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The Birth of a Legacy

Novel By: Tyler Benjamin

~Those who have read "Empires Undying" (as much as was posted), please begin reading this. It is essentially the prequel.~

In the era called the “Dawn of Time”, there were many nomadic clans that traveled the lands, never remaining in one place until the largest of the clans stopped and began focusing on agriculture, hunting, and diplomacy. Soon, the other clans followed this new method, and the houses were born. The largest clan that first began permanently settling became House Tykirian, where values such as honor and chivalry were held in the highest esteem. This house constructed their massive, intricate city called Tykiria. The minor houses of Nightingale, Rytellion, Juniperia, and Rutherlan built their own towns and cities as well. A pattern was set in which the minor houses would copy the majority of House Tykirian’s actions.

Eventually issues of power escalate, causing one of the largest rebellions known in history - what will happen to the houses as a result of the turmoil? View table of contents...


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The Birth of a Legacy

Tyler Benjamin

Chapter 1

Ignitus Tykirian studied the grassy plains that swayed in the wind. The solar light that showered him shone in his eyes, and Ignitus covered them with his hand. Being the leader of his clan, Ignitus Tykirian was always pressed with difficult decisions - mostly those in which if he chose wrongly, the consequences would be dire. Resting his eyes on the serene landscape became frequent for him. It renewed his mind and sharpened his conscience - he could not treat his people unfairly either, lest Ignitus want a revolt on his hands.

His clan was but one of five, but Ignitus's was the largest. For many years they circled the land, never remaining in one area for too much time. It was a tradition all of the clans followed, where they would retrieve their bows and arrows and stalk wild game and harvest herbs in the forest, weave beautiful fabrics, partake in a glorious feast, pack their belongings, and travel to a new location. It began to grow dull for Ignitus - the same old pattern that he and his predecessors obeyed without question. But a rebellious emotion grew in his heart: Ignitus wished to permanently settle in one area and gather their resources to build an empire. But he feared what his people would think of the idea. Perhaps they would scorn him for his willingness to abandon a tradition that had allowed them to last for all these years. Maybe they would praise him for his innovation, but as for this, he did not know.

The leader turned around and walked back to the encampment. Usually, his clan would re-construct their tents, fashioned from skinned leather, placed in a circle. A fire pit would be dug in the center, where a substantial pot of beef stew would be prepared for their "final days" feast. This signified the end of his clan's residence in the area and the movement to another. Every clan leader was required to record their lives in a journal for their successors, and one mentioned that the final days feast was simply to boost their morale in the coming days. Ignitus Tykirian resented the feast for that sole reason. The observation seemed exclusive to he and his predecessors, and also Aquaria.

Aquaria and Ignitus maintained a close relationship. She advised him on all matters, including the Traders Festival they held every few months. Only recently had she suggested hosting the festival within a wide tent where merchants could temporarily display their goods so that business would flow smoothly.

Why hadn't I thought of that? Ignitus scratched the back of his head as he picked up the pace of his stride. The leather tents cast a dark shadow on the worn dirt, scarred by passing footprints. Their time here was ending - soon, the final days feast would arrive and the cycle would continue. Ignitus entered the leader's tent, where his council waited impatiently for him.

"You certainly took your sweet time!" Vyda, one of his advisors, snapped. The stressed clan leader sighed, heaving the imaginary load off his chest as he claimed his place at the table.

"Forgive me. I was relieving my tensions." Ignitus told the group of irritated eyes focused on him.

Aquaria shook her head. "Let him be. I believe there are more important matters at hand than criticizing our leader for stress relief?"

Vyda shifted in her seat. "Fine. Let's make this as quick as possible." She turned to face Ignitus.

"As you may well be aware, the final days feast is swiftly approaching. However, our hunters have returned from their hunt with little wild game. Our clan is running low on supplies, and our people suffer from it. Rations have lessened. Resources are scarce. The hunters report that the land surrounding us is desolate - as if an evil spirit has touched it with its vile hands."

The clan leader's eyes grew in bewilderment and responded in kind: "It appears that we won't be holding the final days feast. Our clan must move to another location. It is for the common good. If we stay here, we will starve."

Aquaria recognized the familiar sentiment brewing within his pensive gaze: Ignitus did not share the desire to live as nomads, forever wandering the world as if they were strangers. Aquaria Tykirian could understand his point; why couldn't they become advanced and never struggle to survive into the next hour?

Vyda nodded. "Precisely. When do you say we shall leave?" She raised an eyebrow.

Ignitus informed her that the people would leave in two days' time, and that everyone should begin preparing for the exodus immediately. When the people of the clan heard of this news, mass hysteria swept through. The exclusion of the final days feast came as a shock - time and time again, the feast was always held, but now, the tradition had been shattered.

Ignitus dismissed the council from the tent, and rested his head on callused hands.

How am I going to do this?


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