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Blind with hurt

Novel By: ThinkTurquoise

This is meant to be realalistic and its about the singer kesha well its not about her its based on her music i hope you enjoy.

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Cori was so depressed when her mother died in a major car crash and all she has is her stupid father who was addicted to weed and Jack so really all she has is her friends will life get better for her or will she be left out in the cold. View table of contents...


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We drive home from the hospital. My father screaming at me the whole way. Mainly he was screaming at me. I sat there silently. My black hair was spread out in a million directions. The rain pelted the front window of our Chevy truck.

"Dang it, the dumb rain is going to get my new paint job messed!" My father shouted but not correctly. My dad apparently went to get his truck painted black and had his clutch changed today.I think he really needed to get his mind swapped for a much nicer one. I sat there bored out of my mind.

"Death s one,but life is another." I said with a mean look on my face and a happy thought in mind.

"Are you reading those sayings again!" He pumped me for info.

" No, I wrote it for mom." I said worried that he would abuse me tonight.

" How many songs have you wrote?" He asked slowly.

"I dont know like 13." I said very puzzled by his remark.

"We'll count when we get home." He said.

"Why dad?" I asked. But he wouldnt answer.

We got home finally at a quarter to five. I ran upstairs grabbed my notebooks and hid them so my fater wouldnt find them. I had songs that talked about his beer and drug addiction. Which i didnt want him to read. I ran and hid in the closet. My dad started screaming for me so i ran to him and said no then ran out the door. While sprinting i felt the wind blowing my hair back. Then when my skirt got caught on the rose bushes I stopped dead in my tracks. I pulled on my skirt and it ripped.

" OH no not my new skirt." I shouted at the world.

I continued to run to my secret hiding place. The attic of the barn. There i could be myself. I sat down and wrote a song. (And now the sun is rising, another lonley walk back home,Theres just so many faces, But not the one i need to know, In the dark I cant find it, I faked you im numb, But in the brithtlight i taste you on my tounge.) (And now the parties over.)

Thats when it started to get dark and she had a smile to run back. By the time she got home it was dark. Thats when her father started abusing her. She screamed and cried. Trying to get out of his reach.

" What did i do!" I scream in pain." How many times have you been late young lady?" He screamed back as he got a knife." This is the first time this month i promise!" I cried."You were in your secret hiding place werent you, out in the dumb barn with your dumb book of songs, you rotten little child." He screamed at me more while cutting my wrist." DADDY IM TRULY SORRY PLEASE PLEASE STOP!" I shouted cause i couldnt take the pain anymore. He stopped and sent me to my room with out dinner.I got a towl for my wrist to try and stop the bleeding. Two hours later he walked in bringing one grape. " Here's your dinner you little brat!" He threw the grape at me and stumbled out of the room. You could tell he had been smoking crack and been drinking jack. I hated my father.

altAuthors note: This chapter only has one ke$ha song and this is where the pictures in pictures for blind with hurt come in When she is in her secret place next chapter will have more details on that but will she be 15 or 8 your guess.♥


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