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A Rosalie Story

Novel By: twilight23

This is a story about Rosalie Hale(from twilight).It's about her human life and what happened before she became a cullen.And how she met emmett.She is remebering the story and realizing how wrong she was when she was a human.I Hope you enjoy! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 25, 2009    Reads: 379    Comments: 13    Likes: 3   


I was beautiful and blonde.Every girl in 1933 wanted to look like me.Even at 18 I was prettier then girls older then me.Or so I thought. All I wanted was a man that loved me and a little baby of my own.That would be my happy ending.

Chapter 1

"Rosalie can you take your father's lunch to him.I forgot to give it to him." My mother said with graceful and sweet voice from the kitchen where I sat eating my breakfest."Sure.I will gotright now to make sure I make it before his lunch." When I got got and was about to walk off she stop me.She called for our maid,Lilly,. "Lilly can you please get Rosalie dressed in her white organza and roll her hair up?" When Lilly was out of the room I had asked my mother "Why would I wear somthing so nice like that to the bank?" I was so confused." No time to explain honey,Go get dressed before your father starves to death." I hurried up stairs and got dressed. "I will be back soon mother." I said halfway out the door. I mostly have someone drive me to the bank.But since it was so bright and pretty out I walked instead.

When I got to the bank I walk to the font desk like a proper lady.I was always taught to do things a certain way.I ask for my father and waited what seemed like forever.I happened to notice how almost every man in the bank was staring at me.Probally thinking about how i beautiful I was. I was glad when my father came out because I was blushing really bad."Hi honey, Sorry I took so long I was doing somthing important." "That's ok, Here's your lunch.I gusse I will see at home then." When he was walking off I said"Bye dad, I love you." " bye sweetie." My father never said I love you to me or my mother.I walked out of the bank sadly.I had never been told by my father he loved me.I always thought I may die and his last words would be bye. Not i love you.

When I walked through the door Lilly grad my arm and pulled my off to the side." Vera is in the parlor waiting for you. Your mother almost had a stroke when she saw her walk through the door." My mother never liked Vera since she got married and had a baby at such a young age. You thought I was being selfish when I told them I was going to help her since she was my best friend and she need someone to help."Hello Vera, What are you doing here?" I said trying not to sound as sad as I was." I come to invite you Henrey' s birthday party.It will just be Me, My husband, and Mine and his familey, and you...Well if you come." She said with a little hope in her voice. " I would love to come! Thank you." "Oh, good! I'm sorry I have to leave now.I have alot of planning to do.I will see you Saturday at noon.Bye." She walked out of the parlor happy.I was so glad I was going.I never did anything during the short week end so I thought this would be a good idea.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast.Untill that night when I thought my dream may be coming true."Rosalie Can you come here please." I got up from what I was reading and walk to the kitchen. "Yes, mother." "You have flowers!" I looked at the bright red flowers on the table for me."Oh my, They are so beautiful!" I said in shock. "Who are they from?" My mother said with almost tears in her eyes cause she knew I was happy. When I found the card I realized They were from Royce King the 2nd. I thought back to this morning and realized he was one of the men that was staring at me.That night I had gotten tons a bright red roses. When I went to bed that night I could smell the roses all around me. I cried myself to sleep that night, tears of joy, Cause i knew i may have found my prince charming the one I wanted.My true love.

I heard the bell ring from my desk I was sitting at and jump.I got up and walked to the lunch room telling myself I could dream more in at the table since i didn't eat at all.When I got to the table I looked at Emmett and realized I was all wrong that night. Emmett was my true love.Now that i was sitting I was thinking about it again........................................

To Be Continue....


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