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Also action and Romance.Deathbe Alone, was her taken name and she's never regreted a single moment since then. Raised as a very violent and some how naive huntress, she's spent most of her life underground with her four protective, and beastly older sisters. Each who were raised by their equally violent and clueless father. BUt now it seems, while hunting the terrrifying stratagorii-(the blood drinkers)- a portal to above ground has opened. How will Deathbe handle life on the surface. And what about the monsters struggling under ground. HAs Deathbe just, unwittingly unleashed a plague of torment in the unsuspecting top-goers? And what will she do about the monsters here? View table of contents...



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The light is always dim, my daughters. It is in troubled times, we ourselves must shine.

Deathbe always remembered her fathers words whenever she was chasing a monster. When her body wasn't 100 percent her own, when it was given over to the pure instinct of the hunt and her mind was some where above her self. It was always those words that she remebered. Now, chasing the stratagorri beneath the pipes, while the dull glare of the councills flurescent lights shone on her eyes, those words rang in her ears. "Sister!" She ducked instinctively, narrowly missing the hunk of rotted flesh that had been thrown back at her. She scowled, her brow furrowing with disgust. She knew, if she turned, she would see the exact same expression on her sisters face. The stratagorri, the red eyed blood drinkers to which she and her sisters had dedicated their lives to exterminating. Were a disgusting, corpse like breed of near immortals. They were awesomely fast, amazingly strong and their fangs and claws were poison to the touch. Besides that, their only weaknesses were light, fire and a well placed blade. Since they lived under ground, they only had two out of three, but it would be enough.

"Watch it!" Desolation called out to her. She moved like she had been trained to move. At the oppurtune moment, using the most minimal amont of force nessecary. She dodged the smoking severed hand, it passing only a hairs breath in front of her face. She recognised it from it's previous owner and grit her teeth. "Des!" She called out, her feet still moving even as her mind spiralled.

"Yeah, what is it?" Desolation Blaze was the oldest of her sisters and the most irritable. In a hunt though, she was the most likely to die fighting with you. She came around the bend a moment after Deathbe, but it only took a moment for her to recognise the stinking piece of flesh on the ground. She swiped it up using a piece of cloth from inside her leather jerkin and carried on, with out pausing. Deathbe didn't look back to see the darkening expression on her sisters face.She already knew what it looked like and it suited her name well.Already she could picture the hollow eyes, two pits of perfect darkness. And the taut spiralling fury in her chek bones and the set of her jaw. They carried on, each of them alternatly increasing their pace. Feeding off each others darknes. Until they finally caught up with the creatures. Their were three of them. And in the cross roads of the underground, under the pale glear of the lights, their oily white skin glistened like wet leather. Their dull red eyes did not gleam, they only time they did that was when their blood lust was momentarilly sated. Both sisters felt for their swords as they readied their attack. The three stratagorri looked at them, their gaping maws hanging open to reveal sharp needle like teeth. The two longest fangs, nearly a foot long, and protruding over their bottom lip. The two sisters looked at them, their faces a mixture of fury and horror. Trailing form one of the creatures mouths was definately a finger bone. The sisters withdrew their blade. Deathbe held the sliver of night known as Azrael and her sister, it's twin, Abbadon. Their faces slowly degenerated into a fascade of utmost calm. The sound of their blades being unsheathed severed the building tensions.

The stratagorri were the first to move.

Just like the sisters who now faced them, the stratagorii moved and fought as a single unit. Thrashing and hacking like diffent part of a machine, the sisters reacted in turn. Hacking at any part that wasn't one of them.

"Sister! This is sport. I want them to suffer but..." Deathbe said slashing of one staratagorii's hand. It howled in pain.

"...They are a pitifull excuse for enemies. Iknow sister." Des respnded, delivering a sharp kick to the chest that sent one flailing. THe two sister saw their chance and sent their blades clashing together, so they caught each other on the blades edge. Right in the middle of one of the stratagorri's neck. The creature fell to it's kness, and then dissapeared. Becoming a shining glittering mass of rainbows and star dust.

Only in death are they beautifull. This fact, strenghtens our resolve in our ways. It proves to us that by killing them, we are adding beauty to the world.

These words were also her fathers and she focused on them as she cornored the last creature. It did not crouch in a corner or weep. That perhaps, was the only admirable thing about the monster. The fact that it was either to stupid or proud to beg for it's pitifull existance was the only thing that made it a worth while opponent. Still, she ended the duel with one well placed swipe and the monsters head rolled off its body and it turned into glitter. She looked over at her sister who was by now, replacing the creatures glittery remains into a long glass vial. Deathbe nodded and walked home by her self. It was a boring and arduos thing, gathering enough glitter to perform the vengence ceremony if any one was killed in the attack. And though Deathbe regarded her traditions with utmost respect, shefelt really creeped out by the vengence ceremony.. It had always been said that if thevengence ceremony wasn't carried out, in which the killers remnants are given to the angry and wronged spirits of the dead, theirghosts would hang around.Slowly depreciataing and sickening the entire city.She shuddered at the thought.

Just then-


The groind above her shook wildly and suddenly the walls were moving towards her. She ran. Fast. But the ground was faster, so she narrowly escaped the tubmling debree. "What is this?" She thought, her feet making short thuds on the uneven ground. And then she tripped. And every thing went dark.

"How is she doctor?"
"Fine.Amazing actuallly. And it seems she was found near route twenty nine. They were building a new pipe system. I wonder how she got down there? Huh?"

"Probably just another stray." The speaker was a tall man, dressed expensively and wearing an expression that was neither friendly nor hostlie. He stood absolutely still as he examined this new patient. She was tall and leanly built, every inch cord like muscle under brown skin. Her dark hair was not the model brunnete he preffered on woman, rather it was a dark mud like brown that was cut short. Kind of like a dogs. He smiled inwardly at his own joke. She was not unfortunate looking, he supposed. But she was nothing to rival the beauties he associated with. He wondered what LEttermans particular intrest was with this girl. Surely his tastes havn't receeded that far, yes?

"So you are here to pick her up, as a n older brother yes? Well, that's fine. I'll just need some I-D and I have some papers you can sign." THe doctor toddled off happily oblivious to the vampire he had jsut left alone. Seiri really pitied mortals like that. HE turned around to see the girls eyes had opened and she was staring right at him. HEr eyes were violet. Dark and blazing.

"Who are you."She sat up and stretched. "You smell funny"

How rude. "It must be my cologne," Seiri said siting down on the bed. HE put in place the smile he always wore when dealing with females. One of polite, sincere intrest and charming innocence.

Deathbe wasn't fooled. Instead she grabbed his hair, which he had spiked that morning wih gel and pulled him to her so their eyes were level. "But you smell really suspicous." Then she licked his face.

"Ugh!What the-" He didn't finish his sentence before she had landed a punch to his perfect face. She leapt out of bed, in only a hospital gown and spat at him.

"Startagorri!" What the hell, have I got myself into? Seiri thought diving behind a table


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