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Fire Wolf

By: tigerscurse

Chapter 1,

Chapter 1 Flames

The red and orange tongues licked the air thirsty for destruction. The fire colored wolf searched for her parents her lungs filled with the dark smoke. "Ma!" she wailed "Dad!" A shriek came from a area close by "Flicker!" a female voice shrieked. The fire colored wolf saw a small orange wolf with white paws. "Get away from here!" Flickers mom howled. "Find somewhe-" she was cut short as a falling tree slammed into her body. Flicker screamed and ran blindly away. A cold rain started to fall as she ran. A cave came into view. She dove in and sat there shivering. She lay on the cold ground and closed her eyes hoping for a dreamless sleep. No such luck.

Smoke again filled her lungs as she was back in the fire. She heard her mother shriek as the tree toppled down. Her mothers broken body was crumpled and the blood swept under her feet like a tide. Flicker struggled to awake from this horrible nightmare. She opened her eyes, her heart still pounding, her breath coming in pants. A flash of fire showed on the walls and a shadow like a tree toppled on a smal figure. Flicker shook her head wondering when the nightmare will end. She hesitently padded out of the cave to her mothers death scene. The ground was scorched and black. She padded toward the fallen tree and glanced down. Her mother was still there her blood soaking the ground. Flicker moved the tree as best she could and pulled her mother out. She looked for her father and found his big black body. She dug a hole and layed both of her parents in it. At least they had died together, she thought. She padded out of the terror sight as snow fell.

She navigated the cave and layed down. She couldnt sleep. She kept her eyes open images of her parents flashing threw her mid. What it was like before the fire. A shadowy figure creeped along the wall of the cave. Flicker sat up and twitched her ears. Something was here. Someone was here.

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