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The unknown person

Novel By: twilight23

Jamie Harrison is the most popular girl in school. She is has so many friends it's not even funny. But that's not enough. One night when she is walking home from school she meets a beautiful boy. But when she wants to see him again why can't she find him? Who is this guy? What is this guy?

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What another wonderful day! Being the most popular girl amongst my school and a cute short haired blonde. I have Tons of friends! Oh yeah, my name is Jamie and I am 15 years old. My parents are rich so that means I can go the mall whenever I want which is so awesome! So if you put it all together I have a pretty great life. Expect for the fact I want a boyfriend. That one little thing will complete my life. I will do whatever it takes. Expect to have sex. I am waiting till marriage. Anyway let's get back to the story. I was walking to my French class when I bump into my mortal enemy Tyler. She thinks she all that. But she's not. She's not as pretty, smart, or rich as I am. "Watch where you're going!" I said trying to get up. I just walked off I couldn't stand any more drama.
French class was boring as usual. My mother made me sign up for this class since for my graduation present I was going to go to Paris. Now that it was the end of the day I had art club then cheer practice. I had so much to do it wasn't even funny. I walked out of the French room and into the art room three doors down. I sat down by my BFFL Kali. "Did you hear the news about Tyler?" "No, What?!" "She is pregnant!" "What!" "Yeah!" I turned around shocked. I never dream of something so good like this! I mean I knew she was a slut but not that big of a slut. And since I was cheer captain and she was on the squad I can finally kick her off. Tonight will be a really fun night. I did what I was supposed to do and drew what I was feeling and that was happy! I couldn't wait for cheer practice tonight.
When art club was over I hurried up and went straight to the girl's locker room to change and get into the gym. When everyone was in I cough for attention and stood up to talk. "I bet you have all heard the rumor about Tyler. You know the one about how you are pregnant. I'm so sorry to say this but you are off the squad. Better luck next year." "What! That is so unfair!" "It's in the rule book. Sorry. Have a nice night." She got up and stomped her way out. I was so proud of myself. "Anyway, let's start with double back hand sprees. Get in a line. If you need help I will help you and so will Kali." I had a pretty fun night. Tyler's crew kept giving me the evil eye. I would quietly laugh when they weren't looking. When cheer practice was over and everyone was gone Kali and I was talking about the whole night until we were ready and it was time to go.
I was the only girl who had to walk home because my mom did go out past 6 and it was 6:10. I was almost half way home when I heard footsteps behind me. I hurried up my pace and was almost running. "Umm...hello, can you please help me I'm lost." I stopped and turned around. There standing before me was the hottest guy I have ever seen. He had kind of short but kind of long brown hair and blue eyes. His face was so beautiful. "Oh, hi. I'm sorry. I thought you were someone trying to get me. Where are you trying to go? I know this place very well." "Yeah I'm going to this place. It's where I live. I'm new here and don't know where I'm going." " sucks for you, but from here you take a left and then go a mile and then take a right and then like you come to the end of a dirt road and then you should see your house." "Thanks, you know you're really beautiful. And I always tell the truth." I laugh and blushed. "Thank, umm…. So what's your name?" "Nick Reese, Yours?" "Jamie Harrison." "That's a pretty name." I blushed again by his loving words. "I'm sorry I have to go. My sister Alice is waiting for me. Thanks" He waved goodbye and walked away.
When I got home I went straight to bed so I could think about Nick. He was such a perfect guy. I wanted to see him again. Maybe I would see home at school tomorrow. I was really hoping he would be there. I would so have to tell Kali about all of this tomorrow. What would wear? What would I do with my hair? So many things in this world that can make me look good. And I had most of them. Man did I love being rich! I fell asleep as soon as I heard my parent's door shut.
I looked really good for a day of school. I had high heels on too. So I looked awesome! "Why are you so dressed up?" Kali said walking right up to me with a confused expression on her face. "I met this really hot guy last night and I am hoping that I will see him today." "Really! OMG! Are you guys going out?" "Not yet! But I am hoping he will ask me out. He said I was beautiful." By this time the bell rang and it was time for my first class. We said goodbye and walked to our first class.
I was walking home from school and with my luck Nick was never there. I walked inside to talk to my mother. She knows everyone where we live. So this should be easy. "Hey mom, can I talk to you?" "Yeah…Whets up?" "Do you know anyone by the last name of Reese?" "Umm…No, Why? No one has moved in by that name either." "No reason. I'm going to go do my homework." I ran up the stairs and shut my door. Why would he tell me his name and not be known. Who is this guy? Or even worse…What was this guy?


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