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Death is coming and DAMN! HE IS HOTT!!!

Novel By: witch fang

THIS is my first story about a boy, so playa, dont hate. It's about death, the person, not the state. He's adopted the name Dimitri and with his side kick Kiskkie, he's out for your soul, and your heart. Mmmmm, he's yummy. And, a total bad ass. HE may not have the same tude but he's got a frosty temper and a class belongs to a gentle men of the eighteeth century. Girls and boys-( if your that way inclined)- beware. View table of contents...



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There was a dark stillness to the world that made the bones grow weary and the flesh feel tired. The blood chilled but theheart beat and breath went on . Here was a land of harmony and twilight and unchanging landscapes under a black sun and unforgiving winds. There was a ruler here, thouigh he never stayed long enough to appreciate his quiet realm of inbetween. His title was death, grim reaper, boat man of the river styx, and many other things. IN human text he was regualarilly seen in a dark hood. Skeletal, handling a sythe and morbid tone. IN reality though, he was quite attractive. With blue black hair and eyes that changed from vivid violet to endless black and pure, savage amber.He was deathly pale with a perfectly symmetrical face and slender neck. Broad yet slim shoulders and a six pack with slenderly muscled arms and legs. HE wore all black with silver lines and a high collarthat dropped to a slit down from his nect to navel. Showing of a pirate shirt that looked positivley Jack sparrowish. And balck pants that cut so close----(drools)........ The only flash of collar being the red rose he carried in his front breast pocket. "Eragon.." He whispered lounging in his throne made of silver and skulls. Whether they were real or not, was still to be questioned. "YEs, lord De- Dimitrir." Eragon said quickly correcting himself. Death may be his title but Dimitri was the name he had chosen for his self. Eragon was and had been his servant for man, many years. ANd had learned some thing about the young master. HE WAS YOUNG> No matter what time may say. "Eragon, I am bored."

"Yes master."

"I wish to go to the human world."

"MAster, if you dont mind me saying, but you went yesterday. And the day before that and the day before that-" True. HIs masters visits to the land of the living had been more and more frequent since the time he had given him a name.

"Well? Are you oposing me, Eragon?" Dimitri said flattening him with a single dark glance. "No! No, of course not! I just-"

"Shut up EWrago." Dimitri said walking towards the rack that had magically appeared before him. BUt of course. This was his realm. And took his top hat and cane. "Kishkire!" He said calling for his furry companion." The winged ball of fluff with the big blue eyes, stirred and woke with a happy- "Whupp!" And soared towards him. "Letting all those duskers carry out my work. I wonder if they've been good?" HE said dissapearing with a heart shattering smile. Master, Eragon thought. WOuld all ways be young. That's why it hurt the most seeing all those hidden years in his smile.

Dimitri arrived in one of the back alleys of New york. The smells of diseaes and past death hung in the air like pollen in the park. HE took a deep breath and strode out into the mid day sun. Every thing was so-BRIGHT> ANd so-ALIVE> HE could FEEL death but he could also FEEL every thing else as wel. Love, hate, life, anger,joy,sadness,frustration. And---some thing else. But it was still to far off to pinpoint. A devil maybe? No. To strong. Upper class devils knew better than to step into his realm. So what was it? "HEY YOU!" He was suddenly bowled over and thrust back wards. HE looked up, not even winded at the young girl who, after a quick observation had saved him from, LAugh, death by the means of a speeding fourten wheeler. "Oh."

"Oh? Is that all you fucking have to say after I saved your life you ungratefull little-" She stopped mid sentence. No doubt intranced by his natural aura of darkness, mystery and charm. "uh-" He smiled his dahingly, dancing-with--devils smile and stood up. Lifting her with one arm as if she weighed nothing and still smiling , "Thank you miss, Renei Williams. Your assistance was much appreciated." He set her down on the ground and magically brang a silver comb of real silver plated bone, out of his pocket. Quiclky and effectivly, he began resyling her hair and seeing the tear in her mini skirt, kneeled down and brsang out a sewing kit made from the same stuff.At this point she regained thought.HEY! What the fuck do you think your doing?"

"Your dress. It has a tear."

"And?" She said glaring downat this gorgeously beautifull and polite young man. How he knew her name was of no consequence. She was Renei,super modelWho didn't know her?

"Please miss. Let me repay your efforts with this small kindness."


"I promise I will be quiick and believe me when I say I will not tr any thing untoward you." NOw this was strange. This guy was dressed like a pre punk goth but spoke like and eighteenth century gentle men. COuld this be for real. Amazingly she nodded and he set to work. In a matter of seconds he was done and stood with a smile on his amazingly pale face. "There. Allmost good as new." Reina, al ways threw out what ever clothes had been dirtied or broken in the slightest way. No matter how good the repair. BUt now, she had some sudden strange vision, that even if he had cut, she would keep it. Hidde deep in her closet as a reminder of the beautifull boy she had rescued. "I shall depart, now miss."

"Wait,uh-" She grasped his wrist adn pulled him back. "Um- Could you- I mean, would you mind? " What was happening? She was usually so cool around men. She didn't need to ask. He should have to beg. Grasping some of her old cocky certainty, she spoke, "Come and grab some cofee with me."

Dimitri looked at the woman. He all ways had this affect on woman and some times males, why he didn't know. BUt he didn't mind. "okay."

So they went and got cofee, which had been much improved since ancient times but he missed it's rustic after taste. "This is good."

"Mmm, I love you here. I mean IT! I love it, here!" Dimitri could see she was feeling flustered and embarresed, and in some small part, to try and relieve some of that negative emotion. He took her hand in his andd kissed it lighly. Her heart rate raced to elated sppeds and he smiled at her as he set her hand down and continued to drink his cofee. Reading her mind, she no longer felt embarresed but very confused and happy. A sudden lurch in his chest as his cold heart turned over. Was that sadness? For the poor super model Reina who would die for her beauty. Bullimia. WHere do they find the time, to create new diseaes among war machines and other things? He would never know. When his people had first been born they had all been born with two thirsts. One was greed, the destroyer of man. And the other was a longing to be with him. So many mortals craved for death, that they all eventually returned to him. So was their fate. He decided to converse with Reina. as this would probaly be the last time to do so. Her time came quickly, In a month or two. And as they spoke he felt some thing change in her. Confidence? An hour passed and he felt it, the strange thing was approaching fast. "This has been wonderfull. Thank you, for you comapanionship, but I must take my leave."

"uh-" She looked at him as if she wanted him to stay but then thought betterof it. "Okay. Good bye."

As he turned to wave good bye he saw the number above her head change and flicker. NOt a month. Years. HE had, by some strange twist of fate. Death had extended her life. He laughed with real joy in a long time, but then stopped ubruptly. A thought blooming behind his suddenly amber eyes. Dark and untested. What if he-Death-were to choose who he took and when? It would be interseting to try out.And mean while, the strange thing came closer and closer. Defining itself as it approached. Becoming taller, stronger, more beautifull and more graceful. And still it approached, searching for the pretty thing it had seen from heaven. Where was it. Look. It had been so beautifull. Cloaked in darkness but not dark and not light either. Not mortal, a life whos days had never been or couldn't been counted. Where was the pretty one? HE searched.


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