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The Viking Skykings

Novel By: VikingSkykings

The King of OVO has disappeared. The effects will ripple from this central planet to the outer planets. E is an alien who has been chosen to blend in and observe the changes that occur to prepare his world for what is coming. View table of contents...


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Chap 1 Garden of the Queen

E was running a rototiller when I heard him shout over the hovering engine. I quickly closed the rest of the gap between us and noticed He was staring at his right palm.
I asked if he wanted me to heal it.
He yanked off a piece of dangling skin & returned to the idling rototiller.
He has been ignoring me ever since I let him be, as he put it, kidnapped & almost murdered.

The candidates sent to OVO are hand-picked from the lesser-respected individuals of other worlds. When E first arrived, he showed a lot of promise, considering his stock. He chose to spend his first night hauled up in his room reading old newspaper clippings, childrens' fables, historical documents and even recipes to get a feel for life on OVO. But his curiosity for which he was selected soon took a backseat to his pleasure-seeking. The kidnapping was a setup. E was just bait for a traitor. I actually had my guards on him through the whole ordeal. He has since been milking this injustice . I had hoped the kidnapping would serve for him to realize his time hear was precious so he would find meaning behind it. Instead he's been focused on yes, his life was precious and the best way to preserve it was to stay close to me and have it protected. As you may notice, he ignores me verbally, but has stayed close. His new found proximity and silence actually made him into a great gopher, but I don't really need a gopher. I need an idea-seeker. I need to make a mends and get E refocused.

E gave up on the rototiller and began leveling the upturned dirt with a hard rake. He was sweating. I carried a peace-offering of two large plastic cups: one of water and one of iced coffee. He kept his head down and thrust his hands out as if I wouldn't be able to see him take it if he didn't make eye contact with me. "Not so fast," I said. "If you want these, you're going to have to talk with me." He picked up the rake, still looking at the ground. "Ok, I'm sorry I had you kidnapped. But if you really want to keep this feud going, why do you stay so close to me?"

He began raking, pushing his eyebrows together, either in effort with the rake or in thought over my observation. I couldn't tell. I decided to try to humor him, "Let me guess, keep your enemies closer?" At that, he looked hurt. I had forgotten just how fragile the egos of young men are. I tried to recover with something more tangible. "How about this, if you forgive me, I will introduce you to whomever you want. You can even take your pick of my finest guards to accompany you." Two days later, he knocked on my door and surprised me. His desired acquaintance was an eccentric who was almost as famous for elusiveness and bizzare idiocentricities he was for his uniquely astute ability to design profitable video games.


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