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Her Ragged Story

Novel By: WerewolfGirl

Fauxe has always been alone, the only ones who have ever loved her will be forgotten and the she is losing the raging battle inside her soul. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 5, 2009    Reads: 148    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

"He's so... Quiet. I want to get to know him better... I do, I do. I bet he could be fun and loud if he was brought out of his shell a little more... It's too bad that I'm the exact same and making friends is so hard for me." Fauxe said to herself as she watched the boy from across the room.
"Hey! Foxxy!!" Shouted Karma as she ran at Fauxe full speed, Karma and Fauxe had only been friends for 3 years and Karma had another best friend, Natalie. So really, they weren't best friends, but they were pretty good friends.
Fauxe still couldn't take her mind off of how sad and lonely that boy looked... He had his two friends sitting beside him, but they were pretty much more than just ignoring him. He was skinny, somewhat built, but not filled out... He had chocolate brown hair, and hazel eyes. He was much taller than she was; she was about 5'9", so he must have been 6'2".
"Oooooooh, Fauxe! You've been looking at him for about five minutes you know." Karma said as she followed Fauxe's gaze.
As soon as Karma said this, Fauxe flipped around and smacked the girl behind her in the back of the head, unintentionally, of course. "Oh crap... Damn I did not just do that..." She thought silently. She had hit Lynne in the head; no one messes with Lynne... No one. After all, her nice little catch phrase is 'Mess with the best and get fucked like the rest,' and Fauxe did not want to be screwed up before she got home.
"What did you just do?" Lynne turned around and her long blonde hair flipped around her neck. Her ugly face didn't scare Fauxe, she had a pig nose and chubby cheeks, she looked like she had the ears of a monkey and her eyes were beady.
"S-sorry." Fauxe just sat there in silence, as if waiting to get yelled at, like at home.
Thankfully, Mrs. Jay had started to talk and lecture us about something we didn't really do, but got blamed for, so Lynne just turned around and listened, though I am pretty sure she didn't forget about it. As Fauxe turned back to her desk, Karma was looking at her seriously from across the desk, she had her head tilted to the side slightly, and had a very solid look on her face. Fauxe just had to look away... When Karma was like this she was scary, and usually thinking.
The boy was looking down; he was deep in thought also... She liked guys who actually thought about things... They were less immature. "I want to be his friend," Fauxe had not noticed that she had said this aloud, so when Karma looked at her like she had six heads she had no idea of what happened. "What? Did I do something?" Fauxe had the most confused look on her face.
"Uhhh... You want to be whose friend, Foxxy?" Karma was also somewhat confused, and the whole class was looking at them. Fauxe's face instantly went bright red, "Did I say that out loud?" she thought silently.
"Um... Never mind. I'm sorry, Mrs. Jay, it was nothing." Fauxe quickly apologized, but then realized something, "Mrs. Jay? May I go to the washroom please?"
"Of course, sweetie." Mrs. Jay looked slightly confused too, but thought nothing of it and went back to teaching, but not after asking the boy to go after Fauxe to see if she would be okay.
Fauxe was walking down the hallway with her head down and her eyes to the floor, she was fiddling with her sweater sleeve and she looked somewhat panicked or pained.
The boy walked up beside her, and didn't say anything. He just walked with her, he acknowledged her and she him. As they walked, she stopped abruptly and looked up.
"Hi." She said this with incredibly pained eyes and a panicky voice, but she said it anyway.
"Hi." He smiled and kept on walking, he liked her.
The next day, week, month and year, they went on like this. They never said much, but they always knew how each other felt.


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