shades jumped over him and took the ball. She ran pretty fast for her small size. The two defenders Yana and Rin steadied themselves and made a dash for the ball. Rin tackled but the girl flipped over her and to unfortunatly meet with Yana who forcfully snatched the ball. He dropped and kicked it to Minx, who caught it and charged to the enemies net. The first defender (a big ugly brute who proberbly hadnt had a bath in a year or so) grabbed him by the legs and forced him over. Minx in one last attempt threw it to Caspien, who was conveniantly close by to the net. Caspien ran up the wall and jumped to grab the ball when suddenly he was hit by a force so hard that he was slammed into the wall and was out cold...


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