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Moon Warrior: New Moon (book 1)

Novel By: TheCrimsonMusketeer

Draco Arbiter Faarkus The third thought he was normal despite the fact he was only fifteen and allowed to live on his own in his parents house after they passed. Yet, he always had his ferret, snickers, with him. The chocolate colored gift from his father and mother for his first birthday. The only memory of them he had, but something he deemed as an interesting responsibility and memory gives him a trip in the night he'll never forget.
[The idea of this story is completely from my imagination as far as I know. There may be likenesses to other gods' names or to other persons. All likenesses to persons dead of alive are accidental. Editing and typing was not only provided by me but by two of my friends; Tavion Barrow and Ryan O'Sako, who wished to be recognized. Enjoy and i would appreciate criticism. View table of contents...


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I just finished my morning coffee, reading the paper, just funnies. I put the rest down in the bottom of my ferret's cage, under the bedding. Snickers has always been with me, ever since I was five, He almost acted human, listening when I talked to him, laying in my bed instead of his cage, always present, always aware. Yet today, he seemed a little… no, a lot off. His normally moon silver eyes now crimson red, his normally steady heart beat now faster than a rabbit's. His normally steady gaze, turned hypnotic, as if dazed by the air in front of him.

At first glance I was a little worried, then after a while, thought nothing of it. Well, that was until he morphed into an elegant Amazon warrior. She was beautiful… like the way a beautifully crafted sword is deadly and yet attractive. She wore light armor the color of snicker's fur, she had twin katanas on one hip, an axe on her other, a large quiver on her back, and a bow that was weirdly glowing sort of, wait no it was glowing because it was made of pure crimson energy, every once in awhile it became an obsidian black color…

"NO, NO, NO!!" she yelled " they've found him"

"Found who?" I asked, and in that instant, I regretted it, because just as she turned to address me, five very inhuman creatures crashed through my ceiling. They had hind legs like wolfs, with rough, blood-caked fur. There furry torsos very muscular, and chiseled. They had warped almost unrecognizable faces with the resemblances of animals. Seconds later snickers attacked them with volley after volley before volley of arrows, letting five or six go at once, each time being replaced by arrows that seemed to appear in her quiver out of nowhere.


"Oh no, NO, NO!" an arrow protruded from the wall behind the broken vase that once stood there.
"HEY!! Snickers or whoever you are! Watch what you're doing!!"

"Sorry, my hand slipped. I usually don't miss"

Her voice was soft and smooth, yet stern.

"I'll just use Chain and Lilith, shouldn't be much of a problem" When she unsheathed the twin blades I was in awe, she'd already killed two of the monsters, the others cowering behind my furniture as shields, but when she equipped the matching elegant blades, I knew it " wouldn't be a problem."


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