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While I Stand Waiting

Novel By: Vampire Girl

Amay is a girl, not a normal girl. But still a girl.
Without passion, her life is boring. And tragic. Amay is cursed. Anyone she takes interest in, in blown to dust by her "Faithful over-seer".
Vice, one of her underwold "Co-workers" is starting to get way to comfortable with her, though, and Amay fears she may be the death of yet another person. But this time, it wont be human. View table of contents...



Submitted:Nov 5, 2011    Reads: 30    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

While I Stand Waiting

Chapter one

I Looked in the doorway. Ofcourse, I wasn't allowed over the threshold. I never am. People know to much about who I am. They'd never be so stupid as to let a demon in their home.

Home. . . One word I never learned the meaning of.

I stared, narrowing my eyes, looking past the scared looking woman into her house. There was a boy standing there. He was small, mabye eight? No, nine. He had huge black eyes. His creamy pale sking was the perfect color white. He didn't look afraid.

"Hello there," I said, in my smooth voice, "May I come in?"

The boy's eyes went wide. The black color drained from his irises, leaving them astark pale gray. An imaginary wind ruffled the boy's hair. He was blown back a step.

That's how it always is. Always the fearless ones. The ones who I take the most intrest in that die.

Where is my passion? I have none. I am not passionet about anything.

"Leave him alone! Leave my poor baby alone, you bitch!" the woman shreiked.

I shrugged, palms up, "I did none of this, Madam. It is but my faithful over-seer. He feels I am getting to comfortable with you."

Tears streamed from the womans eyes as she herself began to blow away in the invisable wind, just as her son had.

I looked around me. The un-kempt porch of the old victorian house was in ruins. I sighed as I stared down at the man at the base of the stairs.

"Must you always do that? Why must it be the ones I take under my wing? Why can't it be Brenner's playthings?"

"Because, Amay, this is the way it goes. You know why it must be the ones that fastinate you." I loved the way he said my name. In his silky-smooth voice my name sounded perfect, A-Maye.

Behind the tall, dark suited man, I saw an outline of a boy in glowing red. A moment later, the shape solidifide, and standing there, with his arms crossed over his chest, was Vice.

Hey guys, sorry the chapter was so short! I'm gonna try to work on that. . . 'Kaye! Till next time!


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