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Shifting Eyes

Novel By: Werewulf14

READ THIS! THIS IS THE CORRECT STORY!the other novel is a screwup. THIS is the right one. View table of contents...


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If you had asked someone to describe Briana, they would probably say she was average. Average look, average grades, average home, average friends. The only thing that really stood out about the girl was her gift with sports, and her eyes. They were gray, blue, golden-brown, with flecks of green. Like some people with hazel eyes, Briana's eyes changed color sometimes. Not that extra ordainary.
In fact, Briana was very ordinary, until one fateful night.
Briana was taking a shortcut. She had stayed over at Emily's house to long, and needed to get home fast or face the wrath of her formidable grandmother. So she was taking the shortcut through the old construction site near the woods. The site would have been an apartment complex, but for some reason, had never been finished. Her grandmother didn't like her hanging over here, because there were some shady characters that hung around this place, but Briana needed to get home fast.
In fact Briana was so absorbed in getting home in time that she didn't see trouble coming until too late.
Briana soon found herself surrounded by people.
One of them came forward. He had a knife.
"This is our land," he said, "You're not welcome here."
"I'm just passing through." Briana said.
"We don't take to kindly to trespassers!" Another one piped up. "Wotcher got t' pay?"
"What?" Briana said indignantly. "You can't demand money from people just cause you claim this place belongs to you!"
"Actually, sugar, yeah we can." Said the one with the knife menacingly.
"Well I don't have any money," She said. "So if you'd just let me pass-"
"What's in the bag?" One of them asked. Briana looked at him coldly. "None of your business." She said.
"Hand over the bag," the one with the knife threatened, "Or you'll be sorry."
Briana thought about throwing them the backpack and running. The only problem was that all her schoolwork was in her laptop, and her laptop was in her backpack. She was sure they would take it. And no laptop meant no school work. No work meant goodbye grades. Crappy grades meant no college.
"No." She said defiantly.
The man brandished the knife threateningly. "Girl," he said. "Hand over the bag."
One of the men tried to grab it from her, but Briana kneed him in the stomach hard enough to force the wind out of him, and ran. Another shouted and grabbed her arm, but she kicked him in a very painful area. He swore and let go. Briana made another desperate bid for freedom. But she was surrounded. One of them had a gun, and pointed it at her. She felt her blood rush with adrenaline that seemed to explode into every cell of her body, and then everything went black.
Briana woke up in her room. She had no idea how or when she got there, or what happened last night. It must have been a nightmare, she thought after awhile. Just a dream.
Briana felt like she hadn't slept a wink. She got up and walked to the bathroom, passing her untouched backpack. Just a dream, she thought to herself.
She had an odd, coppery taste n her mouth, and thought she should brush her teeth. Briana groggily took her toothbrush from the cabinet, squeezed out a dollop of toothpaste onto it and brushed her teeth. She spat out in the sink, and instead of the usual frothy white, it was tinged Pepto-Bismol pink. She stared at it. Something was lodged between her teeth. She pulled it out and slowly inspected it. It looked like... a shred of jean fabric. She looked at her reflection for the first time that morning. She shrieked.
"What is it, dear?" she heard her grandma ask from downstairs. "Nothing, Nothing!" Briana said panicly. "Just a spider!" Briana would rather it was spider, though.
She looked in the mirror again, mouth gaping in disbelief. Dried blood was smeared all over her lower face and mouth. She was suddenly wide awake, and looked at herself closely. The bottoms of her jeans were shredded and caked in mud, as were the sleeves of her sweater. More blood and dirt was on the tips of her fingers and under her nails. Her clothes were stretched and had rips n some places. She looked like a wild animal.
Briana stripped off her clothes and stuffed them under the trash in the garbage can, hiding them, and hopped in the shower. She furiously scrubbed her body, trying to obliterate all traces of blood and mud from herself. She scrubbed under her fingernails and brushed her teeth three times before the toothpaste was white again. After she was sure she had removed all traces of blood and dirt, she rushed to her room and hastily pulled on some clothes. I will not think about it, I will not think about it! She told herself. Briana grabbed her backpack and rushed downstairs. "There you are!" Her grandma said. "You should know, young lady, that your are grounded from your friend house until you learn to get home on time! Honestly, coming back so late last night! What were you thinking?"
"Sorry, Grandma," Briana said. "Won't happen again. Promise." Her grandma eyed her severely. "It better not." She said darkly. "Now," She said in a lighter tone, "Off you go kid! I'm not driving you if you miss your bus." Briana kissed her grandma goodbye, and then ran out the door to the bus stop.
"Hey, Briana!" Emily greeted her. Briana pushed her disturbing morning out of her head and plastered a big smile on her face for her friend. "Hey Emily! What's going on?"
"Nothing much," Emily said. "Hey, did you finish the math homework?" Briana groaned inwardly. No, she had not; in fact, she couldn't remember doing anything last night... she shook her head, banishing that train of thought from her head. "No, not at all." She sighed. Today would not be a good day.
Briana came home from school in low spirits. As she had predicted, school had been bad. Having had no homework done the previous night, Briana had received detention every day for the rest of the week. Between grounding and detention, Briana's free time was virtually nonexistent this week.
In a bad temper, Briana skulked up to her room to do her homework. She was having trouble with her math.
Downstairs her grandma turned on the TV. Briana stared at her homework, but the TV downstairs was so loud she couldn't think. She exhaled frustrated and stormed over to the staircase. "Gran!" she shouted down, "Turn it down; I can hear it all the way from my room!"
"BS!" Her grandmother shouted back. "It's always this loud." Briana marched back to her room thinking Gran must be going deaf. She sat back down, but was too frustrated to do her homework. Gran seemed to have turned down the TV, because it was less loud now, though still felt like it was reverberating through the walls. She got in bed and clamped the pillow over her head, falling asleep.
Briana was awoken by a pungent scent in her nose. She woke up and gagged. It smelled like way too much perfume and bleach, which was a bizarre combo. Briana looked around, wondering where it was coming from. She sniffed her pillow, and gagged again. Yep, that was the source. The sheets smelled like it too. She sniffed them again bewilderedly. They hadn't smelled like that going to bed.
She suddenly looked around. It was really bright. Crap! She thought, I forgot to set my alarm and slept late! Briana hurriedly got dressed and pulled on her shoes, grabbing her bag and running downstairs. Her grandma looked at her quizzically. "Whoa, slow down girl, where's the fire?"
"No time to talk, I'm late!" She said grabbing a piece of untoasted bread and cramming it in her mouth. Her Gran followed her. "Slow down girl! Your not late, it's only seven!" Briana stopped and looked at her grandma puzzled. "I'm not?" she asked. "Course not!" Her grandmother said. "In fact, I've never seen you up this early. It's 10 till seven." Briana was even more confused. "It is?" Her grandmother raised her eyebrows. "That's what I just said." Briana looked around. It looked bright enough to be noon. "But it's so bright." She said. Her grandma just stared at her. "Hon," she finally said. "The sun just came up. It still looks like dawn. It's still barely light." Briana looked around again. "But...but..." She stuttered. Her grandma looked at her funny. "Hon, there something wrong with your eyes?" She asked worriedly. "But...no. My eyes are fine." She mumbled. "Weird dream or something." She lied and went upstairs again. The place still looked too bright.
Briana when into the bathroom and looked at her reflection. She gave a start, and stared hard at her eyes in the reflection, torn between wonder and terror.
Her eyes were an amber gold color. Her pupils were larger, and the amber-gold iris's were all she could see, the whites nonexistent. If she widened her eyes, she could see them at the corners of her eyes. She was disconcerted; these were not the eyes of a human being. They looked like a cougar's eyes, or a dogs.
As she stared at them, her vision changed and unfocused, and the amber-gold eyes faded to her normal human eyes. The place was a lot dimmer, with normal human vision. Relieved, she undressed and got in the shower. However, her relief did not last. Her eyes went strange again in the shower for a minute, before fading back and again when she got out of the shower. She got dressed and while brushing her hair changed back to normal. It was very irritating, and a bit disorientating. Briana sighed and rummaged around for her sunglasses. She had a feeling this would continue all day, and she had a feeling there would be a few awkward questions if someone noticed. Plus the glasses would protect her changing eyes from the light changes.
Briana waited for the bus glumly. This was going to be another bad day.
Briana furiously copied Emily's homework in math class, hoping she could finish by turn in time and that she wouldn't be noticed copying someone else's homework.
"May I have everyone's attention please?" the math teacher Mrs. Curt said. Briana continued copying furiously.
"Everyone's attention." She glared at Briana, who promptly slid her homework under her desk and paid attention. Mrs. Curt swept her eyes around the class to make sure everyone was paying attention before continuing. "We have a new student class," She said. "Please welcome Felix."
A skinny black haired guy Briana's age walked in. As he walked past her she felt her eyes change, and her sense of smell magnified. His head suddenly whipped sideways to look at her, but he walked on without slowing down or speeding up. Her nose was still on over drive; she could smell humans and perfume and scented shampoos and deodorant and chalk and a million other things; but what interested her most was the new kids' scent, which had been blown her way as he walked past. He didn't smell like the other kids. Well, he did, but there was another smell under it. I must be going insane Briana thought glumly. She waited for her senses to fade back.
All through the day Briana's senses faded off and on, and she suffered for it. During lunch hour, the new kid sat by himself, eating a tuna sandwich and a carton of milk. Although she never caught him doing it, she felt like he was watching her for some reason. His presence seemed t creep up on her, like some strange sixth sense. Although she never saw him do anything bad or strange she felt uneasy around him, and developed a strong dislike. There was something strange about the new kid; she just didn't know what it was.
Briana was walking to the bus when she felt the strange sixth sense that told her someone was close. A second later, the new kid popped into view. Briana repressed the surge of dislike for the new kid. A strange otherness came off him in waves that made her want to shudder.
"Hi, I'm Felix." He said, offering his hand to shake. Briana looked sideways at him. "So I've heard." She said, leaving his hand hanging between him. After a second he dropped it. "So your names' Briana, right?" He said still cheerful. Her head snapped sideways to him. "How do you know my name?" She snapped. Felix shrugged. "Heard it around." Briana eyed him suspiciously. "What do you what?" She said callously. Felix shrugged again. "I was just being friendly. I don't often come across someone like me." He said. Briana was shocked, and glared at him. "What the devil do you mean like you?" She snarled. Felix ignored her. "So whose pack are you in?" He asked. Briana "What do you mean, 'pack'? What are you talking about?" She demanded. He was infuriating.
"Ah! So your a loner are you? Is this you first shift?"
"What the hell are you talking about!?" Briana growled.
"Oh, come on," Felix said. "You don't have anything to hide, I'm just like you. I know your like me, too, I can sense it."
Briana looked at him, "I. Have. No. Idea. What. Your. Talking. About." She spat between her teeth.
Felix rolled his eyes, like it was her being stupid. He looked at her, and something happened that made her hot blood run cold. "Go away," She said. Her voice rose high in fear. "Go away and never come near me again!" Briana ran to the bus. She didn't look back, but she knew he watched he run off. She sat in and empty seat and looked out the window. But the Felix was gone. She popped her headphones in her ears and tried to forget what she had seen. What had scared her so much.
For a moment they had made eye contact, Felix had had the glowing yellow eyes of a cat.
Briana washed her face and took a shower to calm down. It didn't help that her eyes kept changing.
Briana knew she should do her homework, but she was just so tired, that she just went to bed.
It seemed like she woke seconds later. What woke her was the cold. It was freezing. She must have left the window open. She felt around for her blanket. Her hand grabbed...grass?
Briana's eyes snapped open. She was not lying in her room with the window open. She was lying beneath the bushes in her backyard. Briana sat up, heart pounding. How had see got out here? She was wearing very stretched and muddy pajamas. She rushed inside, and threw her pj's in the wash, running upstairs and pulling on some clothes. It was six thirty. How had she got from her bed to the backyard? Why had she been covered in mud? She sat down heavily. She couldn't think; she was so tired, she felt like she had when she had stayed up all night. Like she hadn't even got an hour of sleep. Why was she so tired? An answer for her other question floated to the top of her groggy brain. She must have sleepwalked. That was the answer. She had sleepwalked to the backyard.
A wave of tiredness swept over her, and she fell asleep.
Someone was shaking her. She heard her grandma's voice. "Hey! Get up girl, it's a quarter til eight!" Briana's eyes snapped open. She sat bolt upright. "What?!?"
Her grandma pulled her out of bed with streangth that contridicted her years. "The bus is waiting outside!" Get going!"
Briana was glad she was already wearing clothes. She leaped out of bed, pulled on her sneakers, grabbed her backpack and bolted out the door. Just catching th bus in time.
Briana was exhausted the whole day. When she thought she could do so without getting caught, she dozed off. She was still dead tired at lunch. Her eyes were still changing under the sunglasses, and just to make her day perfect, her least favorite person came right up and sat next to her. "Felix," She said sharply, "Go away."
Felix grinned even wider. "Hey Briana."His voice was still annoyingly cheerful. "So, been outside lately?" He said slyly. Her head snapped up to look at him. "What do you mean?" Felix's grin widened knowingly. He produced a newspaper from out of nowhere, and slapped it down in from of her, looking at her as he recited an obviously memorized article on the front page. "'The bodies of five men were found brutally mauled monday night in an abandoned construction site near the woods. The bodies were so brutally mauled that police have had to use dental records to identify the bodies. The identities of the victims have yet to be released. 'We reckon it was some kind of rabid wild animal,' Said police officer Brett Langton, 'maybe a cougar. People have been dispatched to capture and destroy the animal, but until then, we urge everyone to stay as far away from the woods as possible.'"
Briana stared down at the article. A memory came to the surface, a memory of waking up covered in mud and blood...
"Monday night," Emily said. "You walked through that place back to your house that night, didn't you Briana?"
Felix stared at Briana, his grin getting still wider. "Is that so?" he said. "See anything suspicious, Briana?"
Briana looked up at him. Felix knew something about all this. She didn't know how, but that moment she was sure of it. "No. I didn't anything." She lied, staring at him. "You must have just missed it." Emily said. "You were lucky you did." Briana nodded absentmindedly. Felix hopped off the table, and the paper disappeared into his backpack. "Well, I should be on my way," he said winking. "See you around Briana." And with that disappeared down the hall.
Briana came home after school and sat down to finally do some homework. She opened her planner, and saw a piece of paper in it. She picked it up and read it.
If you need strange things explained, just call me.
- Felix Gatto
Briana scowled at the piece of paper and threw it in the garbage can beside her desk. Felix was messing with her. She wondered if this qualified for harassment.
Briana finally managed to finish her homework for once this week. She ate dinner and went to bed.
Briana couldn't sleep for once. She felt restless, like she had too much energy. After giving up trying to go to sleep, she paced in her room. She felt restless. She looked at her alarm clock. it was midnight. She still couldn't go to bed. Deciding there was no going back to sleep, she went outside for some fresh air. She sat on the back porch and looked beyond the chain-link fence to the surronding woods. She felt her eyes and senses change again, but by now she was almost used to it.
She suddenly sensed movement in the woods. She got up and walked closer to the fence to get a better look at whatever it was. She heard movement again, and saw a flash of yellow eyes.
There was something big in the woods, Briana suddenly thought she should get inside. There was something really big out there.
She turned back to her house, but found some kind of huge beast baring her way. It looked like a wolf, but was as big as a tiger and dark brown. It's paws were the size of dinner plates and armed with six wickedly curved claws. The gigantic beast bared it's teeth and growled at her. Briana unfroze, and ran. The wolf chased her. She ran into the woods, because for some insane reason her insticts was telling her it was the safest place.
Briana ran fast, but the wolf ran faster. It would catch her soon. I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die! Briana thought franticly. Her life flashed before her eyes, and a strange tingling sensation spread through her body. Her brain was practacly shut down, but her body knew what to do, it had done this once before in a time of danger...
Briana's body changed, not just her eyes and senses, but her whole body. She was suddenly running on four legs, and much faster, her paws pounding over the earth, her golden fur bleached in the moonlight...
She ran and ran, and stopped when she knew she had lost the wolf. She sat beside a stream, shaking from adrenaline and shock. She stared down at her reflection. A red-golden wolf stared back. It was much bigger than a normal wolf, about the size of a tiger, with a black stripe running from muzzle to tail-tip, with familair amber-gold eyes...
Briana stumbled into her house, clothes torn up and muddy, exhausted and shocked and scared.She had no idea what was happening, or what to do. What was happening to her? What was going on?
She suddenly remembered something. She rushed over to the wastebasket by her desk, rummaging through it until she found the piece of paper she was looking for.
If you need strange things explained, just call me.
- Felix Gatto
Briana punched in the number furiously and listened to the rings.Please, oh please, pick up. Briana prayed. He answered on the seventh ring.
"Hullo?" A voice fuzzy with sleep answered."Felix?" Briana couldn't keep her voice from shaking. "Felix, I need your help."
She heard him sigh sleepily. "Alright, Briana. Meet me at the park in thirty minutes, kay?"
"Kay." She said. She heard the dialtone as he hung up. She got cleaned up and dressed and looked at her clock. It was six thirty. She set out to the park to talk to Felix and get some answers. Briana's house was near the park, so she walked to it. Felix was waiting for her, sitting on the top of the jungle gym. It was cold out, being late september. She looked up at Felix. "Get down here."
Felix hopped down and landed on his feet. He seemed to be waiting for her to talk. "Felix," Briana said. "What is going on?" Felix grinned. "I think that would be obvious by now. So what happened that you actually called me?" Briana stared at him. "No, if anyones going to explain anything, you are going first." Felix stretched and yawned. "Very well." He said. "You are a werewolf." He said without preamble. Briana didn't deny it. She wasn't even shocked. Last night had made that much obvisous. She asked. "How can i be a werewolf if i've never been bitten?"Felix laughed. "You don't need to be bitten to be a werewolf. And since you obviously didn't do a spell to get this way, you were born one. It's hereditary."
"But neither of my parents were, and my grandparents weren't."
"The gene doesn't always surface every gereation, not even every other generation. It can remain dormant for centuries before surfacing in an individual. That's why loners like you, wereanimals that surface at random, are few and far between. It was probably your ansestors that had it, not parents or grandparents." He explained.
"And how did you know I was a werewolf?" She asked.
"Shifting Eyes." He said simply. "Your eyes were shifting, that is the mark of a wereanimal, there animal's eyes show through the closer it gets to the full moon." Briana looked at him. "Yours don't." She said. Felix laughed. "Clever. Yes, i am a wereanimal like you. I started shifting three years ago, and I found that you can hide your animal eyes, with practice. You can't, obviously, because this is your first shift. But with practice you could learn to hide your eyes too."
"What animal do you turn into?" Briana asked out of curiousity. Felix grinned. "Guess." He said. Briana thuogh about it. "Wolf?" She said hopefully. Felix laughed at her. "I would hope not."
"Your not even close." He teased.
"Getting warmer."
Briana pondered that for a while. "So what happened last night that you came to me for help?" Felix asked. Briana told him about being chased by a gigantic wolf and shifting to escape. When she finished her story, Felix was no longer smiling. He seemed deep in thought. "That was another werewolf, but i'm sure that much was obvious to you." She waited for him to continue. Felix sighed. "Alright, here's the thing. Werewolves live in packs and keep themselves secret from humans. The one who went after you was from the pack that lives around here. Because of the five gored bodies and the police looking for the creature responsible." He saw her flinch. He patted her shoulder comfortingly. "I know you probably did it in self defense, werewolves aren't killing machines that rip apart everything in sight when they're wolves, but you still left evidence, and now the pack needs to lay low. They sent someone after you because you very nearly exposed them. Shifters need to keep under the radar. They see you as a threat to the pack, a wild cub that can't control itself. Of course you aren't, but they don't know that. They will probably try to kill you again." He said matter-of-factly. Briana had not expected this. "What should I do?" She asked. "You need to show them you can control your wolf. There's a full moon gathering sunday. It's generally wolves olny, but other weres can come too. I'll take you. You might have to fight, but not to the death. If yo pass inspection, and i think you will, they'll except you into the pack."
"What if i don't wanna be part of a pack?" She said sullenly. "It's not that bad," Felix said. "There are even some people our age i bet. You guys just gather every full moon, and a few other things. It's like joining a club. Besides, You don't have many other choices."
Briana snorted. "The werewolf club." Felix grinned. "Yep. Meanwhile, you should stay inside at night until sunday, because they will most likely send more wolves to take care of you. They will try to get rid of you before the full moon, because all shifters change that night, and they're afraid you'll maul someone else." He explained.
"Great." Briana said sarcastically. Felix looked at his watch. "We should get to school," He said. "It's seven ten right now." And with that Felix disappeared. Briana walked home, grabbed her backpack and managed to bolt down breakfast before the bus rolled up.
Went Briana gothome she finished her homework and tried to go to sleep. She was restless like the night before, but stayed inside because of Felix's warning. When she managed to sleep, she dreamt of running through the woods.


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