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The Dark-man cometh

Novel By: William De Rais

The elves are being hunted to extinction and civil war is brewing in the lands of the Shen. All is left on the shoulders of an unlikely person who could stop the civil war and bring peace between the Elves and humans.

But all good comes at a cost. View table of contents...



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The Dark-man cometh

Chapter One

"The nights shall rain blood down upon thee"

Tress Denari, 10032 E.D.

It was raining as it always has, each drop sizzling as it hit the scorched ground, embers still rose from the burned grass and the trees incinerated. Smoke rose from the destroyed land blotting out the already black sky, and shadowing the moon and dipping the scorched lands into an unholy darkness. The only light that shone through the night, were the embers that rose through the rain only to be put out as soon as they left the ground. The mountains that lined the south end of the now barren lands mocked them with their full blooming trees, and long untouched grass.

The scorched lands cried… All it once had were now gone, it either burned or left it, the animals fled in every direction or perished in the flames, that much was evident as their charred bodies littered the floor of what was once their forest home.

The scorched lands cried because of those who betrayed it, the race of men that once lived in the woods and the race of elves that shared the home. The men betrayed the forest lands; they became greedy and started stealing from it. The forest was furious and attacked the men with the help of the elves that stood for the forest. War broke out and the forest suffered, it became the scorched lands, filled with the rage of the battle lost.

Hours passed and the rain began to pass, the embers had cooled, and smoke started to dissipate freeing the night sky from its choking embrace. It was only now that it had noticed, noticed the soul that lay in the center of it, laying there half dead half not. Its shallow breaths proving that it still lived and still thought, the clothes it wore were burned till they barely existed at all revealing the dark blue skin they once hid, the silver hair that it had worked so hard to take care of was now caked with dirt and mud, ash clung to it like snow in winter. The lands held out its unseen arms welcoming it into itself.

P.O.V Change (Unknown).

I could smell the burned grass and I could taste the ash, it clung to my tongue like an old piece of bread that's crumbled into just bits. I drew in another breath only for it to seize more ash in my lungs, I quickly exhaled to try and expel the ash from my body, to no avail. It cut into the thin membrane of my lungs and dragged up my throat cutting deep into the muscle and the membranes, I tried to grasp my throat and chest but my body wouldn't't't move, it couldn't't't move I could feel it but it couldn't't't move. My mind began to clear and pain started to seize it, locking in the pain my mind had gripped the pain and held it in place letting it consume me slowly, carefully.

The agony was indescribable as bouts of pain raked my body, but the pleasure of knowing I could feel was uplifting. But that was short-lived, a thunderous boom roared across the scorched plains. Soon there was a second, and a third, they became louder and grew closer, closer and closer still. Until the ground shook and they stopped all together. I became panicked and started to move but the pain continued to rake my body. The pained seared my body and mind, torching my body like a fire that never stopped spreading. I bit my lip to try and muffle a scream, I don't know why I did there was no one around to hear me scream, I couldn't't stand it anymore I let out a loud exasperated groan which built up into a blood curdling scream. It felt good just to scream, it was a release for pain so I did it again and again, I screamed until my voice was hoarse and dry. Another boom sounded, the ground shook and plume of dirt was thrown in the air a few yards away, it rained down on top of me covering my bare skin in more dirt than I cared for. Another sounded and more dirt rained, closer this time, the fear took over now I had to get away from there, I had tried standing up but the pain that took my body by storm was now pouring back as I tried to move. I was in a frenzied panic trying to force my body to move.

There was a loud grinding noise like steel being dragged across a small iron bar, that's when it hit me, someone was drawing a sword. I could already feel the cold steel piercing my flesh as the sound had silenced, I had let the fear drown me and have its way but now it was gone, in the face of death I Had not't felt any fear it felt… Good, yeah it felt great; it made me feel just so alive I started laughing. I could hear the man who had pulled the sword, his leather boots making a silent whine as he stepped through the scorched lands. "What's a doll like you doing out 'ere?" His voice deep and thick with an accent I didn't't know where it came from. I moved my eyes to where he stood. Clad in leather from his head to his toe. "Excuse me miss, can you speak?" I tried to shake my head to tell him no, "English? Spanish? Or are you one of them crazy forest fuckers?" He asked his voice grim at the end of his question. I nodded slowly. "Wrong answer." He shot forward and the steel dug into my skin just above my chest, it wasn't't the jab that hurt but the steel was burning my skin almost like a branding iron, he ripped it out but the burning remained. "Well I'd hate to kill you, so I can make you an offer before that happens." I just looked at him dumbfounded at his complete calm in this matter but, my eyes wandered to the steel it was two feet long and the first six inches of it painted with my blood. "Now, I could kill you yeah but I'd much rather the Taurus that roam around 'ere eat well tonight." He paused to let the image sink in. "Or, I can bandage you and you live by my side as a hand-servant." He finished with a slightly evil grin on his scarred pale face. I closed my eyes thinking between the two, the Taurus wouldn't't be a quick death, they prefer eating prey alive, but traveling as a hand-maid and having to do anything he says, I'd rather die. I opened my eyes to deliver my answer but I caught something gleam out the corner of my eye and closed my eyes again. The man grew impatient and crouched down by me, he placed the sword across my stomach and the burning resumed and the pain grew to great that I had to scream, I tried to move to knock the sword away but he held it fast and pressed it down harder as I struggled more. I could hear him laughing as he tortured me, my eyes were closed but could still see him smiling and I could feel the sword burning through each layer of skin. And just as I had started to give in something rang out and the thick burning eased up, I opened my eyes and the man above me was gone and there was a new sound, the sound of something being dragged away from me. I closed my eyes and let the pain consume me once again.


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