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Chocolate And Blood Inc.

Novel By: TheManWithManyWalls

Prudence, a normal girl is plunged into a world she never could have imagined as she is attacked, her only sanction, a chocolate factory that does a lot more than make chocolate. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 29, 2009    Reads: 121    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

-Chocolate And Blood-

The coffee was cold as they sat in the car, flicking through the radio stations he couldn't seem to decide what to settle for; a modern variety of innuendo infested music, depressing country, repetitive 'classic' rock or classical music. Finding it more pleasurable to simply go through the stations with no intent on choosing he yawned loudly, "What if Ostramio is wrong?"

Shaking his head he slapped his hand, ignoring his partner as he stuck out his tongue and made a funny face, "Act your age Sisyphus, if Ostramio says this child is…" He stopped as something caught their attention, the lights at the entrance turned on automatically as they caught motion, yet whoever had triggered them was out of sight.

Sighing in annoyance Sisyphus chuckled as his partner grabbed his red trench coat from the back of the Oldsmobile, "What if it's just faulty wiring… or a nimble cat? Seriously Siegfried, you know how much paperwork is involved if we get spotted by one of the Normals…"

Seeing the determination in his face Sisyphus gave in, grabbing his flame blue trench coat as they stepped out of the car. Slipping his coat on Siegfried took the lead, looking around attentively, "I hope you're right old man, it's cold out."

Ignoring Sisyphus he put his hand up, the sound of a window breaking turning them both into full alert, "Take the back Sisyphus, I'll take the front." Cracking his neck he drew his berretta, quietly sneaking around to the back of the house. Returning his attention to the house Siegfried walked up to the door, placing his palm against the door he tried the handle, finding it locked.

He jumped, startled as his cell phone vibrated in his pocket, "Who is it?" Pulling the pickpocket set out of his pocket he thanked the gods for Bluetooth, now having both hands free for the meticulous work, "It's Sisyphus of course, no sign of an intruder, I swear the house is as boring as a g-rated movie."

Siegfried couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong that night however, despite his partner's reassurance, "I just got a gut feeling, trust me." Unlocking the door he opened the door silently, "I'm hanging up, meet me at the front entrance."

Hanging up the phone he stepped in, no alarm system of any kind, if only these people knew the potential importance of the child they sheltered. Closing the door he jumped as he felt something tap on his shoulder, dagger already out he sighed in relief as he realized it was Sisyphus, "Kill me already why don't ya, bloody hell!"

Looking around Siegfried tried to identify the feeling, he'd felt the same way moments before nearly every attack in the past; a warrior's instinct couldn't be ignored, Sisyphus couldn't understand being a thief by trade, "Well Siegfried, are you satisfied yet?"

Walking softly on the beige carpeted floor he scanned over the small living room with his eyes, "Fine, one more sweep of the house and you can return and switch radio stations all night if you want… just bear with me."

Looking hesitantly Sisyphus shook his head, "One more round, then I don't care what you do old man, I'm going to sit in the car." Not even a breath passed after he uttered his words that the sound of a creaking step drew their attention. Muttering a swear under his breath he motioned for Siegfried to back off, steps growing nearer.

Stepping aside he peeked around the corner as the girl's father walked into sight, dressed in boxers, exposing his full stomach. Waiting patiently he listened as the man walked to the fridge, then he suddenly went completely silent, frowning Sisyphus moved in to investigate.

Splitting up Siegfried crept up the stairs, whatever danger was coming down was coming down now, he had to protect the girl at all cost. Spotting the blue door with the name Prudence written in sparkly letters he opened the door, finding her sleeping silently in her bed. All his suspicions were confirmed as a stray gunshot broke the silence of the night, hiding himself quickly in the closet Prudence jolted into wakefulness.

Her mother quickly ran into the room, "What's going on mommy… what was that loud noise?" Before she could answer strange footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs, the time of guarding from the darkness was over. Stepping out they both yelped in surprise and fear, Siegfried put his finger to his mouth, "I'm here to save you."

Not completely certain they had no time to doubt him as the door burst open and there stood a man in black. Wrist daggers protruding he looked Siegfried over with his masked face, "Move aside Tuebor, I have already dispatched of your partner."

The sound of chuckling came from behind the attacker, forcing him into the room as Sisyphus kept his gun at his head, "Not so much bub…" Looking past him he signalled for Siegfried's attention, "What do we do now? We can't wipe their memory, the man was murdered, no false memory can cover that up."

Casually squeezing the trigger the shot rang through the room, attacker falling to the ground dead as Prudence and her mother gasped in shock, "He… that man killed him mommy! That baaaad!"

Winking Sisyphus smiled, "You are very much welcome Prudence…" He was right of course, they had seen too much now to simply return to their spy from the shadows approach, they'd have to report the events to the rest of the Tuebor.

Cracking his neck he swore under his breath, "We need to get them in the car, maybe they'll be safe at the factory…" Siegfried gave him a scowling look, hoping it was a cruel joke yet seeing he meant it, "We can't bring Normals to the factory, the grand master will have our heads."

Shrugging his shoulders hopelessly he turned, "Fine! They're going to send more and I'm not dying for her, I will leave you to die Siegfried, it is not below me." Yet again he was right, the situation had grown so much more complicated so much faster; to risk breaking the law to save a life, the life of a normal that might not even be what she was rumoured to be.

Thinking things over he looked outside the window in deep thought, "Isn't there some other way to protect them, if the Tuebor get their way these Normals will be in as much danger as if they'd been taken by this assassin."

Groaning in impatience Sisyphus stepped out over the broken door, "I'm going to my car and driving to the factory, with or without you and Prudence, her death is no skin off my back, I don't believe in fate."

The factory was a dangerous place, only the desperate lived there, no place for a Normal to live. Running out he was about to try to get Sisyphus' attention but found him awaiting, arms crossed, " I have a way, just wait in the car, we'll be there."

Smirking smugly he walked off, "Make it snappy, I don't want to be around when other assassins come to finish the job." Walking down the stairs Siegfried turned back to the mother and child, wondering why he'd been posted with such a callous partner; despite his personality flaws he was good in heart.

They were confused and scared out of their wits, mother brushing her hair as she looked up at him, "What is going on here? What makes you think you can bring my daughter anywhere? What is the factory?"

Not certain how to explain such complex of a situation to a Normal he exhaled in a hopeless manner, "Your daughter is in danger, no one of your likes can defend her anymore, I can defend you and your daughter but it will require great sacrifice on your part, I'll explain in greater detail later but we must leave now."

She looked into his eyes, the sincerity and passion he'd devoted to the mission evident, she smiled meekly, getting to her feet with Prudence in her arms, "Lets go then." Nodding they moved swiftly, running down the stairs and out of the house where Sisyphus awaited, car already running.

Getting them both in the backseat he sat in the front, closing the door as Sisyphus started to drive, "Why is the woman here? The order says protect the child…" Nodding Siegfried cut in, "Whom better to protect a child than a mother, they will be in my trust, no worries, you can return to your ordinary selfish life and never worry of this again."

Looking at him he shook his head bemusedly, "I've heard that before, I just want to know, how deep are we in this shit pit you got us stuck in?" Siegfried glanced back at Prudence, hoping she hadn't heard the vulgar language, he wanted to keep her as pure as possible.

She was deep asleep, as was the mother, "You really don't understand Sisyphus…" Stopping at a red light he sighed, "Then make me understand old man, why am I putting my ass on the line for a Normal?"

He had promised Ostramio to keep the information a secret, but he also needed his partner on his side, "I'll do whatever you ask of me but I cannot tell you why she is so important, name your price and I will guarantee you get it."

Turning green he made a left turn, "You owe me a favour Siegfried, and no matter the time or the favour, you will grant it, understood?" Knowing the likes of Sisyphus accepting such an offer could be the biggest mistake of his life, but the life of Prudence far outweighed his own, "Agreed, now we get her to the factory."









-Siegfried's POV-


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