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Blood journals trilogy: Goddess ( momentarily on hold)

Novel By: Victoria Blood

Eve is a young vampire who used to be a sweet loving girl till a horrible experience set her off, causing her to become a mean heartless monster. yet, she refuses to tell anyone what happened not even her brother jason who is always trying to get her to talk about it and is very protective of her.

Victoria is what most mortals call an original(the first of a certain magical species), yet no one can actually figure out what she is. She knew she was created right after the first lycan family yet she was made alone and has always envied her other immortal siblings, but what she does not know is that she is much greater than any mere immotal she is something else entirely. View table of contents...


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"Eve!" my big brother was banging on my bedroom door. "Stop being so childish" He pleaded as I listened to his thoughts on what had gotten me so worked up earlier, all part of the plan. All he had done was to sign us up at the local high school. And I, in turn snapped and screamed about how life was unfair and woe is me etc. Luckily Quinton had already left otherwise he would have seen right through my facade. Jason said he thought I didn't understand that he had to.

Lately I had been making a habit of disagreeing with every decision he made, he thought that it was because of the fact that, along with our slightly older cousin Quinton, Jason had decided that we should move to Greenwich, California. The only reason we had left Italy was because of its growing number of wannabe slayers (which the real slayers refused to get rid of). Jason and Quinton had been the one's to decide where we would be moving, with so many of our clan dead, they knew there was no real reason to stay and suffer the same fate.

Coincidentally, I had preferred the option to stay and fight. Mostly because of a crazy band of super tough Goth vamps I had met a few months prior to the attacks. They hadn't liked me at first but they soon warmed up to me and one of them took me under her wing, teaching me how to defend myself if ever attacked. Although it's hard to believe, vampires are very gentle creatures by nature because of our indifference to most emotions, even violence. And because of that, no one in my family knew about the girls and believed that my constant outings were to meet with a German vampire named Percy who had been way too sweet for my taste, and I, enjoying the secrecy allowed them to think that.

I took a deep breath before I opened the door, making sure my wild red curls were covering my pale shoulders; I gently poked my eyes so I'd look like I had been crying. "Awe, Evey, what's wrong?" I sniffed and shook my head, wiping my pretend tears from my face, "It isn't you that I'm mad at Jay, it's just…" I bit my lip, as I was about to sell him a big fat lie, "when you started talking about school and going on with our lives you reminded me that I'll never see Percy again, and honestly Jay I don't think I can handle that." I sniffed trying to look as sad as I possibly could. I knew that Jason would feel really guilty because Percy had gone missing just before we left and noticing my new, sour, badass attitude, assumed that it was because of him.

He pulled me into a warm brotherly hug, and I tried not to gag on the internally, unwelcomed intimacy, "We'll be ok I promise, I wont let anyone hurt you." he said looking into my eyes, and it took every shred of will I had not to roll them in boredom. (I had to keep my brother thinking I was still good and innocent did I not?) "Now I'm going into town, don't wait up." I let out a small scoff thinking why the hell would I wait up for him? He just looked at me and finally asked the question I had been waiting for. "Would you like me to get anything for you?" Jackpot!! I slowly shook my head as if too shy to tell him, and then spoke anyway. "I don't really want anything right now Jason, but I was wondering if you could take me shopping for some new clothes tomorrow." He smiled sweetly at me, "Of course I will sis. Oh! If you get hungry, order a pizza." He walked down the stairs leaving me alone in a big empty house.

I slowly walked back into my room in time to see him drive off in his brand new jaguar. I pouted; tomorrow at the mall I was going to tell him to get me a new bike. I quickly checked the house to see if there was really no one inside, and then smiled to myself; I could almost feel my eyes change to a cold, hungry blue.

Maybe I should order a pizza.


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