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The Werewolf Hybrid

Novel By: WerewolfGirl

Sylver is the head mistress of a school of werewolves where they train to expand their powers to the maximum limit. What she doesn't know, is that her best friend from highschool is the head mistress of the school of vampires... And she has a bone to pick. (My first bookish novel thing... So don't laugh at me!) View table of contents...



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"God dammit! We're screwed, just do it, Raye!" as those last four words left her mouth, the room stopped and the training was over.
I sighed, another failure. "Hey, at least we know that Raye can freeze if we need it," smiled my twin, well she isn't exactly my twin but she may as well be. "C'mon Syl. Don't be so down, we'll get better... Well, they will!" She's always so vain. She acts like we own this empire, well we basically do since our parents killed each other. Morbid, I know, but its true.
'Hey, man! How's it hangin'?" asks Darren, oh so cooly. He's been my best friend since grade nine. He came in grade eight with another annoying kid... I hated him in grade eight because he was annoying and mean. Then that annoying kid left and I was oh so happy! So now we're tight, yo.
"Dare! Look out!" I squealed as Dyre tackled him to the floor.
It all started when Darren 'accidentally' threw his soup at Dyre, I laughed... Ha-ha. Then, due to a teacher in the room, Dyre just glared at Dare hatefully. So we get out of the lunchroom and down the hallway to the portables when Dyre comes out of nowhere, he's good at that.
Now, before I know what I'm doing, I'm pushing Dyre into a locker violently, screaming at him to leave us alone. I pin him up against the staffroom door, feeling brutal coldness trickle from my fingertips. I back away from him and look at my fingers to see what's wrong with me. To my surprise, Dyre stays pinned against the door, frozen there... Did I do that?
Oh shit, I think to myself. Oh shit, what did I do?
End Flashback
As I sit there thinking, Darren is poking me with a straw. I blink and look at him seriously. He looks amused... Uh oh.
"Okay, what did you do to me, dorkus?" I ask in an unimpressed tone. I start looking at my clothes, then, I touch my hair. Oh my God.
I gasp, "You didn't!!" I feel my hair again, that bastard! Mashed potatoes! In my hair! "Oh... You... You... I hate you, Dare!" I leap up and run after his sorry little ass. I would morph, but I made a rule about no morphing in the house.
"Oh, you don't hate me, man!" If he really believed that, he would stop so I could show him just how much I love him!
I came to a complete halt, crouched and put both my hands on the floor. This oughta slow him down, I giggled to myself. Frost flies from my hands, coating the whole hallway in a sheer, cold ice coating. I hear a loud thud and slide over to Darren, "Not very graceful are you, bud?" He just looked up at me with sad eyes; I hate it when he does that, it kind of like... Tears you apart, but it's cute in a way too.
"CRASH!" Okay, right here, let me admit something. Phoenix isn't exactly the most coordinated wolf here, we love him, but he's clumsy. I slide over to his side and pick him up off the ice.
"Careful, hon." I giggle as he slips and loses his balance again, I guide him off the ice and put him down. "Silly, Phoenix." I smile, he smiles back.
* * *
"Hey uh, Sylver?" Soren. I love him, that's all that needs to be said. As I think, my fingers drift to the necklace Darren got me in Hawaii. "Sylver! Hey! You in there?" I snap out of my trance with a jolt, almost smacking him in the face. Oops.
"Uh... Yeah? Sorry, I was out of it." Slightly confused as to what he was talking about, I look at him, longing for him to repeat what he had said.
Finally, after a long speech of how I should listen more often, followed by a comment on how cute I am, he gets to the point.
"It was easier when you weren't listening... But I'll try." He hops off the bed and onto one knee. He pulls out a simple, yet beautiful ring. "Sylver... Will you marry me?"
My head spins, confusion taking over. I'm out like a light.


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