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Novel By: Twisted

The wheels were set in motion from the first moment she accepted the offer for immorality. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 28, 2006    Reads: 666    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   


Another scream pierced the silence that was only found on deserted streets with more dark shadows than light. A few light steps echoed almost mockingly before stopping abruptly. There was a hiss, and a startled gasp, and then a thud as a body fell to the ground.

" Oh god! Please someone help me!" A woman's terrified voice echoed in the darkness, as she stared at the blood drenched man before her. " What are you?"

There was a raspy chuckle as the pale creature's thin lips lifted into a smile. His eyes were black, a black like darkness and death. It started towards her, stalking its prey, hunger tearing through his stomach like a jagged knife. All of his thoughts were drowned out, except to feed. His beast was reverting to one of the basic instincts.

" Take her now." The creature hissed, coming out in a bubbly croak. Dark liquid began to tumble down his naked, pale flesh-blood. Freshly spilled, hot, and metallic.

Her rising fear made her an easy target, she knew from those 'fake' information packets for the humans on vampires, but as he loomed over her, she realized with awe and terror that he was beautiful. And his eyes, through with the gaze of hunger and few remains of lust gleaming evilly in his eyes, he was partially blind from it. The blood, as it shifted heavily in his mouth, made the beast within him wild--his eyes glowed red.

She tried for a behind him, not taking a chance with running again, and saw the young woman's body. Naked and so pale. Her face was cracked into a small smile, two fang marks on her neck. And she knew why.

It was suppose to be a myth. Nevertheless, it-they-were real.


" Please, let me go." She whispered, her hands backing her up. She was slowly crawling away, she not tried to make a sound. She watched as the vampire began to disappear in the shadows as if blind, not able to see her, it stood sniffing around for her.

She felt around behind her, about to push herself from the ground when she heard the sound and felt glass pieces behind her, and saw that he heard her, when she inhaled sharply as her hand barely grazed the glass, and turned in her general direction. Behind her was one of the garbage dumpsters, the steel cold against the back of her bare skin make her hiss at the sudden contact. She stayed still as the vampire came so dangerously close to her face that she had to hold her breath to keep from screaming. He smelled around her neck, and she prayed that the garbage dumpsters drowned out the smell of her.

Her prayer seemed to work, and he drew back with a hiss, and disappeared from view. She released the breath she had been holding, searching wildly for the vampire. But when she didn't find him, she continued to catch her breath. She pushed back on her left hand to stand up, only to remember too late about the glass that was behind her. " Ouch." She almost yelped, cutting her palm on a broken piece of glass.

She watched as the long deep line of red blood came forth like an angry slash.

The vampire jumped from the shadows, the scent of fresh blood and a woman hit his nose. As she turned to him, she screamed, and then...was silent.


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