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NAtalie is nineteen and with her mothers mystic abillities and her fathers skill and strict discipline she's risen to the top of the list to become respected as the worlds best killer. Enter a world where the creatures who lurk behind door ways and under beds are all real and when you want some one dead al you need is the right card. NOw some one different from all the usual presidental and roal representatives has NAtalies card, and he wants some one special gotten rid of. Some one, lut of the ordinary. View table of contents...



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It was a million to one shot that I would miss. About two miles off with a strong wind from an impossible angle eleven stories up. I was nineteen but I was the best and they knew it. That's why they chose me. I steadied my rifle, reconfigured the zoom and dial before taking aim. It's then that you're really put to the test. Just before the shot 'cause then all the steadying breaths in the world wont cool the sweat running down your back, or stop your hands shaking. Only experience and practice will do that, and I had a lot of that. To much of that for my own damn good but what else could I do when all I know is how to kill? I second chechked it, waiting, waiting, now!

It was a million to one shot that I would miss and every one asks you why you missed. No one asks why you shot. I guess they all assume you had a good reason. My reason was money. It's all ways money.

He handed me the suit case. He was a short, squat, untidy man. His dull beady lttle eyes sunken in his rolls of sallow grey flesh. I gave the suit case full of my money back to him.. "Open it" I said and he started to sweat. He handed it over to one of his goons beside him. Nuh-uh. Bad move. That's my money your dealing with bitch. I unholstered my gun to fast to see and shot the guy with the case. At that close a range, it would be a closed casket for sure. HE dropped to his kness, his knuckles white and clenched on the case. The fat man jumped back. There were blood stains down his shirt and he swiped at them uselessly. Wrong day to wear white, huh? I pulled the case from the dead mans hands, and handed it back. "Open it." A fresh wave of sweat broke out on his forehead and I took nine steps back. Slowly, So he saw that I knew. He gave a weak laugh and tried to hand it to me, but I shook my head and smiled. "You first senator". He looked at the silver surfave of the case. Ran his fingers over the clasps and I could see him. In his head. Thinking, shiit. What the fuck have I got myself into. If only if I had skipped work today. If only I didn't work for the goverment. If only I was a better person. HE flipped the first clasp up, no boom. By now he was shaking badly. I wondered how long they'd make him sweat. He tucked his thumb under the second clasp, and I steeled myself for the earth shattering boom. This is what you get see, when you try to put a bomb in my money. "Wait!" Oh? So soon? And we were just getting to the good part. A thin woman in gray suit came running up to me. She had her dark hair pinned up and was badly out of breath. Like she had ran all the way here. Well, I could under stand. Wouldn't want to be late in all. She handed me a second silver caase, and this one I opened myself. I gave it the once over. I had been tought to recognise a counterfeight at a glance. "Good." I said shutting the case. I shook her hand tight and Senator Kelli's as well. HE looked scared and gratefull and nervous all at the same time. " Been nice working for you, tell your president I said hi. And oh, if he tries to fuck with my money again-" I leaned in close and whispered-" tell him that he'll be the one of the other side of my lense. Get it?" He shook his head feverently. I smiled. I have three rules. Three. Rule number one: Dont fuck with my money.

Rule two: Dont lie to me. One thing I cant stand is liars.

Rule three: Is a rule just for me. And it's some thing my mother told me not to forget. You'll never be the housewife type natalie. You belong crouched in clock towers and watch towers, with a M 40 on a cold night, taking aim at some arse hole in a top hat and suit. Pretty morbid thing to say to an eight year old ,huh? Yeah, well, I'm fucked up like that.

The next few days I spent on the shores of Rio,sipping pinya colladas and spending my hard earned cash. Every one thinks golf or rap or even law is the greatest grossing job in the world and who ever said that obviosly had never tried killing people for money. It really isn't that hard. When I got a call.

"Hello miss. My name is Duarto Felice. I've got a calling card for a death dealer named Ace."

"Ace huh? Sorry but Ace is on vacation right now. Try calling in a month or two.." I said sipping from my drink. It had one of those pretty umbrellas in it.

"I hear he's expensive. Three hundred thousand dollars per assasination."

"Very expensive. Sure that you can afford it?"

"I'll give you two million." I tried not to choke on my drink.

"Okay. YOu have my undivided attention now, Duarte. Where and when?"

"Meet me a few blocks from where you are now at the Cape cafe in one hour."

"one hour, I-" HE hung up. That bastard hung up. I didn't want to go, I fought the money lust but it was to damn strong. So I ended up going.

Now most of my clients are very smartly dressed but this was beyond that. From his clothes to his hair to his perfect good looks. HE was rake thin and had those wicked semi crcle glasses. "Duarte?" HE looked up, an all ready composed smile on his perfect face. "Yes miss? I'd like a iced milk shake please. Chocolate." I felt like shooting him in the head righ now. "I'm not a waitress. I came over here-"

"Ah. I see. Well, I'm sorry but I'm not interested in a relationship."

"Neither am I-"

"Oh. Well-"He gave me this smile which would have no doubt sent dhivers down my back, if I were any one else. "-I'm not interestedin THAT either, now, run along." I suddenly got the image of him sitting on gargol;es smoking a cig before leaping off and into the night on dark leathery wings, and every inch of me wanted to bolt. THat, plus his untamed arrogance, made him interseting.

I sat down and he looked up like he was going to explain more but stopped when he saw the look I was giving him. "Oh. You must be the representative Ace sent." Unsuprisingly, everyone thinks I'm a man. "No, DUarte. I am not a representative. I AM Ace." For a second he looked taken back and then abashed at his last few remarks and then, once he realised I didn't give a fuck. Calm. "YOur legend presides you, Ace. That's why I've come to you."

"That's why they come or so I suspect."

"Yes. There is no challening you are the most efficient killer in the world, and, I've heard rumours of your clarevoiyance."

"Their not just rumours," I answered bitterly. MY mother was one and when I turned ten, her gift was transfered to me. I could comune with the stuff of myths, legends and night mares. I could see glimpses of the future, read minds,( which explains how I knew about the case bomb)- and make a shield to protect me mentally and physically. He didn't seem suprised by my take on my so called gift. Instead he smiled sympathetically, rested his hand on mine for a moment and then took it away. The sudden contact left me chilled and slightly unsettled. "That's another reason I called you. The.......creature, I want killed is not....of average standard."

"No problem. Peasant or prince, I dont care."

"Well he is of royal lineage but it's more his race than his standing that will be the problem." Alarm bells rang in my head. Creature? Race? Clarvioyant? What the fuck could he- Oh no! Oh no, no way. I stood up straighter and looked at the clenched fists in my lap. "Duarte. Am I right by assuming you wish me to kill....some thing not of this world?"

"If by that, you mean, am I asking you to assasinate Kaname, prince of the pure blood vampires, then yes." I stood up, to angry to be lured by money. "I kill men not monsters!" I said storming off.

"What's the difference?" He called after me and I felt some thing dark and tangable come after me and tie me to that spot. Stroking my hair, cajoling me with it's silent words. What was the difference? Really? Fangs and wings? Did that really matter? I turned. "Four million and you lose my card."

He grinned and this time I did shiver. "Done." He replied.


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