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Anarei: The Black Rose Queen

Novel By: vampgurl18

Anarei- a young vampire teenager- is thrust into leadership of her clan when her adoptive father is mysteriously murdered. When Anarei finds a clue though, she realizes she must take a journey to find her father's murderer... and possibly herself. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 21, 2010    Reads: 73    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

"Anarei! HIDE!" came the soft, worried, and rushed voice of my mother... and I would never hear it again. We lived in a shack at the outskirts of the city that housed the Black Rose Vampire Clan. It wasn't much, boards and planks held together by pitifull rusted nails, seeing as we happened to be the poorest people in the clan, it was impossible for us to have anything worth noting... Ecxept one thing...
My mother and I had a secret: I was marked as a chosen royal. When vampires are born they have a birthmark of their tribe and/or future tribes. This basically states that: even though you have NO royal blood in you what so ever (or maybe you do) you are still destined to become the ruler of the clan. Oh... and you have imense power, far more then ANYONE (including the current ruler) in your tribe.
"Momma!" I cried. She opened the trap door and gently pushed me in. I could see through the cracks in the floorboards even as she closed the door and covered it with a rug. I went silent. The air seemed thick with some fear I couldn't place. The door burst open. A figure stood in its frame. The only things I could see of his features waere his blood red eyes. He's just been feeding. My brain told me.
"Where is the girl?" he asked in a gruff voice, I assumed was his. His eyes looked around the room.
"I... I don't know who you're talking about," said my mother. He pulled out a sword and held it as if it were light as a feather. He charged at her and pinned her to the wall.
"Esch net let vak mesch nefe. Tekei ent fel neir, Manissa?" I will ask you once more. Where is the girl, Manissa? He asked with deadly malice in his voice. I shivered.
"Vak net toos tlé fel nier." You will not find the girl. His eyes flared with anger for a fleeting second before he cut off my mother's head. I turned away from the scene. Even though I couldn't really see it, I imagined my mother's head hitting the floor and rolling on it.
I bit back my sobs as he ransacked our shack then left, spewing out as many curses as possible. A few minutes later I let myself out of the hiding spot and ran outside. Thunder clapped and I fell to my knees, letting out a yell of anguish then began sobbing with all my might. It began raining, mingling with my tears. It was almost as if the rain was crying for me.
"Why are you crying?" I heard a man say. A hand lifted my chin and looked at my face. "Tell me." He looked so sencere. But he was no ordinary man, he was the king of the Clan. The mark was shown clearly on his hand.
"Someone killed my mommy!" The sobs came again, easily. The king's eyes showed pitty. I looked down again to escape his gaze and my hair fell infront of my face. He moved it away but in so doing, his eyes wandered down to my neck and rested on my mark.
Suddenly the pity turned to something else, but quickly he shook it away and smiled.
"I'm so sorry about your loss. If you wish, though I am no substitute for your lost mother, I will take care of you." I mearly nodded, wanting to forget the pain that began to settle on my heart. "Do not cry anymore, dear one, I will take care of you." He wiped the tears off my eyes and helped me stand. "What is your name?"
"Anarei." I whispered.
"Rose? What an interesting name.." the King said thoughtfully


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