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The Runaway Teen Bride

Novel By: VioletHan2

Princess Hannah has to marry a prince she never knew. She has to marry him or her father's plans will be ruined and worked for nothing. She had a secret affair with her father's assistant. She loved him and so she runaway from her own wedding. Will the prince sue Princess Hannah? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 17, 2009    Reads: 162    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

"Dad" I said. He was in another kingdom trying to find peace with them and he did! He was in there for 2 weeks and I missed him so much.

I hugged him and he hugged me back. He held his hands to my shoulders and all the happiness was gone.

I asked "What is wrong, dad?" Something was definitely up.

"I set you up a marriage with Prince Zach!" He said with a happy voice. I was surprised. "But I am only sixteen."

"If you marry Prince Zach, his kingdom and ours will be working together and be united!" A happy smile king said.

"I have to think about that." I put my head down. I was already having an affair with Keith. He was a messenger. My dad's assistant. He was everything to the kingdom!

He started liking me when I was just thirteen. He was fourteen. We were friends back then and hanging out with my dolls and his cars. My dad doesn't want me to be friends with a peasant. I mean, that's just rude! When I was fifteen and a half, he kissed me in a closet so that nobody can see us. I kissed him back and he said to me.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he stopped and said "secretly?"

I whispered to his ear "Yes." I kissed him again and everything was perfect!

I invited all the princesses in the land for my Sweet Sixteen birthday. We were making out again in the closet.

"I love you" he said. "I love you more." I answered. I gave him a big wet kiss but when I was just about to do that, my mom saw me and Keith kissing.

My mom went inside to the closet and locked it. "What are you doing, Hannah?"

"We are in-love, mother!" I said with a smile.

"You're Highness! It was my entire fault, not Hannah's." Keith said.

She smiled! "No it is okay, Keith. I've never seen my beautiful daughter happy and in-love."

I was surprised and shocked to see my mother so happy. "Thank you!" I whispered.

We all went outside to greet the guests and do our party activities! Now that I'm about to marry a prince that I've never knew. It's not love anymore.

"Hannah. I need to speak to you!" Keith said.

"Okay. Come to my room." I held his hand but he kept his hand away.

I stopped "Why dont we talk here?"

"We should break up." He said.

I started crying. "Why?"

"You are going to marry a prince." He made his voice a little bit louder.

"But I will always love you" I cried.

"Having two guys in your life isn't right. You are going to cheat on your soon-to-be-husband!" He explained.

"You are right." I wiped my tears and left the conversation by walking away from him and lay down on my bed.

Next morning, I ate my breakfast slowly and sadly "My appetite is gone. When will I get married?"

"Tomorrow" He said.

"What? That's too early!" I was entirely shocked.

"You will be picking out your wedding dress after this." He ate his meal.

The next minutes later, I was with my wedding planner. We were in a shop full of wedding dresses. "Here's a good one! Try this one, hon." She said.

I tried it out and it was too lace-y! "I don't like this."

We tried all the dresses and bought nothing but a beautiful white necklace paired with matching earrings for the dress.

"I am going to call a friend of mine." She said.

"Why?" I questioned.

"He is a fashion designer, dear. And he just sewed a dress just for you!" She answered.

When we were back into the castle, I wore the dress from her "friend" and liked it.

"A friend of yours picked out that dress. I was randomly picking someone if he or she likes that dress you are wearing or the other pink dress." The fashion designer said.

"Who picked it?" "Some guy named Keith. He has some sense of style"

Keith! He picked this dress for me. How sweet! I missed him though.

The dress and accessories were done. Now for the veil! I didn't really care about it so my wedding planner picked it for me. The flower girls were done, bride's maid, blab la bla. Everything was done.

Next day later, the big day! The wedding!

I walked down the aisle and my dad was crying. The people there were staring at me saying my dress was beautiful. Keith was there, trying not to look at me. I finally met my soon-to-be-husband. When the prince said "I Do" Keith left the wedding. When it was my turn to say "I Do", I walked away carrying this big dress. "Keith! Wait!"

Keith turned back "Don't you ever walk away from me again" We ran away. I left my shoes because I heard my dad saying to arrest me just for running away from my own wedding. The heels were making me slow. We got to Keith's house and the guards were here. They were knocking the door, they were following us! Oh no. I'm going to be busted!


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