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"And that's when I shot him. He fell back with a heavy thud and every one turned to gasp at me. Holding the gun in front of me I pointed it at his chest and fired till I ran out of bullets. Damn, now I would have to buy more. After replacing the gun in its hilt at my belt, John knelt down and rested his hand on the guys heck. "He's dead." He said with a morbid certainty. "Well of course he's dead." I said rolling my eyes. The figure on the ground moaned theatrically before sitting up and shooting me a dirty look. "-But vampires are slightly harder to kill." View table of contents...


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Morgan was a good name. A good name I had chosen for myself,today. Day of names. It would encompass me while still being secretive and with out being over bearing like some names were. Jane and Genna were nice too, but Morgan just seemed more me. "Morgan?" Anna said , one eye brow raised. Anna was small, though she thought herself slightly taller.older than me and was allways skeptikal of some thing or another. "Yes. Morgan." I prided mydelf on being decisive and a quick thinker. If I couldn't be beautifull or naturally athletic and gracefull like Anna was, I would have to settle for being clever. Anna quieted and thought silently as we walked to school. As we neared the schools entrance she stopped me and pointed at a tall boy with his backs to us. Talking animatedly to the blushing, gushing mother of one irritated Anna. Annas mother is a head shorter than her allready tiny daughter, but makes up the difference with VERY high heels.She's also the schools principal.She's blonde like her daughter and as optimistic and talkative as Anna is pessimistic and silent. Anna walked towards her mother, fuming allmost audibly as I trailed behind. She smiled a wicked smile and laid a heavy hand on the young mans shoulder. I dont know what she said, and am more gratefull for it. For I truly believe that if I had heard my ears would have bled and I would be deaf to the world for the rest of my days. No one tried to court Annas mother for a while after that and the young man was never seen again. "Anna....your going to have to let her go one day." I like to think of myself as mature which probably makes Anna aincient. She nodded slowly but narrowed her eyes. "I suppose I will learn to let go as she learns to act her age."

We live in a small town, strike that, village. Called Mariposa. It's a small population of maybe two hundred people. Every one knows every one and has known, for around the last 100 years. Both my parents are dead , my mother was a treasured summoner and my father was some sort of demon. I dont know, it's all very stupid.I live with Annas family now and their more like family to me than anyone. Our school is really just an old barn, refurbished with twelve odd desks. a teachers table. A new roof, some old used carpet and some floral drapes,supplied by miss.Lilys shop. She's a seamstress by the way. And our teacher is really just miss.Swip with a different hat on. Same big heavy boots, same blue cotton dress. Different hat. She's good at the reading and writing, but she also knows all this interesting stuff. Like how to shoe a horse or make a remedy for pox wart. How to rope a bull, make a straw hat, dice an apple blind folded in six seconds and untie your hands behind your back, roped to a chair. I dont know if we'll ever get to use any of it but it never hurts to know. That day, miis.Slip was showing us how to shoot. Because we lived in the country and bandit country at that, we were all reasonablly good shooters. I myself, prided myself on my aim. I was allways patient and usually never missed a shot. I was just lining up my first shot, about two hundred metres away, a medium sized target, pinned to a tree. When some one spoke in my ear. "Morgan....." I bristled but shot wih out turning and felt behind me for the bullets. A cold hand pressed them into my palm and I reloaded, unspeaking. Out of the corner of my eye I could see anna watching me. Head tilted to one side she mouthed "Is he bothering you?" She looked angry and protective.I tried to communicate that he was but I could handle it,she nodded once before turning back. Still watching me closely, out of the corner of her eye. " What's a matter, Morgan?" He rolled my name off his tongue, bemused. Unsettled I turned to face him. He was tall, lithe and achingly beautifull. If I were any one else or in any way different, I might have melted under that smoldering gaze. Instead, I only wanted to slap him. Wipe that mocking smile off his face. "what is it Jesee." Jesee was a vampire. I knew that. Anna knew that. But sadly that where the knowledge ended. We had been walking in the forest when we found him lying in the forest, soaked in blood, breathing heavilly. We kept him in the shed and nursed him back to health. He fed on mice and other...things.that had been a couple of years a go. Me and Anna had been thirteen. He was seventeen. Now we werefifteen and he still looked the same. Still cocky and a complete jerk. Of course he had bound us to secrecy and, being a couple of love struck sissies, we had agreed with out hessitation. After two years, you get to know a person however and all their puppy like charm starts to wear off.

Jesee contnued to annoy me through out the lesson. Occasionally, I decide to amuse myself by imagining scenes of revealing him as a vampire. Images of screaming people with torches and pitch forks filled my brain till I caught myself smiling evilly. Shocked, I blushed and looked around to see if anyone was watching. Jesee smiled, anna shook her head. Embarresed beyond the call of demand I lined up my shot just as Jesee decided to swat my haed. "Fly." he said and shrugged his wide shoulders. My trigger finger itched but I emptied out my gun, into the target luckilly, and walked out. after Anna came and sat with me and asked if there was anything she could do. I thought about it for the briefest of moments before dismissing the idea. No. Dont. After school, Jesse swung upbeside as me and anna walked home. He was an annomaly most people steered clear of. ALll the older people that is. Any one younger than fifty, who had an eye for beauty, had an appreciation for Jesee. Because of his charm, good looks and luck with the ladies, he earnt a free room with the tavern keeper MIss.Stump. Occasionally he would bus tables or waiter, but he never got his hands dirty. Not as far as we knew.His room was in the basement under the house where the mice lived, or used to live. Eugh! And despite all the attention he got, he prefered to "hang"with us. "So, darlings..." He said slouching beside us. "What are you to going to do now that school's allmost finished. "It's wednesday, Jesee.The holidays are allmost a week away." I said instantly. "Yes, and. I allways thought that it was allways nice to get a head start on a good thing."

"I and Anna were actually going away."

"Really?" Jesee said actually suprised and showing it.

"Really?" I said, trying to hold back my own suprise. She nodded sagely and looked at me, eyes dark and mysterious. It's customary isn't it? After a girl with special talents has her naming ceremony she must travel to the pantheon and pledge herself to the service of one of the gods." I nodded a little suprised she remembered. She had been waiting for me to pick a name before we left.Jesee, inspired by the sudden change of topic decided to add his ten cense too. "Didn't they have gaurdians for these um-um-"

" Those talented few were called 'treasured', and were further classified under names like "caster","summoner","witch",warlock,"rune caster"etcetera etcetera.." Anna answered as if from a text book. I nodded, supplying the other half of the answer. "Back then, 'treasured' went across the kingdom bringing peace and harmony where evr they went. They were also used as "first defence" in times of strife or war. After the "aesir war" the supply of 'treasured' has been vastly depleted. That's why it's so important that we....um..." Jesee was smiling wickedly as he stared off into the horizon. "....go???"

"Hmmm? Surely after this sentament, your father would want you two to be protected." Me and Anna both made a decision then. Quick and efficint, we both ran at his back. Tackling him and forcing him to the ground. "Hey, what-" He was a full grown man and a vampire. If we hadn't known his weakness, we may have ended up the ones tied to the tree. "Get off!" He said digging his hands into the ground as he tried to lever himself up. " Morgan!" Anna cried out, kicking his hands out from under him with bone shattering force. Nodding, I grabbed his ribs and tickled till he stopped calling out and started howling. "hey,hahahahah, stop-it I-hahahaha-hey!!!" Anna tied him up, through the kicking laughing mess that was Jesee and left him bound to a tree. He glared at us and screamed. "Do you think you can just leave me here! I'll be back!" Anna looked back with an icy glare. "That rope is made of a rare blend of sirens hair and unicorn shavings. You will not brake out. " As she walked away, I turned and bowed, mouthing"sorry". He glared in my direction but made no further attemp to free himself. as we walked I contemplated the chance of letting Jesee accompany us. He was annoying, perverted, older than us but- "Hey, Anna."

"No." Wow. Shot down.......................and so quickly.

"but, Jesee's really not that-" She gave me a look as if to say Yes-dont-lie-he-really-is-that-bad. I had to admit it. He really was. Dad accepted readilly enough. But he wanted us to find gaurdians. I knew he was thinking Jesee but Anna wasn't having any of it. "Come on Morgan, lets go." I packed my bag and geared up. Weapons wise I carried a long samurais blade and nine daggers I wore all over my body. A short sleeved shirt, loose jeans and a huge pair of leather boots. Anna was wearing a long sleeved hooded robe that fell to her ankles. It was a nice cerulian and matched her slippers and wooden staff nicely. "Are we ready?"

"Yes." I said shouldering both our packs, instinctivley. We sat off after saying good bye and picking up a few more supplies. Food water, clothes. We were maybe a mile into the forest outside the village when we heard a sudden crunching noise. I stopped first, and scanned the perimoter. "Hay?" Anna said looking at me, staff held out in front of her. I sharpened my sight and saw, what I knew to be, a vampire. Tall ,lithe, he radiated a cheerfull and mischevious aura. "Jesee?" I called ou experimentally. He bounded out of the forestry, leaping at Anna, arms spread open. I acted on instinct, putting Annas saftey ans well being in front of mine. Even if it was just Jesee. I ran in front of her and held my kknife to his neck. Pressing gently I glared and smiled with a dark animosity that froze people. His eyes widenened as he smiled shakilly. "ha, ha~~~I ~uh~sorry about that, uh Morgan."

"That's fine......step away from Anna,now Jesee."

"Um....yes.sorry about that...........uh~really, I~~~"

"Morgan?" Anna laid a reasuuring hand on my arm and I cooled down allmost instantly. "I-I'm sorry Jesee." I stumbled out apolagetically. "It's just when I saw you might hurt Anna, even if you didn't mean it-"

"Hey! No big deal! My fault entirely!" He said rumpling my short hair. "So..........." Anna said arms crossed."How did you escape?" I looked at him strangely. "That's right. How did-" By the way he was sweating I guessed it wasn't some thing he wanted to discuss. Infact he seemed really scared. "Well....?" He looked down, face red, voice shaky. "I did things, that I will take to the grave with me. That is how much I want to come." Me and Anna shared a look. It said Oh-c'mon-you've-gotta-let-him-come! and also do-you-know-who-we're-talking-about? For a moment we just stared and then she sighed in defeat. "Okay. You can come." Yes! Score one to Morgan!

Travelling with Jesee was easy enough. He was talkative to the point of driving us both to murderis intentions. Funny and foolish. Until at last we arrived at another village. "Johansburg.......................well." Jesee read out the sign, surveying the small population of houses and villages. "Woah. This is even smaller than Mariposa." I nodded in agreement and Anna just stared. Even with out lugging any of the gear she was still sweating and tired. I immediatley went on the defensive, handing Jesee our gear. "Hold. Dont run, dont speak, dont bother Anna. I'm going to get us a room." I ran off for the closest inn. At the reception desk, a thin man greets me with startled, overly excited expression. "Um-uh-welcome to the Johanburg.........inn?"

"Yes. Thank you. Three rooms." I look inside my purse and pull out a silver oble. I plunk it on the desk and by the mans shocked, mouth watering expression, I guessed it was more than enough. "Three rooms. Dinner. Breakfast. Blankets." I left with out waiting for his response and ran outside but they weren't there. My first instinct was to hunt down Jesee and beat the answers out of him. That's when I heard the scream.


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