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Cherno - My Story. ((DEMO))

Novel By: Wareing

Mason is like you and I. He had simple worries about homework and friends, as a boy of his age should! Ha, looking back, that was easy. He's got quite a few more since them days... The people who stuck by him where his Dad and Brother. What happens if they left him? What happens if they where injured? Whatever happens, we'll witness it through the eyes of a normal teenager. Nothing is special about him, he's been simple all his life. View table of contents...



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Name - Mason Warforn.

Age - 13.

Height - 5'7.

Weight - 102 pounds, dropping since the outbreak.

Hair - Black

Eyes - Aqua blue.

(( Disclaimer ))

This is the Demo version of the book; it has a short snip of the beginning. If there is any mistakes, they have probably been fixed in the copy under development :D This is the first of a few book in this series, I have already planned out the sequel. If you see something you find confusing or want changing, please leave me a comment telling me what I goofed up! :D Enjoy! ((Also, this being the Demo, there won't be much exciting stuff, mostly character building, just letting you get to know the main guy. In the Novel there will be much more interesting things going on... Trust me.))

Before the outbreak:

Well, I guess you could call me "spoilt." Whatever I wanted I had family getting it me... Instantly! I've always had my say about things, I do look back and call myself an idiot I was wrong being the way I was. I got everything... but yet threw it back in my family's face; I was one of them kids who were looked down upon because I'm not "talented" like everyone else. I can't do trick's, stunts or skate. I never really had friends at school, it's weird really. I used to lie all the time so I don't blame people for not liking me; I was just that person who was in the back of the class. Alone, mourning. My mother passed away in early 2012, since then I have took up nothing but saving money to buy her a funeral as we simply don't have the fund's to send her off as she deserves... She died of three cancers in different parts of her body, didn't smoke, do drugs, violence or anything like that. It just took out the nicest woman on earth, I'll never get the chance to say goodbye. I love you Mum...

Now? (Beginning of zombie outbreak)

I knew this day was coming, but I didn't know when it would strike. Dad called the school, asked if they could pull me out of class for a while. I went along thinking I would have to go to the dentist… I hate the dentist… Anyway, I walked down with a lady, obviously new to this school. As 90% of the way I was showing her to reception… when we got there, I saw my brother with two massive bags and my dad stood next to him. I walked over as the brunette disappeared into the reception office. I started walking over to my farther; he had a fake smile slapped onto his face. He looked down to me and said "Hey Mas, go say bye to your friends. We're going on a trip…" His fake smile faded as the last of them words dribbled out of his mouth. I didn't know how to react. I just nodded and walked back to my class, I don't think Dad knows I've got no-one to say bye to… I took this time to just stop, mid corridor and think. We're all saving up for mum… How can we be "going away" unless… He doesn't care about Mum! This knowledge bugged me so much. It can't be true! They argued, but I know they always made up! I stood straight; up from the wall I was slouching on and walked my way back to the reception.

Dad was sat down when I got back, I sat next to him. I said "I'm done, now can you tell me what's going on?" keeping a low level of concern in my voice. He looked at me, his eyes looked cold, worried. "I've been called out to Mongolia for a few months… It'll get us enough money for the send-off your mother would have wanted. That means we will be away for a while…" Dad said faintly, his voice getting raspy and faint at the end. In all honesty, I wasn't too bothered about leaving school; no-one here likes me anyway! I looked back to my brother; he had a name badge on. Some weird year 7 thing I guess… In messy writing it just read "Bill Warforn" with half a stick-man for the I. "Let's go then… Whatever needs to be done, mum would want us to be happy. This makes me happy. She needs a good send off, if this is the way we will get it, so be it." Dad smiled as he looked me in the eye. "You talk a lot like your mother Mason. Every night, you wouldn't have me reading to you… always had to be Deborah. I heard her every day until the moon came out, doing all the voices until you fell asleep." A single tear dripped from an eye onto his nose. I've never seen my Dad cry before… as I wiped my eyes, I looked at him "Mum told me, sometimes you have to cry tears, to replace them with a heart full of smiles." As I put my arms around each side of his large stomach. He lifted his head up and took a deep breath, then looked at me. "You're an amazing child… Don't let anyone tell you otherwise." He faintly said over his breaths. "Let's get to the airport then boys!" He yelled as he stood up in a more energetic matter. The car ride wasn't too good; we just stopped home, grabbed my stuff and then went. Sooner rather than later we were at Liverpool Air-Ways. Not the nicest of places let's just say... 90% of the town was litter and the other 10 was disappointed tourists! We dragged our bagged inside, trough luggage and security. Everything was fine, well apart from Bills BB gun, but we'll talk about that later…

It was a good few hours until we finally got aboard the plane. Even when aboard, it was still a good hour of two before the plane set off past Abakan then Chernogorsk and then a long flight home to good old Liverpool airport! It was horrible... I'm not talking about the plane journey; I'm talking about the sudden journey ending... On the outskirts of the Russian town "Ust'-Abakan" we started hearing things. I could only describe it as chalk on a board, the loud ear-punching scrape. We heard that, over and over again. The air hostesses told us "It was the pilots test alarms" and turned a TV on to keep us calm. This only made the whole plane more nervous... Bang's and Boom's where followed by the smoking of the wings, I remember Bill telling me that there were engine wires stored there and If anything bad happened to the engines... we'd be sitting ducks, waiting to die. The only things being heard where blood curdling screams and cry's, phone call's being made, texts and prayers. After that I remember my Dad looking at me and my brother and saying the last words I heard "Don't look, I love you." As he said that I was sure we were joining Mum, I have seen enough movies to tell what was going to happen. My breath started to slip, Instead of breathing… I was panting… I lost it, I just… Blacked out.

The next thing I remember was waking back into consciousness in half a Boeing 747 shoved inside of a luggage compartment, the only thing I could see was a note that had been sown to my jacked sleeve. The writing was blurred and tear smudged, it read: Mason, I've done this at the last second. This is all happening so quickly, if you are reading this please get out... It wasn't the crash that killed the majority of us. People are out for each-other, bloodthirsty killers! I've put you in the safest place in the plane. I don't know what they are, well I do! Bloody psycho's that's what they are! One of them got the jump on me and your brother. Took a bite out of my arm and out of bill's finger! We're just feeling a bit on the lightheaded side right now, just a little overwhelmed. I didn't want to leave you Mason... I don't even think you'll read this, Tell Deborah I love her in heaven will you little man? Love you so much try and g...." The letter ended with a pen mark followed by some red, still wet liquid. If my Dad was here, looks like he was hurt... Bad.


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