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A mad fantasy

Novel By: witch fang

Jenny, or Jen jen lives with her familly of five including her, her mom, her step dad and her two half brothers Jhon and Michael. Who are all, excepting her of course, completley bonkers!!! OUt of their head, journey with the wee folk, bark raving mad! So what happens when you come home one day to find this madness may in fact be either truth or contagious? It's a thin line between magic and madness and right now Jens on the fence as to which catagory she'd rater place herself. View table of contents...



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I never saw it as a problem. Just another part of my daily routine. The fact that my entire family, which would include my mother, father, half brothers Jhon and Michael, were all insane. Didn't really bother me. My mother met my step dad while she was pregnant with me, and had my two younger half brothers soon after. From a very early time I noticed strange things going around. Like how my brothers used to have really convincing conversations with imaginary people. And some times they'd speak in a dofferent language. My younger brother, John, the middle child. Is a genius artist and poet. Though some times misunderstood as a rebellious and broding youth, he actually is just reall shy. Well any way,he used to draw pictures of strange things, some times looking up as if he were skethcing them from life. MY youngest brother, Michael, has the voice of an angel. But has been mute since he was six. He is also very with drawn and afraid of large crowds or big spaces. But it's not just my brothers. It's my parents too. I dont know how to explain it. BUt it's like how they just subconciosly move and talk and maybe set out anothe place at the table, as if manipulated by some other force. Some times they'll walk as if going around some body, or talk very quitly as if some one is sleeping near by. When I was young I used to get really depressed about that. I was really worried for their sanity, and secretly, my own. I got teased a lot ar school too. It was one day eight years a go that I first hit some one in the face for taling smack about my familly. He had it coming and you know what? It felt really good. That satisfaction of having protected some thing very dear to me. Since then I've worked hard to become the gaurdian my familly needs. I've taken classes in every knmown martial art or fighting form known to man. Now people know better not to talk about my familly and thoiugh I worry for their sanity I still love them.

"HEy mom!" I said setting my bag on the becnh and slipping off my shoes. "HI, hun! After you get changed, could you feed the dog? He's so grumpy lately." I peeked into the kitchen. Mom was sitting on the kitchen bench reading a childrens book to her flowers. Poor mom. I'm the only sane one here. I walked up to my room, smiling and humming a little. I'm sixteen now, and just in case I forget , let me tell you about myself. I'm tall at Five foot nine. But my dads 6 foot 2 so-shrugs shoulders-. I have long waist lenght dark hair that I'm going to cut short when i turn seventeen. I have long limbs which are entirely muscle. I have one tatoo, that I got for my sixteenth during a trip to the islands. It's of a winged dragon that takes up most of my back. It's black and white mostly, with the occasional sheen of blue and lavender. Closing my bed room door behind me, I started getting unchanged when I heard the ensuite door open. I pause and turned, my shirt off, in only my bra and jeans. There was a man standing there. Why? He was tall, pale and beautifull with long limbs he was about 6 foot two and in only a towel.He didn't just shine, he fucking glittered. He had short final fantasy or Riku from kingdom hearts, silver hair. Big yellow cats eyes and pale lips. He smiled at me and then made him self comfortable on the sofa near the window. I screamed.

We were all there. Me, John, Michael, mom, dad and the strange hot guy who barged in on me. "So your saying you can see them now." My mom said smiling rainbows.

"See? Them? Who thehell is them?" I was glaring at the hot guy across from me who looked at me with an easy tilt to his head and half lidded eyes. There was lazy smirk on his beautifull face that enraged me to no end. "I. Am them." He said spreading his hands and shrugging in a casual gesture. "And them being pretty ass holes with poofy hair?" He smiled, his teeth taking on a strange shape. Were those---fangs???


"We're clairvoyants darling." Dad said scratching his head, "I am and so are the boys. Your mother is a witch though and up until now we thought you had no power."

"Turns out that your just a late bloomer is all." Mom said smiling. "Darling I'm so glad you-"

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Hold up a second! Explain him! First!"

"Well-" mom said looking away-"He's a vampire and-uh-"

"I'm nineteen single and a capricorn. I love sunsets, long walks on the beach and have been boarding with you, in your room, for two years."

"Two years.SO, that means, I-"

"Uh huh." HE said nodding his head. "I know you. See you. Every thing." I flipped. I jumped him and just started punching him right in the face. Over and over and- he just laughed! That bastard!!! "Go on!" He said laughing."Punch me harder! That the best you got!"

I screamed and kept hitting him till my knuckles bled. "Oh darling!" Mom said pulling me off him and hugging me tight. "Calm down sweetie, calm down. It's okay, Jullian would never harm you. WOuld you Jullian?" Mom said looking at him like he was some kind of fucking saint. JUlllian put his hand to his mouth and I heard a click as he reconnected his jaw. HE smiled innocently. "No miss Fleetwood.Never."

Or at least not with you in the room.

"What was what, Jen jen?" MOm said smoothing my hair.

They can't hear me JEn jen, he said mockingly. I'm telepathing my thoughts to you.

I bolted out of there, holding the door open to scream- "Stay out of my room!" And then in my head, And stay the fuck out of my head. I ran.

NOt likely Jen jen, HE replied chuckling darkly. NOw that you can see me... I'm just starting to have my fun.

Returning from the park, I had been out for a few hours. By now dinner would be ready and they would probably be sitting down to eat. MOm, Dad, Michale, John and JUllian. I couldn't go in there. NOt knowing that he knew me like that. That he knew every thing I had ever kept secret behind closed dooors, I would rather die than face that right now. So I crept through the gate seperating the front and back yards. Dolce, my dog was sitting next to the tree my tree house was built into. HE was looking at themoon with the forlorn look I loved so much. And then, suddenly, he tilted his head back and leat out a blood curdling howl. OHMI-NO! NO! IT COULDN"T BE! I stumbled forward and hid behind a tree as I watched him stand up on two long, lean legs. SHruging off the dog coat he picked it up with one hand and hung it on a near by tree branch. If I weren't so entranced by what was happening I would have noticed the thing he had shrugged off now looked like a brown coat. Beautifull and lush. HE was six foot four with broad shoulders and shapely, muscled limbs. A long mane of beautifull black gold hair that ran down his back like a water fall of sunlight and shadows. Turning his head towards me, I saw he had a strong chin and a noble nose that softened his face. lips that looked like he was whistling lightly and eyes that shone a dark and forlorn gold. And then he saw me. His face took on an oddly perplexed look and, ten, realising I could really see him, startled. I ran.

So review. In one day I've discovered that I've been boarding with a vampire for two years and my dog just turned into a man. Obviosly, madness is contagious and I've been exposed to it for FAR to long. Ugh, some body shoot me.


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