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Somebody get us outta here

Novel By: tvmotltf134

(NEED TO COMPLETE)Four teenagers are stuck on an Island named Moor. They find out that they have to fufil a prophecy, and things are not going too well . . . View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 9, 2009    Reads: 92    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Nimrod the red dragon clasped his long, sharp claws around Adina's neck. Adina knew that her life would be taken away from her. She was bruised and her bones broken. She was covered in blood. Her long, black hair had been cut into shoulder length.
The dragon sat down on the mountain top where the war was going on. Men were falling to the ground. Centaurs, Phoenixes, Griffins, Gold and Sapphire dragons were fighting as well. Fawns, Unicorns, Pegasus were falling to the ground dying. Some of them were wounded. They dreamed of making Moor a safe place again. But Nimrod's creatures were stronger and larger than Adina's army. Nimrod's army consisted of Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, Giants, Gorgons, Minotaurs, Hags, Harpies and many more creatures.
Nissa, Cobra and Samantha were also fighting. It was their war. They fought together.
They wanted to get Moor away from Nimrod and his four companions clutches.
The four companions were: Nissa the fairy, who was a hag in disguise. Samantha was an Elf who had the powers of destruction. The companion who helped them out greatly was named Cobra. He had huge ears. He knew what was being said a great distance away. He could read people's minds. He told his companions if anyone was planning to start a conspiracy or war with the companions. Kifitsu was a sea serpent with a very deadly glance. Kifitsu lived in the Crystal Ocean.
Nimrod had Adina in his grasp holding her across the neck for everyone to see. She was the one trying to fight for peace.
"Tell me Adina. What do you see?" He whispered. His voiced roared out loud in her ears. Smoke came from his nostrils.
Adina could see the people and creatures she loved dying. Arion was dead. Females and the young ones would have an uncertain future.
"What do you see?" Nimrod whispered fiercely.
Adina coughed up blood. She was becoming dizzy. She knew that it would be her time to die. She was fighting to keep her eyes open.
"Hope. I can see hope." She whispered fixing her gaze on the scene below her. Her eyes closed and her head bowed down. She was dead. Moor was in trouble. But deep down in Nimrod's heart, he knew he hadn't won the war. He had one mission to finish with his companions.
Nimrod roared. Flames came out of his mouth. The warriors heard the sound of Nimrod's roar. They knew it. Adina was dead. They were more determined to win the war.
This was Just the beginning.


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