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Kidnapped by a werewolf chapter two

Novel By: trapped43v3r

A girl who is an ordinary wanting to fit in fourteenyear old named amy gets kiddnapped by a werewolf. Her mother sends out a searchparty but amy starts to have feelings for this wolf. will amy choose to go home or will she save this wolf\'s life and risk her own? View table of contents...


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The sun was setting as my mom and I started to end the argument "Yea yea I know..." I mumbled "ok now go to your room and get some rest ....sweetie..." my mother told me "whatever..." I stomped to my room and slammed the door "I am so out of here when I'm 18...." "Hey mom I'm go out with my friends..." I told my mom in an irritated tone "ok but don't go to long." she called after me. i grabbed my book sack and closed the door behind me. I ran up to holly and misty (I'm not really friends with misty cause she is an annoying little witch and holly is not my friend but you too get along) "hey!" I called out "your late...." misty complained "she is just 1 minute late" holly intervened " I know sorry my mom won't let me out her sight!!" I explained "well your late so now umm your out...." misty growled "sorry Amy..." holly whispered (I'm only hanging out with them to fit in) "I'LL DO ANYTHING!!!!! " I pleaded "ok then stay in the woods for 24 hours......" misty grinned "misty you know the last person that went in the forest never was seen again..." holly looked at me with a sad expression "I'LL DO IT..." I accepted immediately. Maybe too soon "you don't have to Amy.... "Holly informed "I know but at least it gets me away from my mom" I said. It was true. "Good we will just tell your mom it was a field trip that you forgot to tell her about" misty smiled we all went to the edge of the forest and I entered. I could feel their eyes as I walked further and further into the woods. I walked till I found a comfortable about five minutes later I was dying of boredom "THIS IS SO BORING!!!! I hate the woody forest things. place WHATEVER!......... it so boring and quiet" I yelled wait this gives me time to read that very long book I needed to read for tomorrow I thought I dug into my back pack and took out the book. A couple of hours passed "IM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I did a happy dance mentally and smiled I looked up at the stars and started to count them. I finally dozed off. I was running without an intention of stopping in the forest. Rain poured down and mud splattered on me as I ran through puddles. My legs ached and my lungs cried for air but I didn't stop. I couldn't not for the life of me. I know I wasn't running for my life but for someone else's... I heard a gunshot and an agonizing howl. Then I stopped.... I know I failed.... I woke up to an eerie sound. A wolf was howling. Ok this was a bad idea I scrambled to my feet and clutched a limb from the tree. I took deep breaths and swung the book sack over my shoulder. I stumbled over a few feet and looked around. Nothing but darkness. I could barely see a few inches in front of me. It was a new moon so moonlight wasn't an option obviously. "Wait am I lost... since when did I start talking to myself" I mumbled. I heard leaves crunch and a bush rattle. I turned to the source and yelled or shall I say practically screamed "WHOSE THERE!!!" I heard a deep mysterious voice say "don't be alarmed it's only me and some others" "Others??" "Good night" "Good night wait what????" A pain surged threw my neck as I felt something enter it......I blacked out.

I woke up in a what to seem a cave. I looked around and my eyes immediately locked with his. "WH-who are you?" I asked. "My name is Seth and you are?" he asked. His voice was the deep voice from the night before. Seth had black hair and bangs that swept to the side, ice blue eyes, pale complexion, and a nose ring. "Where am I?" I asked "My home" I started to laugh "this is where you live? Now why am I here?" "Your here to be my new mate and what the hell is wrong with where I live?" "WHAT?! I am not your mate! Where is my say in this?!!!! And your home is a f'in cave!" "Can I eat her yet?" a guy who looked sixteen licked his lips. He had spiky brown hair, almond eyes, and a olive complexion. "EAT ME!?" I yelled. i wanted to leave and now. i don't want to stay here."She isn't lunch Lucas! Go chase a deer or something" Seth commanded. Lucas looked at me then left. "Hey since Lucas can't have her can I eat her if she refuses to be your mate?" a guy with blond hair and blue eyes asked. "Ask me in a week Will"Seth said. His eyes still locked with mine. I stayed silent and now very startled he finally averted his eyes from mine and asked "what?" "Am I Going to like ....d-d-die? Or be.....e-e-eaten?!" I stuttered "yes" will answered.Seth shot him a look and looked at me "no you won't" will walked away and out the cave. "Well why do they want to eat me?" I asked "life" he answered directly. I saw a tail sway on the floor and I realized we were alone. "Uh" "huh? Oh I'm a mix" he answered picking up to what I was referring to. "Mix?" "Yea I'm part wolf and human. I mean I can turn wolf anytime I want but as a human I have the ears and tail still "he said them added' what you are?" "HUMAN!" I made it clear enough. "That's why they want to eat you" he told me minuets passed of dead silence he got up and went too far side of the cave. he sat down and grabbed something. he walked back with a chunk of meat and set it down in front of me. it stunk really bad and flies buzzed around it. "eeww" i mumbled. "eat it. its very good. but its a couple of days old but i think it tastes better anyway." "NO! raw meat. thats sick." he looked at me and sat there. i sensed waiting for something. i was tired,irritated,and scared. i was scared to even get up or ask to leave. fear of dying then i kept repeating. "this is all a dream...dream...dream..." Seth laughed


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