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Enchanted (from Wattpad)

Novel By: theowlthea

Leila Nellie Paine is a normal seventeen-year-old outcast in her school... up until new neighbours came into town. The new family brings along with them twists that Leila never expected... and unbidden love that was yet to bloom like an enchanting moonflower on a full night. Now for the sake of the safety of others, including hers, she has to make a decision that could change or damage her life forever. View table of contents...


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A/N: For this chapter, I've decided to insert Leila's good imaginery friend RAM the Third. He's cool alright. Mwahahahah. E is the fifth letter in the alphabet, and it's for Enchanted
Chapter Five: My imaginary friend Ricardo Augustus Margo The Third
THE NEXT MORNING, I woke up groggily and staggered my way to the bathroom. I passed by my desk and headed to the door, but then I came rewinding back to my desk. My half-closed eyes opened wide with this new addition to the clutter of a mess placed on my clipboard. I stared at the drawing of a moonflower on an old subtly-coloured brown paper with words 'Only you' scribbled on the bottom. My jaw dropped in shock. The words have the same handwriting with the one last night. I scratched my bird head. This is sweet.
But weird.
"LEI, MY DEAR!" SOMEONE CALLED for me in the middle of the crowd in the hallways of Lincoln High. I looked around and saw Marie rushing towards me "Lei! I've got some news!" she said, hugging me tight
"You always have some" I joked. Marie's the school editor-in-chief and president of the press club, so she always needs some news if she wants to remain on that spot for college.
"Yeah, right" she scowled "So, how's my favourite photographer?" she asked, dragging me to our lockers and deeper into the crowd. With my camera hanging loosely around my neck, I had to avoid some people who occasionally bump themselves towards me, probably picking up a fight. But with one glare under the shade of my grey baseball cap, they all cowered into their own businesses
"I'm the only photographer in here" I grunted and she rolls her eyes as we approached our lockers. Our lockers are just beside each other, one reason to consider why we get along well-we know everything about everyone
"Hey lesbo!" a huge guy hollered and I whirled around
"Oh my God, stop it! It's an ancient name, idiot!" I thought being an outcast means being ignored by everyone but I guess some stupid assholes don't have enough space in their brain to register that.
"So I heard you have new neighbours?" she wiggled her brows at me, her brown locks constantly bouncing around as she puts on the combination for her locker
"Source?" I ask her as I dump inside my locker my English and Maths book and grabbed my homeroom notebook, ready to jolt down some things that Miss Locks might take note about. It's her thing, she always says "Okay, take note students" or "Students, take note" and things like that. As long as it has something along the lines of 'take note' then it's completely her. She just really hates it when we don't take notes. I do take notes, but just for the thrill of it.
"Source?" I asked again, finally done with grabbing and putting the things I need and didn't. After a few seconds, Marie still was not answering so I grumbled as I crossed my arms in front of her
"Marie, where the hell did you get that information?!" I say, irritated to find a dazed Marie with confusion sketched across her face "Hello?" I wave my hands in front of her "Earth to Marie?"
Confused, I follow the direction of her eyes and found to my surprise a guy with familiar blonde head and deep blue ocean eyes
Marie shook her head gently and her eyes narrowed into slits. Jared did the same, a low hiss escaping his lips "Excuse me," he grumbled "You were in the way" he pointedly glared at me and I flinched, shocked by the sudden hostility. What did I do?!? Just last night we were hanging alright around the braches like owls and then... oh crap. Right. I fell. He continued his long strides, purposely bumping his shoulder with mine. I stood there, jaw dropped and eyes wide.
"What the hell?!?" Marie's exasperated voice shook me awake "Who the hell was that guy?" she growled, her eyes narrowing
"Marie," I pulled her and started to walk towards our classroom "We need to get to Homeroom or we'll be late for class. I don't want detention by Miss Locks" I groaned and she willingly walked with me
I looked back absentmindedly and saw Jared leaning against his the lockers, Jess and Jacob by his side. They looked like a trio of models, standing there, motionless as they gazed into anything but each other. I frowned but let myself get tugged by Marie to Homeroom.
I sank down in my usual seat, the one in the second to the last row, nearest to the window and besides the always empty seat; the chair with different carvings of intricate flowers at the edges. I've always loved to run my hands through the carvings, and it feels like I didn't need my eyes to figure out the shapes of the flowers.
I pulled down my hood, obscuring my whole face and leaving a gloomy shadow for everyone to see. The hood serves as some kind of invisibility cloak for me. Once I put it on, it's goodbye world. And if you dare to cross me, oh dear if you just dare…
Marie started to blabber about the pool party this Friday in Kyle's house. Believe it or not, Marie has suitors-two of them actually. One is Kyle, a hunky tall, dark and handsome football player. The other one is Merci (actually that's his nickname) a tall and cute curly-haired boy who loves music and plays every instrument known to man. I'm secretly rooting for Merci though it's quite obvious it's gonna be Marie and Kyle together in the end. Marie's isn't really much of a best friend. We wouldn't know each other if it weren't for the press club. Like I said I'm a loner... an outcast.
"Ohmygod, he's hot isn't he?" I heard some girls gush around me "Those eyes!" they squealed like retarded dolphins "He's too perfect! What's his name again? James?"
"Why is he here?" I heard Marie hiss venomously. My head still on the desk, I asked her impassively, still in a daze "Who is?". I almost dreamed of purple unicorns... igh.
"The guy who looked like he wanted to rip your head off a while ago"
I looked up automatically and furrowed my brows "I have no idea" I answered as I blinked, my boring hazel eyes meeting his exciting electric blue ones. We kept on staring each other, as if there's this hidden conversation we were having.
Miss Locks then decided to make herself known; I didn't even notice she was there "Class, this is Jared Lair and he's with us for Homeroom"
Marie snorted, twisting back to face front "Oh great, the bloke has a name"
I shook my head in pity and sunk in my seat, burying my face in the desk as I sought sleep. I haven't slept properly last night, with all the chaos I've been having inside my head. The lullaby. The cold skin. Jared's blue eyes turning into yellow haunted my dreams. I couldn't even close my eyes without hearing the stupid lullaby all over again.
"Is this seat available?"
I sat up straight in alarm as the familiar voice hit me. I yanked my hood away from my face "No" I snapped "My imaginary friend Ricardo Augustus Margo The Third occupies this seat" I stare at him suspiciously as he sat down, shaking his head and dropping my bag on the floor along with his. I glared at the damned bag.
"That will be your permanent seating arrangement for the whole year so…" I blocked out Miss Locks' voice.
Yes. This is just what I need. Now I'm stuck with Jared for a whole year every Homeroom period.
"What the hell? Why is he with that crazy-headed girl?" a girl complained, two rows beside me. I glared at her, but then Jared's hand went above my head and turned my head back at front. His hand left my head before I even had the chance to swat it away.
"By the way, your greeting a while ago was very much heartfelt" I told him, sarcasm evident in my voice
"Well sorry for being such an ass but you and your little friend were taking up the whole width of the hallway" he retorted and I clenched my fists
"If we were so little, then how the hell could we vacate the whole vicinity?" I try to keep my cool
Jared snorted "Just be thankful that I didn't shove you away. I might end up saving your life again"
I like my imaginary friend better than this jerk.
A/N: Most author notes go like "Thank you very much for supporting *insert story here* I love you all!" and stuff like that. And here I am writing not-so-sensible author notes and baah I am so ashamed of myself... keep reading!!


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