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Broken Wings and Farfetched Dreams (Indefinitely Postponed)

Novel By: VampireLove73

Ace had forgotten everything that happened in his life before the age of twelve. He had no idea that he was one of Talon's Scavengers, an elite group chosen by God to protect humanity from the clutches of Fang, an enemy so formidable that he might be sticking his neck out too far for comfort.
But when he finds out the truth behind his real history, will he stay loyal to his fellow brethren? Or will he become Fallen like so many others of Talon's people? View table of contents...


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Drina was always playing hard to get. No matter where we were, or what we were doing, she was so intent on only talking. It was always the past that she wanted to talk about, never the present. She was so interested in the fact that I had amnesia and that I couldn't remember anything about my life that happened before the age twelve. And when ever I came in for a kiss, she always dodged me.
But there was one night, that one night when she wanted to see what my heart would tell her. The only thing I didn't know was that she was about to take my virginity. When it was all over, I went to hug her. That was where it all began.
I felt the surge of pain break out across my back. My muscles twisted, and my bones cracked, and I felt something break free from my shirt. Surprisingly, feathers started appearing all around me, and I looked at Drina' shocked expression.
"You have finally matured." she gasps, stepping back from me.
"What do you mean?" I ask, feeling weightless all of the sudden.
"So, you're a part of Talon are you?" she says, backing away. I catch a glimpse of myself in the windows reflection. A pair of sheer black wings had sprouted from my shoulder blades.
"What the hell happened?" I say turning, trying to see if they would somehow detach themselves or disappear.
"Ace, I thought you would be an interesting specimen. I guess my suspicions of you were correct." she says, looking me up and down chuckling.
"What are you talking about Drina?" I say, knocking over a desk.
"You are part of a specially protected organization known as Talon. They keep your species safe and out of harm, from my own." she says, taking off her coat, and then her shirt.
And in that moment, I notice how her muscles bulge, and two jagged skin-like wings emerge from her back.
"I am a part of Fang. An organization of bloodsucking vampire bats, who prey upon Talon's people." she sighs, shaking her head. "Such a pity that my lunch had to be a pure beauty."
"Drina, I don't know what you're talking about, but stay away, do you hear me?" I growl, grabbing hold of a desk and hurling it towards her head.
She shatters it and dives towards me knocking me through the windows and glass, into the atmosphere above. I start to fall, but my wings catch the breeze, and I glide above her.
"There's no use in trying to fly away. You're too much of a newborn to outrun me."
"Are you that intent on eating me?" I yell at her from above as she shoots like a bullet through the sky.
"Well, I was earlier wasn't I?" she asks smugly.
My wings expand wider, and I feel the muscles in my back start to ache. But I see something else shoot in a different direction from Drina. And it dives into her, knocking her completely off course. It screeches at her, and dives into her again, this time sending her plummeting down into the school, a large crash against the main wall.
"Are you okay?" A voice asks, and I turn to look at him.
He has blonde hair with brown eyes, and golden wings. The epitome of an angel. I nod, but the air escapes my wings, as gravity pushes me down. I look up at him, as he still flaps his magnificent wings. And the last thing I remember, is all the light fading away.

"Hawk, is he going to be okay? Are you sure he isn't hurt?" A calm voice asks, and I feel a warm hand on my forehead. "Oh Hawk! He's running a fever!"
"Kite, you need to calm down, alright? He's gonna be fine."
I open my eyes and see a girl looming over me, with a worried expression. I close my eyes and open them again to make sure it isn't a dream. Which it's not.
"Oh dear, we have to go tell Falcon he's awake! And I'll get some hot water while I'm at it!" the girl says running out of the room. I see the tents roof, and the small amount of light coming from the opposite direction from the room.
"Hello there, how are you feeling?" I move my head to see a young man with auburn colored hair examining me.
"Who're you?" I ask, sitting up but then grimacing at the intense pain in my back.
"It's all still new. Your first transformation was only yesterday, so the feeling is still pretty foreign." he says, checking the structure of my shoulders. "Well, nothing's broken as of yet, but you'll be alright once you get some food."
A man with silver hair, as young as the other walks through the tents flap, and looks at me with angst.
"This is the one who Eagle found?" He asks, coming closer and looking at me with a pair of dark eyes.
"Looks like a crow, doesn't he?" Kite says from behind him.
"Quiet. His parents must've been those of the Fallen." Falcon says quietly looking from Kite to Hawk, and then to me. "Did you know your parents?"
I shake my head no. I couldn't remember my real parents. And my adoptive parents were never around, so I had pretty much been on my own for most of my life.
"You're parents were part of the Scavenger branch. You are one of the only two survivors left of your kind." Falcon says, looking at me with black eyes. He scans my bruises and cuts. "You don't look too bad. Are you confused?"
I nod. "Extremely."
He chuckles, "You don't know who you are, what you are, or why you're here? This is going to be a hard piece to swallow, but you are no longer in the protective care of humans. You were divinely chosen to guard them, but must never interact with them again. You will live the life of one of Talon's protectors now. Got it?"
I shake my head again and I can already see the frustration in his eyes.
"Listen boy, God chose you to protect human kind from Fang, your immortal enemies." he says, an inch away from my face.
"Like an Angel?" I ask, still a bit confused.
His eye twitches, but his expression smoothes. "Yes, in a sense. But we have differences from Angels."
"Like what?"
"We aren't indomitable, and we are easily corrupted." He says, and I notice how quiet Kite had gotten. He turns and motions towards Kite and Hawk, telling them to leave the tent.
Kite gives me one more glance, and exits along.
"So how were you matured? I know your powers weren't awoken by another of our kind, so it must've been the bat that was kicking your ass earlier." He says, leaning back in his chair, and looking at me crossly.
"Yeah. Pretty much." I say, rubbing the cut I had gotten from the glass window I was hurled through.
"It's a good thing they are unable to procreate with anything other than their own kind. Or we would've been in big trouble." He says, lighting a cigarette, and taking a long drag.
"What about Drina, what happened to her?" I ask, even though I pretty much could've guessed that he didn't care.
"She got away, but…" He exhales, "It doesn't matter anymore. Forget her. She is your enemy." He takes another drag and closes his eyes. "You'll need a codename. And since we already have a Raven, and you have been classified as a Scavenger, you can have the name Crow."
"What do you mean?" I say coughing from the clove smoke blown in my face.
"We all have aliases here. We don't use the names our parents gave us, it makes strategy a lot easier. Haven't you noticed how everyone who has been in mentioned already is a bird of prey? That is because we are of that branch. You and one other are from the Scavenger branch. And since you aren't really what I would call rook or buzzard, your name will be Crow from now on, got it Ace?" he says with a wink.
"How'd you know-"
"Kite was able to deduce all of the memories you had experienced within the past year. It's one of her powers." He says smashing the cigarette butt in the ground. "Very few are that blessed. But then again, she was given her powers on one condition."
"God gave her that power?" I ask, thinking about how cool it would be to ask him for something like mind reading as well.
"She was blessed with many powers, because she needed them to look for someone. Once she finds that person, she will lose them." He says, exhaling again.
"Did she think I was that person?" I ask, my face slightly showing pink.
"Possibly, but you don't want to be that person." He says, standing and walking to the tents exit. "This is enough chatter for today, get some more rest. Tomorrow, you'll be taken to the Elders."
I lay back down as he leaves, and my shoulders pulse. This pain was all really new, still. I wouldn't be used to it until I transformed a couple more times. Even though this had all been thrown at me unexpectedly I was excited about what was yet to come.


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