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Novel By: Vamparah

Wazzup you guys! I'm Vamparah. Here's the story about my crazy life its full of sadness but there is also happiness with it. I hope you enjoy my crazy rollercoaster ride, hop on! :) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 2, 2014    Reads: 287    Comments: 51    Likes: 11   

[Vampkin[Manakou P.O.V]


"Sweetie stay calm. I had to get Vamparah's other parents as well".

"It's about ti-"!

Red Blood. Screaming. But no crying.

"Manoku... Manoku... MANOKU! why isnt the baby crying..."

I turn to see that demon face. Katasji.

I watched him grab a sword unaware of what he was planning. Watching him stab my beloved wife Mananaya.

I wasn't enraged. Because somehow I knew it would come to this.

Blood Spattered.

Death. Is that what will become of me? We were just decoys.

Her screams pierced my ears. Now I shall die by the hand of a mad man.

Beware of Katasji. That is my final words.

"KATASJI, come back here with our child"!

"No. Vamp will stay with me forever. Now out of my way peasants"!

I was able to get a glimpse of the matter before dying. It was blurry. Katasji swinging his sword spattering blood.

Red Blood. Screaming. But no crying.

Beware of Katasji.

~ 5 years later~...

[Heaven[Vamparah P.O.V]

"Father do i really have to go to school?"

"Yes Vampy you already know this, you have to learn how to be a powerful goddess."

"But father i am a powerful goddess! Im the princess!"

Father slaps me. Slapping me so hard i tasted blood. I stayed strong. Without a cry.

"Now stop this foolishness and go to school right now!"

"Yes, Sir".


I finally get to school. I stay quiet because everyone here hates me. Why? They just accuse me of being a love child. Due to that my father banished my mother to the pits of hell and she stays there with Cornelius my step-father. He treats me as his own daughter rather than my own father. "Ugh." I get interupted in my thoughts as these ignorant children hit me with their paper balls. Taunting me. I run out of the classroom to race to my older brothers class who is only 7 years older than me.


"What do you want Vamp?!"

"😢 They are making fun of me again.."


"Ugh noone cares!"

I decided to go back home I hated dealing with those idiots ~sigh~ why must i go through this. I unlock the door to the house and throw my bookbag down in anger. Mano's mother comes out the kitchen to see me and runs into the back. "Crap". She went to tell my father I was home early for the 3rd time in a row this week. Im really going to hear from him now.

"Vamparah I already told you what would happen if you come home again from school early".

"But Father!"

"No but's this time Vamp!, For the next month I banish you to hell with your mother."

"Fine Father.."


[Hell[Vamparah P.O.V]

"Oh Vamp you have to learn not to anger your father you know how he is".

I just wanted to scream "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" But i stayed quiet and walked to my room, the lights flickered on and off.

"Heh okay guys come on out".

"Aw how'd you know Vamp."

"You know i have a keen sense of smell Vanessa."

"Hmm your right."

"Hey Chris, Rouge and Richard!

I embraced them tightly. They were my only friends.

"I've missed you guys. My new school is just horrible everyone is always whining about me being there and ruining everything".

"Don't mind those idiots Vamp they just jelly they aint royalty" said Rich.

"I'll try Rich,I'll try".

The rest of the month there I went to demon school where i was finally accepted. If you didnt know my mother is a demon that's also part of the reason I'm hated. I'm half demon half goddess only demons accept me thankfully. You see all demons and gods go to school to found out their power. As a demon and goddess I'm an exceptional singer. As a goddess my power is the piano and as a demon the violin. As a piano player I play sweet melodies which give out peace. Although as the violin player I play fast paced sounds which wreck havoc.

[7 years later] Vamparah is 12 Mano is 20] Heaven]

Times change. Seasons come and go. But me and my brother never grow.

I hate him, he hates me. Running for our lives as we destroy each other.

"Mano leave me alone"!

I screamed. Mano was dangerous. I ran for my life getting into my room slamming the door locking it.

"That won't save you"!

He slams into the door

Next: Vamparah: Uh-Oh

Confused? How does Vamp have another mom? Thought her mom died? Why is Mano chasing her?

So many ?'s to be answered soon.


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