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Secrets Were Meant for Keeping

Novel By: ThornsHaveRoses

Being a vampire is hard... but try being a vampire and werewolf at the same time! View table of contents...


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Camping? No. Camping meant outside. Outside meant nature. Nature meant sunlight. No. I don't do sunlight. Maybe James does, but I don't. Now, if he'd requested something different, maybe night surfing or something, I might've considered it. If it wasn't full moon that night, of course.

"Come on, man! It's gonna be sick! We're gonna bring a tent with rooms, bro!" James made wild gestures with his hands, his tan face lit with a vision of the perfect camping trip where game consoles ruled the night. "It's gonna be totally AWESOME!" I flinched at his raised voice, shooting him a sideways glare through my sunglasses.

He just wasn't about to drop this was he?

"James, shut it, will you? I'm not going, and that's my final answer," I said in a low voice and then turned back to my algebra book. He sighed and rolled his brown eyes, leaning back in the plastic chair and propping his graffiti-covered Vans on the table. Of course it was his own graffiti, he did it with silver, pink, and red sharpie.

"You're such a killjoy, you know that right?" he asked in a monotone voice, watching me out of the corner of his eyes.

"Thanks. Now why don't you go tell that to someone who cares?"

"Aw, don't be like that Al. You know I'm just playin'. All I wanted you to do is go camping with me so I wouldn't have to go with my old man." He put his hands behind his head, the very picture of ease, and moved his feet from the table to my textbook so his heels pinned my hand to the page. I watched as my favorite pencil rolled away and over the edge. Speaking of over the edge… I was about to lose it with my best friend.

"Move your foot, James," I whispered in my deadly, poisonous, imma-kill-you voice. He just looked at me a moment before moving.

"Well, what's crawled in your ear and died, huh?" he said casually as he shifted his feet to the floor, where they belonged.

"Your idea of camping did. Now please, shut up so I can do my work," I said in my normal tone, but adding a hint of aggravation so he'd leave me alone.

Or not.

"My god, Allyn. You've got some serious anger issues. I was just inviting you to camp," he said, giving me a nasty look as he picked up my pencil from the floor and tossing it to me. I snatched it out of the air and went back to my fifty-fourth problem.

There was a long, deep silence between us that was never usually there as I scribbled on my paper.

54(200x3241) + 69= x

Great. Now I couldn't write because I felt guilty about snapping at James.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay? You just kept asking and asking every time I said no…" I murmured, though I knew full well he could hear me.

For a long while all he did was sit there with his arms folded across his chest, looking at me with a concentrated stare. I returned it unblinkingly, not caring he couldn't see my eyes through my dark sunglasses, and sighed.

"Well, do you forgive me?" I asked in an almost impatient tone from my position hunched over the table. James's face cracked into a wide James-grin and he extended a ringed hand to ruffle my light brown hair.

"Sure, kiddo. You're alright," he assured me. I smiled too, but not as big as he did. I'm never able to smile as big as James for two reasons.

1) I don't think my mouth can stretch that wide.

2) He'd see my fangs.

Yes, my fangs.

You see, I'm not your normal teenager. Then again, neither is James really. Never put him in the 'normal' category. But, even then, I'm still not in the same category as him. And that's how all vampire stories begin, isn't it? "Oh, I'm not normal. I'm a vampire who melts in the sun and sucks your blood!" That's a bunch of bull crap if I ever saw any. I'm different from the story vampires who go on serial killing rampages or sparkle.

But I'm different from any vampire, really.

Because I'm part werewolf too.

I know, it seems crazy. And it is crazy, hectic even. But that's my life.

Yep, welcome to the wonderfully abnormal life of me, Allyn Hellkin.

But you can just call me Al.


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