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The Devil, His Sister, and A Rabbit

Novel By: TheNightmareNobody

The tellings of the Devil known as Solace and his little sister Ashe as they resist the encroaching tyranny of Shadow, Solace's Opposite and greatest enemy. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 23, 2012    Reads: 12    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

There wasn't much that could scare a seven-foot-tall demon from Hell with enough power to tear apart the universe. There wasn't much that could piss him off, either, seeing as he was more good than evil these days.

But mess with his surrogate sister, and you were in for a world of hurt.

Solace stared at the blank-faced thing holding down the arms of a little girl. The creature had come from nowhere, snatching up the four-foot-three-inch girl right from the demon's side. A blade, barely a hand's breadth long and made of a glittering silver substance known as Star Metal, was pressed to the girl's throat, dangerously close to slicing it open. It was a no-win situation. Solace either did nothing, and his sister was whisked away, or he fought and she died. And despite his best efforts to disprove it, Star Metal was one of three things that really could kill him.

There was a soft whimper, but otherwise the girl stood her ground, fierce and spirited as always, but he knew her too well. He saw the way her fingertips trembled, how she chewed on her lower lip nervously. Chances were the creature knew it to, because he got the vaguest notion that, if it had a face, it'd be smiling maliciously. Then the first mistake was made. The creature relaxed its grip.

Her movements too quick for even Solace's demon eyes to follow, the girl spun away from the blade, her foot snapping up and kicking the silver blade from the creature's hand. The demon felt a flash of pride for his sister, then he drew one of his trusty pistols and fired, the bullet whizzing from the muzzle and planting itself deep in the creature's head, then blew out the back of it's skull. As it dropped in a crumpled heap, a loud, robotic voice announced, "Simulation Terminated. Simulation Terminated."

Ashe, the little girl, put her hands on her hips, her big blue eyes narrowed into slits. "Yer' a cripin' idiot, Sol. What'f this was real? What'f that mannequin was really Shadow?" Solace flinched at the name of their archenemy, though a tiny part of his brain snickered at the funny way her words slurred in her rarely-shown Russian accent. She sighed, then walked over to him and wrapped her skinny arms around his waist in a tight hug, which he gladly returned. As the forest around them disappeared in a wave of whirs and digital specs, the siblings simply enjoyed the precious few seconds of alone time. Then a door slid open, and Ashe whispered, "We gotta' go for a ride sm'time." Then she was gone, running over to be enfolded in the arms of Joseph, her mate. The two males exchanged wary glances over the girl's head, but neither of them was willing to anger a girl that was barely a third of either of their sizes. Cause she was scary like that.


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