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Never Trust A Ninja

Novel By: TheManWithManyWalls

Mavrius, a genius in the world of ninja... the only question is what side is he really on? View table of contents...


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The Assassination Plot

The crickets churned loudly in the small courtyard pond; the full moon looming over the world, accompanied by a gentle breeze. The sentries had anticipated an easy night as usual, the truth was no one would dare infiltrate Tronalbia so deeply.

The guard stood at the window; looking over the courtyard as the invisible thread descended, loop around his neck it pulled up. Hands going up to his throat he struggled fruitlessly as his neck broke; pulling him on the rooftop Elisia hid the body, rappelling down the wall where the guard had stood.

She slid the window up soundlessly; stopping as one inch gap was made as she carefully felt inside the gap. As she had suspected a trip wire was set, if triggered she had no doubt the whole security task force would converge on her location before she could even react.

Reaching into her pocket she drew a small knife; she knew a sentry was going to pass any minute but she didn't feel nervous. Cutting the wire delicately she waited 10 seconds as no alarms went off, placing the knife back she opened the window halfway, sneaking in as she closed it behind her and ducked, sentry guard walking by where she had stood.

As she crouched in the small janitor's closet she hoped the new technology would work; the best alchemists bragged that it was invisible to the naked eye even in the slightest of shadows. The technology was going to be put to the test as the door unexpectedly began to open.

Remaining as still as a statue she watched as the janitor walked in mere inches from where she stood; hoping not to have to kill him but ready to do so in an instant as her hand rested upon the small knife. The stench of his cologne clung to him like an unwanted tick, whistling in a deep, off-tune voice he grabbed a wrench and walked out as though she hadn't even been there.

The mission was simple; General Markal knew a secret that Master Azmar's superiors didn't want anyone to know about, Elisia was Azmar's apprentice and in a total moment of laziness he had sent her to deal with his mission, claiming it to be a training exercise.

Her contact had assured her that he would give her a large enough distraction that would at least leave her a half-hour window of opportunity. She couldn't help but smile, wondering what possibly might be important enough to draw away the guards from an important warrior; hospital alarms went off giving her the answer.

Chimes resounded as the multitude of armed warriors rushed out to protect their dearly beloved Emperor; walking out she soon found herself in front of the room, this would be by far the easiest mission yet. Sliding the door open quietly she seen her target; laying in bed in his wrappings.

Letting the stiletto slide out of her sleeve she walked over to the side of the bed; eying him she smiled in victory, "Looks like the world will never know of the secrets of the great and mighty Markal."

Slowly descending the blade to his neck she stopped in surprise as she felt a slight prickling sensation on her leg. Looking down she swore under her breath as a small toothpick stuck laid by her foot, a bit of her blood on the tip; effects of whatever poison was on it kicking in instantly as she staggered backwards into a chair as her target sat up.

Pulling his wrappings off she realized, in her near unconscious state that she had fallen for the oldest trick in the book; they had switched patients, she should have seen that coming. In the general's place sat a man looking to be in his 20s; rough stubble on his face, scarred with a face that both said he was young yet probably more experienced than General she had come to assassinate. Standing over her he grinned largely, brushing his fingers through his spiky blue hair as he winked; his grey eyes meeting hers, "Idiot."


He crossed his leg, playing with his yoyo as the chief of security glowered at him in pure rage; pounding his fist against the desk, "You kidnapped a high-ranking tribe hero, stowed him in a morgue, took his place and even kept information regarding an attempt on the Emperor's life."

Cracking his neck Mavrius spun the yoyo like a tornado, migraine already at its peak, bright sun and screaming not helping in the least, "I'm sitting right in front of you with the biggest hangover of life so shush. Now let me correct you... I relocated a high-ranking tribe hero to the morgue where it would like the least likely place to hide such a hero."

Pocketing the yoyo he grabbed a pear from the fruit bowl on the desk, "Then I made it seem like he had tactical information regarding the infamous Styx Ninja Assassination Group and they took the bait. I fed them genuine information to infiltrate the compound and even provided a distraction by hiring a homeless kid to shoot at the Emperor's window with the sling I had bought for him."

Finishing the pear in two bites he tossed the core back over his shoulder; missing the garbage as it landed on the head of one of the guards at the door, "Distraction set, guards move and assassins make their move and there I am... that my young chief of security is how the fortune cookie crumbles. Plus, it will look better on the report this way, you know how the Board of Tribal Defence loves fancy detailed descriptions that makes us look so superior."

Smoking in inhibited rage he paced back and forth behind his desk, "Damn it Mavrius! Why the hell would you not tell me, I am the chief of security! We could have collaborated with you and..." Putting his finger up Mavrius interrupted, "Wrong again, the moment SNAG spotted any irregularity they would pull out and the gig would be FUBAR, get my drift?"

Stopping he leaned on the desk, "The way I look at it you orchestrated the assassination of a hero, you're involved in the assault of the Emperor and defied security protocols." Turning to the guards he finished, "Bring this traitor to the dungeon."


She had been awake for 2 hours yet those hours had been more painful than all her training together; whatever had been injected into her must have been potent. The migraine pulsated as she leaned her head against the cold cement wall.

Locks churning open she sighed, anticipating the torture session to begin but surprised as instead they led in a new prisoner; the very man that had knocked her out cold, surrounded by 6 heavily armed elites.

Two of them sporting broken noses and another with a black eye; opening the cell beside her he was kicked in shackles still on. Slamming the cell door shut the guard with the black eye spat in his face, "Enjoy your new accommodations Mavrius."

Laughing arrogantly they walked out, leaving no guards in the cell room as Elisia looked him over with curiosity. Eyes meeting hers he smiled as he worded the very question going through her head, "Why? The big cheese in charge of security screwed up royally and needed someone to pin it on; my improvisations gave him exactly what he needed."

She couldn't help but shake her head, people accused SNAG of being twisted yet in her point of view what was more twisted than a man getting arrested for doing his job better than expected of him? If he had worked for SNAG he would have been rewarded for his resourcefulness.

Rising to her feet she leaned against the bars, "You look as bad as I feel migraine?" Nodding in grim acknowledgment he chuckled, "It's homemade, I had to test it so I used it on myself except I put too much scorilion in my first dose. That was a week ago; it made my hair turn blue but no worries, your hair will remain the same and the migraine will leave within the hour... I think."

The word resourceful was proving to be an understatement for Mavrius; a product of working for an organisation with too many rules. They had banished the use of all poisons and sedations she had made his own, "So you're saying you might suffer migraine for the rest of your life yet still get tossed in jail?"

Rubbing his forehead he winked playfully, "Isn't that how things work where you come from? I mean come on... of course I get tossed in jail, he can now claim he didn't have his guard up because I deceived him using my status, it's all about tactics."

Now that she thought of it the name Mavrius seemed familiar to her; she'd heard it before but it wasn't coming to mind, "What about me, how am I..." Putting his hand up he rubbed his nose and banged his head against the wall, "He learnt his tricks from me, I used you to get to SNAG and he used me for a promotion from BTD and they'll use him to get approval of the Emperor to impose even more power on the tribe."

Walking over to the bars she whispered, "How about you help me break out , we can help each other out. Clearly your goal has been reached, the bounty is off which means I wouldn't be a danger to your anymore plus you're not welcomed here anymore."

Showing slight interest for the first time Mavrius cracked his neck, "See, you learn fast, you use me to escape and I use you to do the same. It's a mutual using, usually I'd call that marriage but today I have bigger goals than to come up with the perfect anti-marriage jibes, lets bust out of here."


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