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A girl walks up the podium, the light arrives and she soon finds herself in a world not her own; afraid and confused. View table of contents...



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She ran down the street; tears streaking down her face as the men hollered from behind, this wasn't her world. She has been walking up to the graduation podium; her life's work finally achieving its launching pad, things finally looking up then the light appeared and she was in the dark alleyway.

Her hair stuck to her face as she tripped; bracing herself with her elbows as she crashed into a puddle. They grew nearer, in panic she crawled; arms scraped and bleeding, crying as the end of her life approached her.

Rough hands lifted her out of the puddle; she swung her arm defensively as she looked into soft green eyes. His brown hair messy and wet, unshaven and smelling of cigarette; her angel had arrived. The three men laughed as one of them pointed at him, "We seen her first mate, give her to us and piss off."

Smiling a crooked smile he gently moved her aside, "Sorry gents, I can't let you do that, although I could use the exercise." Growling the attackers moved into action, her angel cracked his neck as he caught the first fist; swinging him over as he landed with a loud crunch in the puddle.

Looking at the other two he winked, watching as they turned tail and ran where they came from; abandoning their leader as though they had never known him. Turning to her aggressor her angel looked at her, "Do you want me to kill him for you?"

Shaking her head she wiped the hair out of her face, "Enough fighting, can you please get me somewhere dry?" Chuckling dryly her angel winked, looking down at her aggressor as he shivered in fear, "Lucky day bub."

Punching him out with one punch he returned his attention to her, "How do you know I won't take advantage of you? A girl in a gown, fear slowing her responses, thinking me the hero of the hour and thinking she wants me... I might be tempted, do you trust me?"

Smiling she was about to respond as police sirens drew their attention; looking over his shoulder he swore under his breath, "They'll help you, I gotta jet." Walking to the wall she stopped him as she asked, "Wait, what's your name?"

Looking back over his shoulder he smirked ruefully, "If we ever meet again I'll tell you, stay out of trouble." Without warning he jumped up; flying up 20 feet with ease as he landed on the roof, the police wrapped her with warm blankets as they put her in the police cruiser, one question running through her head, where was she?




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