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The Nightmare Boarding School ((book one in The Realm Travelers series))

Novel By: vampgurl18

All her life Kasper Serin knew she had to get out, and her four-year-old pest of a brother won't stop bothering her! that summer she applied for a scholarship to an elite boarding school. When she finally gets there... She's in for a big suprise... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 5, 2008    Reads: 498    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   



My breath seized in my throat as I watched the television. My mom, yet again, had chosen another stupid Stephen King movie. Why was I so afraid? My nightly nightmares were worse then this! My hay-colored hair fell infront of my face and I stood with bound determination.

"I am not watching this any more… Night mom…" I stated as I stomped up the wooden staircase to my room. The noise of my angry stomping must have woke my little brother, John. I sighed why me? John was four years old. He had short black hair, inquisitive golden eyes, and pale but tan-ish skin. At the moment his hair was messy, he was wearing is "Bob The Builder" footies, and in his left arm he held a small fuzzy puppy stuffed animal.

"Sissy wh-why are you up?" He asked yawning. I pushed him, gently, towards his room again.

"Go back to sleep Johnny." I told him. In answer he lied down on his bed and shut his eyes. I hurried out of his room and into my own. I flicked the light switch and started to get into my pajamas when I saw myself in the mirror. It always puzzled me; I looked nothing like my family. I was slender; not to say my family was chubby; my hair was pale golden and I had gray eyes, long slender fingers, a small pointy yet round nose, and small curved lips. My long hair was emo-styled to match my clothing style.

All my life I knew I didn't belong in this town, with it's perfectly white cookie cutter houses, and perfectly green mowed lawns, and each citizen was the exact same as a robot. Infuriating beyond all belief. That was why I had applied for a scholarship to a beautiful boarding school. I sighed and hoped that a letter, hopefully containing some good news, would come tomorrow.

RIIIIIIIINNNNNNG! The school bell rang. This was the end of myfreshman year.I hurried out of sixth period soccer and to my locker. SLAM! I shut my locker door and ran home. I grabbed the mail and fumbled with the door as I searched through the mail. There it was the acceptance letter, my whole destiny lie in that small off-white envelope. I felt a tug on it then it fell out of my hands. I looked down at John with malice.

"Wha's this sissy?" John asked.

"Give. That. Back. To. Me!" I said slowly as I tried taking it out of his hands, but he wouldn't let go, In fact he tugged at it. RIIIIIIIIPP oh no! Not that! DAMNIT John! I thought horrified. I dropped to my knees and grabbed the two pieces of paper then ran to my room; thank god it was the last day of school. Once in my room I did my best to place the two pieces of paper back together again, then I started to read.

SLAM! I closed the lid of the trunk of my mother's white Mercedes-Benz R-Class. We had had another argument on the way here, about the fifth that week. As soon as the trunk was closed I heard the squeal of my mother's tires on the pavement. I really didn't care, I was free, free from John's pesky annoyances, free from my parents' over-bearing attitude, free from trying to be a straight-A student so my parents wouldn't feel like yelling at me until my eardrums popped.

I stared at the gates. They were huge and semi-daunting and would have been formidable if they weren't in front of such a beautiful campus. The building was white, on one side it held the dorms, the middle held the class rooms, and the other side was the teachers' rooms. I sighed; this was going to be great.

I drug my suitcase to the gate and stared through. Why does the air feel heavy here? Just then I felt someone behind me and spun around to face him. He was perhaps the most handsome guy I'd ever laid eyes upon. He had emo-styled black hair, dark green eyes, the perfect face, snake bites, a strong yet frail looking body, and a gaze that held me spell-bound. I felt my breath escape me. He looked at me wearily, looked up and down my form, and looked into my eyes. I dropped my gaze and felt my cheeks burn.

"Come on." He said shaking me out of my reverie.

"Huh?" I asked not comprehending. He rolled his eyes, pointed to the gate, and started walking. I walked beside him hauling my trunk. The view in front of my eyes changed instantly. Instead of a purple-black sky it was a dark, sickly, green. Instead of a beautiful white building, it was a dark, nearly dilapidated, castle. There was a same color green lawn but it had weeds and looked over grown in many places. I could see dark ivy crawling up the castle, and the many, trees that covered the east and west of the area, had many bare patches on the limbs.

I spun around to see if the gate was there but all that met my eyes was a drop off into… nothing. Just the sickly-green night-sky of this… this place!

"WHAT THE?!" I said quietly yelling. I stumbled but firm hands grabbed my shoulders before I fell.

"If you fall down I swear I'll kill you." Came a voice from behind me, I recognized it as the droolific-hot guy's voice. This calmed me down but I still felt a need to retort.

"Why the hell would you be so worried about me? I just met you and I don't even know your name! Where the hell are we? What ever happened to earth?" I asked nearly screaming. He took a deep breath.

"I'll start by answering your second question. My name is Alexander Xiol, and I am a vampire. To answer your first question, I have no idea at the moment but I feel I must… and to answer your third question… I have absolutely no clue."


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