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Only Time Will Tell

Novel By: thefarbeyond

"Only Time Will Tell" what path I will take, It all started on that night, I don't know why he did it, but I will get my revenge for it, he will pay for the pain he caused.
Okay not sure if that was any good but let me know what you think of the story, there will be some foul language just so you know it shouldn't be very bad but still, PLEASE REVIEW! if your going to read this please read the WHOLE thing!. Hey just so you know I will not be posting this, I am finishing it I just don't think I will post anymore of the story!
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The Night That Will Not be Forgotten


It was cold that night, cold enough to snow. All of a sudden, a loud cry was heard throughout the forest. "Seraha! No! Let her go, Erebus!" I yelled.
"Hahahahahahahaha! and why should I? What will you do, BITE ME?" he mocked.

"Aurik, (cough) it's all right; I'll be okay (cough). I promise. Do not forget; you must move on, do not dwell. Promise me this," she said in her last few breaths.
As I stood next to her, I said, "Seraha, I-I promise."
"Good I'm glad," she said with a smile.

She took her last breath and turned to dust. As I watched, shock began to take over. I had lost her - truly lost her - the one thing that kept me going. What was I going to do now? The question rang over and over in my head.

My head hung low. Everything that had happened began to sink in. I slowly began to succumb to my anger. I was about to go rip his head off, but what stopped me I do not know. There was a force holding me, preventing me from making the same mistake - the same one someone else had made (I do not know how I even know someone else made that mistake). I do not know; all I know is it was probably for the best because it allowed me to make a sane decision; although, I would not say I was completely sane, even then.

It was dark: there was no light.

"You FOOL!" he mocked.

I stared on, in anger, in shock, in horror.

"Did you really think I would let YOU have the ONE thing I could not? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Do not think so little of me. I am not so kind. Though, you should have known that," he said, mockingly.
As my anger rose I growled, "Why, WHY! Sareha...she didn't deserve it. Why?" I asked him over and over, but I got no reply.

"Why?" he asked me mockingly. "Oh dear Aurik. Do you not understand?"
"No, I don't, Erebus. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!" I yelled at him; the anger beginning to blind me.
"Oh, but you see - you do know! You just don't remember."
"YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! You damn fool," I said to him, "you can not win; you have never beaten me." I latched my large fangs into his right side, leaving a nasty mark, but it would leave no scar.
"YOU WILL REGRET THIS!" he yelled at me.

As he turned around to leave, I shouted, "NO! YOU WILL REGRET KILLING HER! I WILL GET MY REVENGE ON YOU, I SWEAR IT!" I yelled with a fierceness I had long since forgotten I had. I then began my walk back home, the mountains and forests surrounded me. I could barely see. I would grieve for only a short while, but I would get my revenge. I swear it on my mothers word: I will kill him for what he's done. I silently swore to myself as the darkness enveloped me. I knew I would not make it back to the den because I was far too tired. As I slowly fell into nothingness, I swore I had heard her. She had said one last thing to me, but I'm not sure what it was. Something about do not fret, for I will be fine. But I could not make out the words. As I finally let the darkness take me, I heard the wind whisper to me to not forget but to not hold, for it would be alright. Time tells for everyone and so time would tell for me as well.


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