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Mystic Magix

Novel By: VampyreTiadora

A guardian princess leaps through time to find for four other suitable guardian descendants to help save her kingdom from an evil wizard called Xana. As she travels to the 21st Century, her kingdom is then experiencing a current pause in time. A prophecy brought down to her magical kingdom saying that as the land makes use of the crystal, Amerix, to not only create energy, spells and are used for daily purposes, the crystal draws its power from the Sun. Thus, during the time of Veex, an unknown period of time where her original time stands still, frozen in time, the princess trains the guardians of the 21st Century and learns friendship, love and values that she rarely experience.

But then, a few of her people had able to escaped Veex, by using great magic to travel towards the 21st Century at the very last minute.

And the bad news were...Xana had managed to land himself here...in the 21st Century.

The plan nows changes as the princess now would have to prevent Xana from causing any damage to the future. and that's not all the princess has to worry about... View table of contents...


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Chapter 1: The Sweet Escape

In the year 1565, there was a magical kingdomthat was protected by 5 guardians who possess 5 elements, Princess Tiadora (ENERGY), Sir Lancelot (FIRE), Sir Arthur (WATER), Sir Galahad (EARTH) and Sir Thomas (AIR). These 5 elements came from the legendary Pandora's Box. However, their arch enemy, Xana, whom they have never seen before as he was always covered with a cape, succeeded in eliminating every guardian except Princess Tiadora. So Xana was on his way to the castle. Deep within the castle, Princess Tiadora was responsible for keeping Pandora's Box. Then unexpectedly from the Pandora's Box, the 4 elements materialised; fire, water, earth and air. Surprised, she knew what it meant. Her 4 knights have died. Without them, the elements would have no soul to go to.


Coming from her door, she quickly absorbed all the 4 elements in her Energy element and escaped from her balcony. Riding a stallion, it galloped into the far deep forest and within a few moments, Xana was already tailing her. As Xana gained speed, he conjured up a dark magic spell and tried to attack Tiadora. Intending to flee, she gathered all her strength and cast a time spell. Immediately, a blast of rays shot out and formed a light circular portal.

"Perfect" Tiadora thought. She'd rather be anywhere but here.

So the golden stallion leaped into the time portal gracefully, making the portal closed and leaving Xana behind. Relieved from the incident, she looked around. It seems she was under a bridge though the bridge didn't look big and bulky like it was supposed to. Made off ceramic instead of bricks, it confused her for a while, but she had other things to worry about. The time portal she had cast, was to bring her to the descendants of her 4 knights, so that she can form an alliance with them to save her kingdom with the elements. But the question is when is it? What year has she landed into?

That's when she realized that her trusty stallion wasn't by her side. Something must have happened during the jump and might have brought the stallion to another time, thought Tiadora. The sun was already setting. Where is she going to sleep at? No matter, her main priority was the descendants. So there she set on her journey in search of her only hope to save her kingdom.


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