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The Boys and Girls at Base

Novel By: truthfully painless

I cant think of any thing to write in this so I'll say something differint. the main chatater is Girl 555 at the base. though later on she gits a differant name. she also has a tein sister Girl 666, (evil i no, right. but beside the poin) 555 is the exact oppasit of her sister. (im not going to tell you how, you'll just have to reed it and find out) but any who 555 gits test done to her. her DNA changes and by the time that she wakes up from her testing her body is compleatle differant. (you could say that she was in the testing state for 2 or 3 years-even though she was only in there for 6 months- ) View table of contents...



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It was a normal boring day, morning meal, chemistry, math, the arts, then lunch. I was walking into the lunch room when the quarrel started.
The two beefy big guys, Ben and Codie, where in a fight with the new kid, boy 815, or something. Codie landed on his back, unchonches, as Ben charged. The new boy had Ben in a head lock, in the blink of an eye. The new boy was really strong even though he was really small.
Then the guards came in, "Boy 815 stop this now! Drop Boy 008 now!"
So i was right about his name. "Girl 555 did you have any thing to do with this?!" What!? why did they always think that it was me!?
"No Sir!" I said with a smirk on my face. Boy 815 looked at me puzzled.
"Girl 555 wipe that smirk off your face!" said the guard advancing.
"must be fresh meet, sir." I said calmly, the smirk spreading into a grin.
"Girl 555 I'm warning you!" Said the guard, pulling out his baton.
"Really 'cause I was warning you!" My grin spreading even wider. The guard advanced with his baton in the air. The new boy was staring opened mouthed. "Sir you should have known better. After all your comrades have been here a little longer then you." Then I jumped, grabbing his baton with one hand then his arm with the other, flipping him over my back. As he hit the floor the baton let loose from his grip. I pulled the baton out of his hand and one out of my boot. The new boy blinked-i don't no why i kept looking at him-I winked at him.
The guard scrambled to his feet, reaching for his tazzer.
"Girl 555 drop your weapons!" said sir F. his tazzer gun pointed at my chest, as i turned to look at him.
"Sir F, your not going to ruin my fun, are you?" I said stand up out of my crouch.
"Sky, drop them!"
"I thought I was Girl 555." I said mockingly.
"Sky don't make me use this." said Sir F threateningly. A whisper went through the crowd that had gathered.
"Sir F you know you wont be able you hit me with it. You know that." then I dashed forward, tripping the fresh meat,
Then I stopped right in front of Sir F, my arms held out in front of me. "Go on, cuff me. Take me to the chambers."
"555, Sky, last time was your last warning. Now you go to the head." he said with a little smirk on his lips.
Some of the boys and girls gasped. Seeing the head was major. Though, it didn't really scare me. What more could he do to me that hasn't already been done?
"Okay fine. Take to the head." I started to the door.
"Girl 555, halt!" i turned.
"What?! I'm going to the head," i said blankly
"That not the way to the head." he turned and walked to the new kid. "Sir, sorry to bother you on you play date, but we have a trouble maker. What do you wish to do
with her?"


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