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Eradonia: The Fall

Novel By: TheManWithManyWalls

I would give the info but it would sound cliche, so I'll let you read it, lol, and find out for yourself. Warning do, blood, violence, dark themes, coarse language, sexual scenes, inuendos, nudity and horrific scenes of torture and death, warning enough for ya? View table of contents...


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The sun shone with vibrant heat, illuminating the world beneath it with regal brightness. The sweet hymns of singing birds in the forest combined with the sun's omnipotent power giving the day a very poetic feel.

Spring, without a doubt the most beautiful part of the year throughout all of Eradonia, the air crisp with newness like a newly harvested apple. Spring was the time where the birth of great things was prominent, as well as the birth of great evil.

The gentle caressing sense of peace extended everywhere, stretching over the old rugged path funnelling through the forest. The path sparsely used, covered with potholes and bumps. Breathing in the tranquility a small brown hare hopped along, sniffing into the air.

So unaware of the danger it was in, the fox stalked it as it traveled along the path. Picturing the meal to come, as it readied itself to pounce on the inferior hare. The silence was abruptly broken as an entire troupe of carriages crossed its path, scaring the hare away as it caused quite a bit of commotion.

The troupe was the royal protection for the Monarchy itself, five carriages in total now riding along the path rarely used even by the most rugged merchants, and even those foolish merchants stupid enough to use such routes only did so in the most dire needs.

The royal carriages were designed for paved roads, they found themselves facing great difficulties on this path that was far from the safety protocols the King demanded in all major towns and highways.

However, what the road lacked in safety and comfort ride it exceeded in the fact it offered unhindered travel from the constant traffic on the main roads. Permitting for more speed but most importantly, it offered the secrecy the travellers sought after, for keeping such a large regiment secret was no simple task.

The path they chose led directly to a small merchant outpost with no need for surveillance and lest likely to get spotted by Coronian spies, but their destination was not the merchant outpost. There was a secret offshoot sprouting away from the merchant outpost and directly inside the secret entrance of the castle.

Four of the carriages were purely military, each containing ten elite bodyguards. However the only important carriage was the middle one, the Royal carriage itself. It beat the other carriages in its shear grandeur and regality, pulled by the best white stallions of the Royal stables.

However it was the least peaceful of all carriages, and soon there would be no peace at all. The interior was a magnificent royal blue. Against one wall was a bed made of the most expensive silk in the known world.

Upon the bed laid Queen Tania, panting hard in pure exhaustion for she could give birth at any given moment. Sitting beside her sat her loving husband and strict King of the Royal Kingdom, King Ralph.

He held her hand in a comforting manner, because despite his grand speeches to his Kingdom and allies. Despite his smooth tongue that had swayed oh so many clans unto his side, he could not find a single vowel that could comfort her.

On the opposite wall was a cushioned seat of the same silky material where the most loyal bodyguards sat in obvious discomfort. Veterans of many campaigns they had witnessed soldiers fall in ferocious battles, arrows in their eyes and much worse sights yet.

Yet to witness their all mighty monarchs, the ones they associated nothing but power crying like petty commoners. They were shaken out of this daze as a shout was heard from one of the lead soldiers, " Ambush! Take defensive positions!"

The grand total of forty bodyguards got into their defensive positions around the middle carriage, swords drawn and shields held up at the ready. The anticipation of the attack to come was overwhelming, sweating with dread knowing full well the most likely outcome of the battle to come.

Then they came out, the Coronian assassins began their attack, their attempt on the life of the Queen. Every assassin adorned in black leather for armour, not as thick as the bodyguards' chain mail but it offered protection and mobility.

Armed with long assassin blades, hilts decorated with beautiful and at the same time, menacing patterns. The ends forming the Coronian Empire's symbol, the open mouthed cobra.

They moved fluidly, running fearlessly into the attack. Swords clashed together in a loud metallic clang, bodyguards fighting fiercely to hold them back and the Coronian assassins fighting just as hard to quench that defence.

The elites kept them at bay, even as the assassins piled up more kept on coming. Suddenly the sky began to be filled with mysterious black swirling clouds, the sun blotted out as the supernatural storm began to take birth.

The winds picked at an incredible pace, making the carriages rock in their sturdy frames. Rain began to pour hard upon the ground, lighting and thunder quickly joining into the orchestra of elemental prowess.

As the storm found itself in its full power the sound of fighting was finally gone, the assassins had withdrawn just as swiftly as the clouds had rolled in. All their years of training to become the most elite and coveted soldiers in the Royal Kingdom had been a waste of time.

Reforming their defences, tired but even more determined to fight a lone Coronian assassin emerged from the woods. Although he was alone he was much more menacing than all the others put together.

Standing an entire seven feet tall he was adorned in steel chain mail armour with heavy leather brigadine over the top for better protection, upon it the sign of the Coronian Empire.

His helm was a marvel on its own, more of a mask than anything else they could imagine. The front was a moon mask made of unknown metals acting as a mirror showing them their fears.

The lone assassin's eyes glowed yellow through the eyeholes, drawing two falcata blades he spoke in a deceptively civilized voice, " Whomsoever is in charge of this group of so called elites, if you and your men surrender your weapons and walk away I shall have the Queen and be on my merry way. No more assassins remain, no one will stop you."

Some guards looked ready to take the offer, armour emitting a rattling noise, getting heavier as the heavy downpour assaulted the chain mail links. They were evidently willing to die defending the Queen, defending a mission they knew nothing about, and so they would.

The assassin quickly moved into action, ducking and jumping over the first attacks, his swords swirled rapidly as he retaliated their attacks with incredible ease, in less than a minute all the remaining bodyguards were dead. The assassin looked over the work he had done, turning to the carriage, determined on accomplishing the mission.

The sudden silence following the sound of slashing and metal colliding with metal sent chills down the King's spine, what had started as an exceptional day for traveling in secret had become a veritable hell on earth.

He turned to his guards, motioning for them to investigate. Although by this time even these two battle hardened veterans were a little shaky as they opened the door to investigate. Walking out they looked in horror at the scene before them, looking up to see a lone assassin.

The King was unaware of this, a minute later two blood curdling screams of intense pain were heard, followed by a strong clap of thunder and rain pounding furiously like fists upon a canvas drum.

The King reluctantly pulled out his dagger, gazing back at his beautiful wife breathing deeply, as his hand rested on the cold golden handle. This would most certainly be the last time he would ever see his beloved wife, returning to her side, kissing her on the cheek he opened the door and stepped unto the dark open path.

Lightning flashed, illuminating his dark surroundings. Before him he gaped in horror at the sight of his soldiers piled on top of each other, blood pooling beneath them and standing in front of the corpses stood the killer himself. The assassin that would in turn kill them all if he wasn't stopped, standing an outlandish seven feet tall with the most ornate armour any Coronian assassin he had ever seen.

Although he could not see his face Ralph knew this assassin was most likely grinning as he spoke in a cynically bemused voice, " King Ralph in the flesh, it is not an honour to finally meet you close up. Here's the deal bucko… you hand over your dearly beloved and I swear on my life… if you can call it that… that your death will be the swiftest and most painless death ever to be delivered from these blades, however…"

In mid sentence a blue lightning bolt unlike anything he had ever seen struck the assassin in the side, sending him spiralling against an old pine tree, the mere impact snapping it in two like a dead twig.

Groaning in pain the assassin lifted the half of the tree that had landed upon him, slowly rising to his feet he swept the shards off his armour and looked up to face his attacker. Facing him was a wizard of potent power garbed in a red robe with golden dragons embroidered on the bottom.

In the newly formed darkness his hair seemed grey, flying in the wind, one eye glistening silver as a thin beam of sun peeked through the clouds. An eye patch covered the other eye; he leaned on his solid oak staff.

The assassin said in the same coy voice with a hint of malice, " Tyro, not that I don't enjoy your company… but for this one time can you just sit this one out and let me do the bad guy stuff?"

Hefting the half of the trunk he cracked his neck, " tag, you're it" Without hesitation he threw it to Tyronis like a spear, soaring through the air, spinning and cutting through the heavy rains and defeating gravity itself as it neared its mark.

Without even a single motion the tree suddenly went completely immobile, mere inches away from his face. Floating peacefully Tyronis looked on the side of the tree, smirking at the assassin as he sent it flying back at him with tenfold the speed.

Matching the velocity the assassin blurred into motion, jumping on the log he ran along with catlike balance even as it flew toward he had had previously stood. Plunging one of the swords in the middle, going through and through, cutting it in half.

The trunk split and landed hard upon the ground, sending a large cloud of dust into the air. As the rain Tyronis was surprised to see Ares, standing in between both halves with his arms, cleared the haze of the dust away crossed.

Grabbing both halves, one end in each hand he swung them forward, smashing them against the wizard with brute force. Shattering the wood into a million shards upon impact with the shield, large shards flying in all directions.

After a moment of pause he looked over the mess, looking up there was a maniacal look in the assassin's eyes, a profound and pure hatred. He charged the wizard with the bloodlust not even seen in entire armies, only to collide with the very same shield.

The assassin flew head first into the ground, forming a muddy ditch upon impact as he slid against the soft soil. In that moment Tyronis caught a quick glimpse of the assassin's face as the mask now laid a foot away dirtied by mud.

The moment he laid eyes on that face he recognized the assassin, the simple fact of seeing him was a shock for he didn't know how it was even possible for him to be there, unless Celestria had succeeded.

The assassin quickly grabbed the mask, placing it back on his face, the mirror effect dirtied by bloodied mud. Jumping to his feet he chuckled, " Ouch, that my little itty bitty wizard was the last straw, you're going to die for that one."

Sheathing his falcata blade he placed both hands in front of his chest facing each other, preparing for one of the dark magic spells he had learnt from the stolen forbidden manuscripts.

As a shadow ball began to form in the middle of the empty air between his hands, growing in size and intensity with every minute Tyronis created a powerful gust of wind stronger than any natural wind. Taking the form of a whirlwind it snatched the assassin, carrying him far from the carriages.

Tyronis looked where the assassin had stood, never in his life had he expected to see his face again and yet there he had stood, more powerful than he ever could have imagined. He had left him in his grave; it was customary after all for corpses to stay buried.

Despite the surprise part of him had known this was inevitable, Celestria had evidently lied about her failure. He walked to the horses and released them from their bondage, whispering something into their ears they all ran directly to the Royal Stables, their home.

Turning he was about to congratulate the King on his bravery and scold him for his idiocy only to find him dying beyond his healing powers in his own puddle of blood and gore.

When the shrapnel of the tree had exploded, they had been moving at velocities much greater than the norm, and they had gone everywhere. The King had taken a multiple amount of them, all nearly killing them but nature had much more sinister plans for him for he was not dead but he was beyond the hope of being saved.

Tyronis did not wish to interfere with nature however, he had bigger matters to attend to, a long and painful death it would be. Stepping into the Royal Carriage he seen the Queen, panting in pain on the bed, bed soaked as her water had broken and she was ready to go into labour.

Mustering all his power Tyronis held her hand gently, teleporting them both to a safe location, leaving the carriage on the deserted path, to think the day had began nice and sunny.


Flustered in anger by the whirlwind summoned by Tyronis the bastard wizard, the assassin looked over the dead scene where the carriages remained. It stood solemnly in the middle of the military carriages, storm still blaring about him.

Rushing over to it he flung the door open eagerly, sending it off its hinges. The carriage however was vacant; bed still warm and dripping acting as a taunt that he had just missed them. There was not but a chest filled with gold, food of the highest quality and other regal quality materials.

The other carriages carried not but soldier uniforms and weapons, beginning to lose his cool he looked over the bloodied corpses, noticing the King panting heavily in pain propped with his back against the carriage.

Looking him over he lifted him by a shard stabbed into his right shoulder, " Its ironic that your death will finally make you understand the pain your mother went through to give you life." Lifting him over his head he screamed a demonic curse skyward, his voice overpowering the strong turbulent noise of the pouring rain and thunder.

Without hesitation he slowly pulled both ends apart, tearing the King in two, ending his life and his reign in less than a minute, the sound of bones snapping resounding loudly, the blood raining down upon the assassin.

Throwing both halves in opposite directions; suddenly he was gripped with extreme pain of his own, falling to his knees. A voice of pure malice filled his head, blocking all other sounds, " Assassin, you have failed me, why!"

The assassin retorted painfully, " Its not like I purposely failed, my brother was here…" gasping for air he continued, " He is masterfully learnt in the dark arts my liege…" Another ripple of shearing pain travelled across his body, making him howler in pain, " He must have teleported Queen Tania away!"

The voice left for a moment, then the assassin gripped his chest as a wide gash began to form on the left side of his torso. The affliction, bleeding tremendously originated from the top of his chest, descending down to his stomach, wincing in pain he screamed thunderously.

The voice returned, " This scar shall serve as a reminder of what happens when you fail your Emperor. The pain with it shall endure the remainder of your unnatural life under my command. Now I am sending Lord Krale to replace you, he will now be in command of the entire operation."

" He will train you in the dark arts and you are to obey his every order. With his guidance you will become stronger, possibly rivalling Tyronis the keen wizard. Take the corpses and military supplies and load them into a carriage, bring them to the Beta camp, we may find uses for them yet."

The voice gone, leaving him with a numbing voice he walked over to the leader of the Coronian wizards, still feeding the storm with all their mana, " You good for nothing wizards, he got away so cease this storm conjuring or face the rage of my blades."

Everything ridiculously crammed in the lead carriage Ares made sure to take further advantage, burying the gold he joined the lead wizard on the carriage. Raising his hands he summoned two skeletal creatures to take stead of the mighty stallions.

He had returned to his psychotic joviality, the pain was constant but he had suffered such pain since he was but an infant torn away from his family. Jumping off the carriage he walked behind the carriage as it sped away, enjoying the warmth of the sun as it dried his armour from the heavy downpour.

The ground already dry and permanently stained, he walked peacefully on the path, he was in no rush to meet this Lord Krale. Ares was no mere soldier to be ordered about by a Lord, but the Emperor seen this as the worse possible punishment. He would concern himself with that once he arrived to the cavern of souls.


She awoke in a large bed made of hay; sweating profusely she remembered vaguely the events of the previous night. The only indication that she had given birth was the sight of two babies placed safely on a marble pedestal.

Wrapped in silk blankets to keep them comfortable, blankets bearing the International Council of Wizards; a golden dragon's head. A wise and comforting voice came from the doorway, " In case you are wondering your Royal Highness the birth was a complete success, you may now officially be titled mother of twins, son and daughter."

How ironic, Ralph had wanted a boy desperately so he could have an heir and yet she herself had wanted a daughter, she had gotten both. The wizard walked into the room, she remembered seeing him through one of the holes formed in the carriage by those shards of wood that had punctured the walls.

In the darkness it had been difficult to see his features clearly but in the light it was evident he was pale skinned, for mastering magic was no easy task. It was quite impossible to judge his true age and she had prided herself for that gift, he looked like he was in his thirties and yet something about him made him much older.

His seemingly dull grey hair was actually lustrous silver that flowed down to his shoulders, his silver eye reflected the light giving him a magical allure, one might even go to the extreme of demi god.

He resumed talking, " The International Council of Wizards of the Capital City of Tronabia have assigned me to protect your children. Based on these past events I now deem it necessary that your children shall not be raised by you or anyone of your castle, but in another village…"

Before he could explain further she screamed in a mother's protective rage, " After all I have been through, you take them away! Do I not have the right as their mother and as the Queen of these lands to keep my beautiful children! They are mine!"

Nodding in grim understanding he answered in a voice as soothing as he could muster, " I understand your rage your Royal Highness, you have every right to be angry at me this moment. Just as you have every right to raise and love your children."

"Under normal circumstances I am certain you would raise them to be virtuous leaders who would bring many more years of peace to the lands, but it cannot be for a high ranking assassin will be anticipating such a thing."

"He is most likely busy himself but the castle will be under close surveillance from Coronian Special Forces. It matters not who is watching, your children are not safe there, I'm sorry."

Having calmed down considerably since her initial outburst she asked in the tone she used on so many diplomatic meetings, " But surely you are mistaken, could we not protect them. My husband commands the mightiest of all armies, is it not an acceptable risk?"

Despite the fact the King was dead a thought such as that one had crossed his mind. Such precautions would have sufficed for ordinary royalty but these were far too important, too many unpredictable events were possible.

He answered solemnly, " Alas that is not possible your Highness, the dangerous assassin of which I spoke of murdered your husband in cold blood. And as far as your military is concerned, he alone managed to dispatch most of that group of elites."

"You do not comprehend the importance of your children, their destiny is greater than any of us and they must both be kept out of Coronian hands at all cost." He paused for a moment, the importance of his words made so evident by his facial expressions.

" If even one of them falls into the Coronian's grasp, the future of the world as we know it will be condemned to long periods of suffering, many will die and the everything as we know it shall change."

" I cannot even risk teleporting them as I did with yourself. We're lucky no one tracked us here, although the possibility we were detected is likely. Alas I can no longer risk such magic for I am exhausted and I also sense a more powerful magical presence, more powerful than my own."

"This power would track us down and assassins would reign down upon us, not even I could fend them off if that were to happen." This was a lot to take in, slowly getting to her feet, exhausted from the tiring ordeal of giving birth to two plump twins. Her children laid there innocently, it was hard to believe they were to do something that would save them all.

Putting his hand in a comforting manner on her shoulder he smiled, " Name your children, you deserve that right at least before we make route." She felt like falling apart, everything that had driven her was torn out.

Her husband dead and the Coronian Empire clan of cutthroats with the ruthless assassin now hunting down her children who were destined for greatness, she understood the separation was for their own safety.

Composing herself she named her children, her son was to be called Adonis and her daughter Jolene. Kissing them on their foreheads Tyronis handed over a soldier's uniform, " I'm afraid I have to give you a haircut."


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