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The some times marvelous Book binders

Novel By: witch fang

This Erin is a thief suffering from acute paranoia and the heroine of this story. Caught by the gaurd, it's her third strike and it looks like there's to be to escape from jail. View table of contents...



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Redsat in a crouchng position, quite familliar to her. With one leg crossed behind the other, poised to strike. Not that she'd need to be vigglant, crouched on top a chimmney, over looking the east side part of the city. Her cty. Rabinastre. The deserts jewel. A long time a go, the city had been carved into the mountains, now they had extended off of that. Leaving the cave like city and it's first branches in the east, labelling it "old town". How unfair.Red thought gazing out in the early morn. The sun rose over the mountains casting a sweet light and welocoming warnth over her faveroute part of Rabanastre. Sure, it wasn't very propsperous. The sreets stank and were filled with unpleasant people but still. Old town had courage and character and history!But best of all........Old town was filled with peple who feaed, loved, respected and adored Red. As their queen and protector. The crimson buterfly.

It had began as an old story before her time. Of a grand woman warrior who bore the crest of the fire butterfly on her right shoulder. She could cut through any thing and call fire to her at will.She was a master hief, discoveredon the outskirts of town and raisedby apoor widow. she soon became a grand defender and some even said that she sprouted crimson wings durngthe night. I got that same tatoo from a raven man in the eastern dessert beyond the city walls. I was only twelve. Since then I've been busy feeding te rumours of thecrimson butterflies return.Sh made every one think that se was their saviour until soon, people were to afraid of their own shadows to go out at night. Run, away, my sweets. The night belongs to the crimson butterfly.

Name: Red

Age: 14

Description: Long black hair and dark eyes. High cheek bones, a pointed chin, short brash eye lashes and a mouth that allways seemed to hold a ruefull smile.Tan and incredibly athletic, she's energetic and incredibly paranod about some things. Her best friends are both hard enduring subjects of Reds frantic idiocricy.She has a few enemies but only ONE rival. The beautifull and condescending prince Kei.

"No!" Redsaid running as fast as her legs could take her. he finish line was with in sight, but what did that mean? She had better vision han any one else. Well......allmostevery ne. "To slow, shadow." Ah! That annoying guy! He was so far behind before! How thehell dose he do hat!"

"Demon! Demon child! I said sprinting. Thejack ass, who refers to meas his shadow, ( "becase you'll always be behind me") sped up and turned around, so he was running back wards! "You'll never catch up to me...shadow." Gosh I hated him! Whata nasty thing to say! Stupid demon bastard...." We were approaching the end. We were about five steps away. No! It cant end like this! Not again! The end result was what it allways was an has been over these long hard forteen years. "I win, shadow." He said smilng that perfect smile. I glared and thought, some day bastard. I will destroy you and your demon cool and then hell wll oen up and- "Are you talkin to your self agin, shadow?" Red turned stiffly. "Pleas go home now. I dont want your tears of failure to stain my carpet, shadow."

I glared. "Yeah! Like I would cry over some thing stupid like that!"

"That's good. You are very persistant in your stalking of me, shadow. But now you really must go."

"Wanting to catch and some day surpass some one in skill is not the same as stalking!" Red said stomping out. "Some day I will crush you, KEi!" Yes, yes! Then, wait! No time for evil mutering. What's that weird growling. REd cluthed her growling stomach and sighed. Guess I 'll be working agin tonight.

Since she was allready close to west side she decided to take alook around. "ooh," she said balaning her knife blade down on her index finger. She was looking at a fat woman in crimson silks and gaudy ruby jewlery. BUt Red had no intrest in the shiny sparklies women wore to attract fat rich men. She had no use for them except to sell and no one could afford to buy them. No, it was better to go for her purse. Slipping her knife in one of her wrist sheaths she set out.. She "accidentally"( supa amazing air quotes) stumbled and knocked into the woman. "Oh-oh! I-I'm terribly sorry miss! Her. LEt me-"

""get away from me you filthy urchin!"

'Oh-uh- yes!"she said quickly walking away. Whenshe had turned a cornershe looked back to see Kei helping the woman up. She was a little flustered but no worse for wear. A stupid smiling Kei looked up ather suddenly. WHAT! How the hell does he see me?! He smiled briefly and mouthed the wordshadow. Red had to hold her self down so she wouldn't tear his face off. Be calm, Red! That stupid bastard KEi! She comforted herself with the stolen purse and made her way toards east side whistling. "la la la la-"

"Hey!' Oh shit. It was the captain of the gaurd. What the hell was he doing here? "little thief." HE said grabbingher by the scruff of my collar.Red lashed out, kicking him straigh where it hurts, but this time he had come prepared. "See." he said smiling and tappping the metal plate between his legs. "You aint gonna get me that way, wench!":Sheglared and poked him in the eye. "Argh!!!" He said throwing her to the ground. Red ran and leapt at the nearest ladder. Climbing up she haerd him close to behind her. "come down you little thief!" No way, she thought, climbing. There's no way you can catch me on the roof. Red arrived on the roof only to be confrntedwith NINE archers and thirteen gaurds. "All this for one little me?" Red jumped. The fire came easilly now. At her every whispering word it came higher and higher. Making her body a tornado. She watched them scatter and could have allmost laughed. But no. Concentrate red. She lead the tornado forth, a last letting the fires dispell so she could run more freely and was caught by a strange arrow. She turned to look at her asialant, but no. It coldn't be. Kei?

She awoke in jail. Some where she was very fammilliar with. To fammilliar. ever time she was caught when she was a kid, Kei would all ways step in. Now she was older and she wouldn't let him strp in and save her. That stupid condascending bastard. I wont let him save me! She thought sitting down. The captain of the gaurd appeared, smiling. "So? You gonna let your little prince friend save you?"

She galred. "no!"

"Really? Third strike Red. Only the gallows await." Okay. So maybe I spoke to soon.

"Third srike huh?' I turned instantly. There was only one other person. A fantastically ornate man. Dressed in a green suit with high green lace up boots, a dark velvet green cape and even a darker green scabard. "So your not gonna let your friend save you?"

"no! Definitley not!" Why am I talking to ths stranger. I dont know why, but he sems safe.

'Then " he stood up and opened a door in the waall behind him. "Do you wany MY help?"

In exchange for saving my life he wants me to join this secret organisation. "You have a wonderfull power. I think I I can put it to good use." I nodded. I a m an honourable, mostly any way, person. "Okay."

"This si good then. We've allready found another person who was very...excited...to be apart of this. HE was very insistent." He chuckled. Oh no. She was getting that sharks are coming, jump out of the water NOw feelong. "Who-who is he?"

"Oh? You should know him quite well actually. He's the prince of this land. "What was his name-" We stopped and he was standing in front of us. Looking snide and condascending as ever. "Kei." He was dressed light. In white clothes, his fair blonde hair and blue eyes spakling among the darkness. No! There is no way! "Hello, shadow." No f**king way!

"Welcomre to the book binders"


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