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Light of Aras: Discovery

Novel By: Wingsword

*Completed* Twelve years ago, Alana had no idea a certain incident would change her life forever. That is, until now. When she is told that as a Celestial Protector, she is to gather the Five Elemental Gems to unlock the Eternal Stone before others use its power for their own purposes, Alana couldn’t be any more reluctant. Accepting her fate, she is joined by two other Celestial Protectors and a Guardian Dragon who guide and support her journey. Perhaps Alana will discover more than just her power and bond with her companions, but her Self as well.
*The first novel in the Light of Aras trilogy
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Submitted:Feb 15, 2010    Reads: 526    Comments: 48    Likes: 21   

Chapter One: Wish

"Hmm?" A small girl looked around as she found herself in a world of semi-darkness, standing in a circular area of smooth yet warm stone. She knelt down, feeling the floor, and gasping when she realized that it was all real. A gentle breeze swept the clearing, and several strands of her dark hair rustled about as she stood up again.

Alana looked up to see a small sphere of white light slowly making its way towards her.

Maybe the light could tell her where she was! Putting her hands around her mouth, Alana called, "Hello? Can you hear me?"

"When I was wandering alone in the darkness, I heard her voice," came a gentle reply.

Alana whirled around. "Is there someone here already?" she asked herself aloud.

But there was no one. Cocking her head, the girl turned back to look at the light; it was nearing her face now.

"Wow," she whispered, her deep blue eyes widening as she reached up to the light.

"I went to her, and I could see light within the girl. I was filled with nostalgia," said a gentle voice once more.

Alana stared at the warm white light now floating above her hands. "Are you talking? I didn't know light could talk..." the girl smiled.

"Our hearts were born at the same time," said the light. "That's why there seems to be a lack of being whole within you."

"I see," said the girl. Though confused, she felt she somewhat understood the light's words. It was true; ever since she was a year old, she felt emptiness within her, but never knew why.

But the mere presence of the talking light was enough to fill her with happiness now. A small smile played at her mouth as she looked at the floating sphere.

"But now I have to sleep again. I need a safe place to be," the light responded.

Alana's eyebrows furrowed.

"Are you sad?" she asked softly, still holding the gentle, warm light in her small hands.

There was a pause. Then, the light said, "Can I sleep with your heart?"

The girl smiled. "If that won't make you sad anymore, then you can. My heart loves being with other hearts."

"Thank you," said the light, relieved.

The sphere of white light made its way toward the girl's chest, the girl's hands also guiding it in. Her chest glowed with a soft white light as Alana sighed, smiling at the sudden warmth and appreciation that blossomed within her. She put her hands across her chest, closing her eyes and savoring the feeling, a soft smile at her lips.

Alana opened her eyes, and saw the dark night sky dotted with tiny diamond stars again, a cool breeze ruffling her hair. In the distance, she heard the waves against the beach as she clenched the soft, warm sand in between her toes.

"What happened?" asked Dennis, her best friend, who was a couple years older than Alana as he stood beside her.

Alana turned to look at him, smiling. She wiggled her toes in the white sand.

"I think my wish was granted," she grinned at him. Then she turned to look up at the sky once more, and giggled softly.

Dennis, too, faced the sky again, a content smile upon his young face.



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